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7 Tips To Ace The Skype Interview


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Wed Feb 01 2023


Written By Pitch N Hire

Updated on Wed Feb 01 2023


With the pandemic going on, the whole interviewing paradigm has shifted to online platforms. Since this mode of conducting interviews is not going anywhere soon, it is better to adapt to it and ensure that you can give your best in this mode as well. In the initial stages, many people were very skeptical of this mode and therefore have not been able to perform their best. But when skype is the new preference of interviewers, you have to ensure that you ace it.  With this guide in hand, you’ll be sure to excel in your skype interview and leave a good impression on your examiners. So, make sure to take note of these tips for doing a skype interview.

7 Tips to ace Skype interview

Following are the top 7  tips to ace the Skype Interview:

Ensure A Good Background

One of the most important things for your skype interview is a good background because it is a crucial factor during the interview. Ensure that you have a nice and tidy corner maintained for you before the interview itself. Also, ensure that the lighting of the room is appropriate and that it is neither too bright nor too dimly lit. 

Another important factor that affects your skype interview is the disturbance. So, make sure that there is no noise or any other kind of disturbance in your background whilst the interview is going on. These factors account for a major impression and if you fail here then there are no skype interview tips that can save your day.

Dress Your Best

Even when the work from home has set the lazy in you, you should prepare your clothing well for a skype interview. Ensure that you are in formal attire and all your clothes are well ironed and do not have any wrinkles on them. Comb your hair and groom yourself well. A well-groomed person will be entertained more by the interviewer and has more chances to be selected during the course of selection. So, make sure that you take note of these skype interview tips. Additionally, you should also trim your nails and ensure good hygiene before the interview in order to look active.

Get Your Expressions Right

You have to ensure a good body language in the entire course of the interview. You can’t slouch on your sofa or lay down during the interview. Sit in an upright position with your face facing the camera directly, not the screen. This is a very important point since it makes the interviewer feel like you’re looking at him. When you look at the screen, he gets the impression that you’re looking a little downwards. 

Your body language is very important. Maintain eye contact during the video call and talk cordially. Your body language says a lot more about you than your actual words. So, if you maintain a good body language, you appear to be more vigilant and significantly more confident than any other candidate. 

Practice Makes A Man Perfect

There’s nothing that goes a longer way than practice. If you still seem unsure about your skype interview, you should try practicing them. You can try calling a friend for a mock interview and try to see how you perform. Alternatively, with these tips for doing a skype interview, you can also try practicing in front of a mirror. But it is recommended that you interact with the software so that you feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about it. This will also give you an upper hand during the interview and you’ll be at ease with handling the platform without any chaos.

Get Your Equipment Handy

As you might already be planning, you should attend a skype interview with only headphones or earphones plugged into your system. This will cancel any background noise for you and for the interviewer himself and thus provide a better interface for you to interact with. Additionally, you should also ensure that all your documents required in the interview are ready with you beforehand so that you don’t have to crawl from the screen looking for them during the interview. This will also show your preparedness to the interviewer and present you as an organized candidate. 

Maintain Professionalism

Keep things strictly professional. Even though a majority of the people are in their houses right now, you shouldn’t sway with the vibe of being at the comfort of your home. Talk professionally and make sure there are no distractions for you and your interviewer. Even when you face network issues and there are glitches during the interview, make sure that you don’t lose your calm and don’t create chaos. Apologize for the issue subtly and go on with the rest of the interview. Panicking and becoming chaotic over network issues might leave a very disordered image of you. 

Do Your Homework

Just like any other interview, take this very seriously. Investigate about the company background previously. Also, make sure that you are ready with the more frequently asked questions. You should also ensure that you have your previously done projects ready for you if they are relevant for the job that you are applying for. These skype interview tips will intersect with the interview tips that happen offline. 

This is because no matter what the platform, the preparedness for the interview is always crucial and is required at any cost. Every firm appreciates a candidate who takes time to find out about the job that you are applying to and are trying for. It shows how ready you are and how you try to put your best in every situation. Looking into the company backgrounds and the specific requirements of the company also help you to know beforehand what you might be getting into. 

With these tips for doing a skype interview in hand, you are going to rock all your skype interviews. Make sure to use them in the best way possible and make the best for you. Various issues like network might be a very iffy factor for you, but you should stop stressing about it and ensure that you give your best.

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