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Mon Sep 11 2023

5 min read

Things You Need to Know About Best Candidate Tracking System USA

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Tracking candidates and the hiring process is a pretty tiresome job, especially for giant companies that receive hundreds of applications daily. To tackle this situation, companies implement a candidate tracking system USA . This system comes in very handy and manages all the hiring-related work with ease for the company.

A recruiter always wishes to hire the best fit for the vacancy in the company. The search for this starts with writing a job description and posting it on many platforms. At times, the recruiter has so much on their plate that they miss many important steps, which leads to hiring the wrong candidate. This is where a candidate tracking system plays a role. Let us learn more about this further in the blog.

What is a Candidate Tracking System?

A candidate tracking system USA , also known as an applicant tracking system, is software built to ease up the overall hiring process for the recruiter. It handles all the clerical work related to the hiring process, which includes preparing an ideal profile based on the job description fed by the recruiter, posting the job vacancy on various platforms like job sites and job boards within a few clicks, scanning the received resumes, storing and sorting them, rejecting the unqualified resumes, processing and scheduling the interview process, and even the onboarding process for the candidate.

How Does a Candidate Tracking System Work?

The system is designed in a way to completely automate the process of hiring. The workings of the system start when the recruiter feeds the information regarding the job into the system. The system then creates an ideal post and profile for the job. Then, it posts the vacancy on various platforms. This step itself eases a lot of work for the recruiter, as posting the vacancy individually on various sites is a time-consuming task. Then, the software scans the received resumes based on the ideal profile it has created. It creates a report and mentions the compatibility percentage of the candidate based on their resume and ideal profile.

The software provides pre-assessment ATS tools for recruitment of the best-matching candidate. The short-listed candidates are directly reviewed by the recruiter. The recruiter then instructs the software to schedule an interview with the desired candidates. The software schedules the interview and even conducts the onboarding process for the candidates if they are selected.

Advantages of Using a Candidate Tracking System

There are multiple advantages to using a candidate management system while recruiting a candidate. They are- 

Saves Ample Time

The clerical work related to the hiring process is very time-consuming. Work, like going through resumes, is a big deal. Reading each resume one by one not only consumes time but also exhausts the recruiter mentally. Reading and deciding eligibility itself takes a lot of effort, and human biases can interfere during this process.

Also, posting job openings on various job sites one by one consumes a lot of time. If you look at it, each site might take anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. There are multiple sites, and hours just fly by doing this job manually. Thanks to candidate management softwarethis work is done automatically by the software within minutes with a few clicks.

Improves the Candidate's Experience

The management software communicates with the candidates even when the recruiter forgets to communicate or is occupied with some other work. This maintains the reputation of the company and helps to create a good image of it in the minds of candidates. 

The system also provides facilities for other team members to communicate with it. This decreases the communication gap and leaves no room for miscommunication. All this creates a good candidate experience, which makes them feel appreciated by the recruiter.

Improved Candidate Sourcing

The candidate tracking system USA allows the company to search for candidates from various sources. It allows the company to post vacancies across various sites on the internet. 

You can also source candidates from various job boards, job sites, social media platforms, and even from employee references. This allows the company to have a diverse candidate pool. It also increases the possibility of receiving good candidates for the vacancy. Thus, by providing for multi-channel candidate sourcing, the candidate pool is made even stronger.

Data Storage 

The candidate tracking system USA scans the resumes received by the company for evaluation. During this process, it follows a secondary function where it stores the candidate's data. This stored candidate data is used to create a better candidate pool. These resumes will come in handy in the future for the company. 

The company can easily evaluate these resumes for future vacancies in the company and contact them for an interview if they find the candidate appropriate. This helps to skip all the prior processes related to hiring and directly reach the step of interviews.

Analysis of Hiring Strategies

One of the best abilities of a candidate tracking system USA is that it provides a report related to the hiring strategies that are implemented by the company. It analyses the pattern of the company and marks the points where it is falling short. It creates a detailed report explaining what can be improved and what is already in a good state. This is an added advantage for the company. 

A company might need to hire a specialist in hiring strategies, but thanks to the candidate tracking system, the company need not pay for an extra hire. It is already built into the software.

Analysing the Accuracy and Tips for Passing Through Candidate Tracking Software

Surely, the accuracy of candidate tracking software is not 100%. It, too, has a few drawbacks, like not passing a resume if it does not find a keyword in it, failing to scan graphics tables and a few fancy fonts, and similar issues. In addition to these, a good resume gets rejected many times. Following are some tips that can help you get through a candidate tracking system USA with ease:

Always try to include keywords 

Go through the job description thoroughly and find those points that are of priority to the recruiter. These are your keywords. Use these in your resume without fail. Do not be repetitive; use them only when needed in an appropriate manner. This will help you pass through the first round of the software with great ease.

Avoid using graphics and tables

The software fails to understand graphics and tables. There is a high possibility that the information filled in by you in this table and graphics will not at all be scanned by the candidate tracking system and will stand as your loss. It is better to avoid such use.

  • Use traditional fonts and headings 

Using phrases like ‘what I have studied’ rather than educational qualifications’ can easily disqualify you as the system will not understand what you want to express from the written phrase. Also, using fancy fonts that the software is unable to understand will lead to your disqualification, even if you are a qualified candidate.

  • Keep your resume short and sweet. 

Draft the resume according to the job specifications mentioned by the recruiter. The candidate tracking system USA will easily identify these and pass you through for the next round.

  • Always keep your resume updated

Avoid using the same resume for every job application, even if you are applying in the same field. Using a repetitive resume instantly shows your dedication and interest in the job vacancy and leaves a bad impression on the recruiter. It is better to employ a few hours and create a good resume for the vacancy. There is a possibility that the candidate tracking system will reject your resume if it is too repetitive.

The Future of Candidate Tracking Systems

No matter how small a company is, they need support to handle the hiring process. Many companies across the USA receive multiple resumes daily. They need software for analysing them quickly and processing them further. The candidate tracking system fulfils all these needs for the company. It conducts and eases every step of hiring, from posting the vacancy to boarding the candidate. Hence, the future of candidate tracking systems USA is very bright, and demand will surge quickly.


A candidate tracking system USA  is a one-stop solution for every difficulty faced by the company in hiring a candidate. It not only conducts all the clerical work, like scanning resumes, but also helps the company post vacancies on various sites and conduct the onboarding process for the candidate. Hence, it is crucial to understand the workings of the software and draft the resumes accordingly. It is evident that most companies across the USA will adopt a candidate tracking system, and it has a bright future.

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