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Tue Feb 20 2024

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List of Jobs for Teachers Leaving Education Field (With skills)

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Jobs for teachers leaving education

Teaching is a creative and meaningful act of providing the power of education to people for a better future. It is a profession that requires the knowledge of demonstrating the subject to students as well as shaping their personality and character.

However, some people in this profession want to explore their careers outside their teaching domain. It can push the teacher to leave their teaching duty and transfer to an alternative job with enormous possibilities and options. This decision in the teaching field will never make their career at stake because it provides second careers for teachers.

Since it offers immense opportunities and jobs for teachers leaving education field, people in this field need to know how their skills and knowledge can slip them into other sectors.

If you are leaving teaching for another career, there are several alternative careers for teachers outside the classroom. You can look for different jobs in the education field besides teaching since you are qualified and skilled for the profession in diverse industries.

As a result, a career change from teaching can be a successful transition that gives you the experience of presenting and highlighting skills for different career decisions.

In this blog, we will go through the topics:

  • List of transferable skills apt for jobs for teachers leaving education
  • List of alternative career options in education-related and unrelated fields

List of Transferable Skills apt for jobs for teachers leaving education

When you are changing your career, it is essential to understand your skills and qualifications before applying for the job. It guides you to know if you are suitable for the job. Therefore, it is significant for teachers to identify the skills and knowledge that work for the profession outside their field. These skills are one of the crucial factors that can help teachers to experience careers outside the classroom.

Teaching skills are transferable skills that you can transfer from one profession to another. Some of the best job options rely on these transferable skills. They are valuable and beneficial for you to excel in different careers and have the potential to be valued by employers.

The following are some of the essential transferable skills essential for alternative jobs for teachers leaving the field:

  • Communication Skills: Teaching experience can enhance your communication skills, i.e. both verbal and written communication. Using communication skills helps you to deliver messages clearly and concisely. This guides you to be marketable for targeted jobs and careers. Besides, teachers can often explain complex concepts in simpler formats understandable for diverse people. You are more experienced in using tools and resources that help to enhance communication.
  • Time Management: Time Management involves planning and managing tasks on time. Effective time management is a transferable skill acquired by teachers. Teaching can help you to understand the concept of prioritizing tasks and accomplishing them within a stipulated timeline. From discussing all the components of the lesson to developing question papers, time management is a valuable transferable skill for a teacher.
  • Problem-solving skills: Most teachers face unexpected and challenging situations in their work. However, teachers can often use their problem-solving skills to solve issues and conflicts concerned in a classroom. These circumstances in a class can guide you to be more resourceful and helps you to come up with solutions apt for the problem. As a result, problem-solving skills can help find jobs for teachers leaving education.
  • Teamwork: Teachers often work with other teachers or non-teaching staff to build an appropriate curriculum or share responsibilities, or ensure to assist students with their projects. As a result, this can help one achieve any number of goals and do a valuable job.
  • Multi-tasking: Teachers effortlessly manage multiple tasks without compromising on the quality outcome. If you are a teacher, you address tasks such as handling student projects and classrooms and coordinating and planning events. This skill helps you to shift to another profession that involves different activities throughout the day.

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List of Alternative Career Options for Teachers in Education-related Field

There are multiple related careers for teachers outside the classroom. Since teaching skills are transferable and applicable, there is a wide range of jobs in the education field besides teaching. So, if you are a graduate with a teaching degree and do not want to teach in a classroom backdrop, there are several alternative career options in a different field.

Given below are some of the top teaching-related alternative jobs for teachers leaving education field:

1) Private Tutor

Job Description

A private tutor gives individual assistance to students to improve the student's skills and knowledge in particular subjects. Besides, a tutor prepares and plans appropriate sessions according to the student's needs and learning level. They use relevant materials and methods to assess the progress of the student. Moreover, they provide professional services to students across a range of courses based on their expertise. Private tutors either keep the financial arrangements to themselves or through any agencies.

Skills Required For Private Tutor

  • Patience
  • Excellent communication
  • Active Listening
  • Subject Knowledge
  • Ability to track students' progress
  • Critical thinking

2) Education Policy and Research

Job Description

Education policy analysts must have a good understanding of policies that impact students and educational institutions. Education analysts can study, identify and research issues that affect the education sector and provide well-defined solutions that can positively change the education system. They are required to research, collect, analyze and monitor data using analysis tools and methods. After that, they can report findings stating policy solutions, benefits and suggestions in the form of presentations or articles.

Skills Required For Educational Policy Analysts

  • Research
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Data Analysis
  • Teamwork

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3) Writer/ Publisher

Job Description

A former teacher can be a writer or publisher by writing content on their subject matter. They can develop study materials that provide lesson ideas, worksheets, and articles for students. Besides, with their strong writing skills, they can work in online media or magazines, advertising, newspaper and copywriting.

Skills Required For Writers

  • Research abilities
  • Writing skills
  • Creativity
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Organizational Skills

4) Life Coach

Job Description

Similar to teaching, a life coach is responsible for helping and guiding students or people to find strengths and weaknesses and establish goals. This job includes directly working with clients to gauge their requirements and needs and devise plans to reach their goals.

Skills Required For Life Coach

  • Excellent Communication skills
  • Empathetic
  • Listening Skills
  • Observational Skills
  • Adaptability

List of Alternative Jobs for Teachers in Unrelated Fields

You can find multiple jobs for teachers leaving education since teaching experience help them to develop transferable skills that enable them to shift to different career directions. You can start a new career after teaching in the public industry as well as in the private sector. Besides, you can completely transfer your professional path to unrelated fields- precisely to the business world. With your educational background, you have developed the knowledge and skills to start a business career. The following are top unrelated jobs for teachers leaving the education field:

1) Event Planner

Job Description

An Event Planner (also known as an event manager or event coordinator) manages every aspect of an event. They are responsible for organizing and coordinating events to meet the expectations of the clients and ensure customer satisfaction. They work directly with the clients to identify and understand their needs for the event. Besides, event planners look after the location, decor, catering, and entertainment. Moreover, they propose ideas to improve the event quality and publicize it.

Skills Required for event planner

  • Social Media savvy
  • Networking
  • Multi-tasking
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Creativity

2) Human Resource Specialist

Job Description

An HR specialist is responsible for handling all the HR activities, including recruiting, hiring and training employees. They ensure HR procedures run smoothly in a company and foster a healthy work environment. This is one of the best jobs for teachers leaving education field since they have communication skills and experience working with different learners.

Skills Required for Human Resource Specialist:

  • Team Management Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Organizational Skills

3) Real Estate Agent

Job Description

A real estate agent's responsibilities include arranging meetings and working directly with buyers and sellers. They guide clients in marketing and purchasing property at a reasonable price. Besides, they draft and deliver necessary documents and determine the needs and requirements of the client.

Skills Required for the Real estate agent

  • Negotiation skills
  • Networking
  • Communication skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Honesty and Integrity

To discover the ins and outs of the Marketing Associate job description, follow this link for a detailed overview of the responsibilities and qualifications needed for this position.

4) Sales Manager

Job Description

A sales manager provides guidance and training to the sales team to see how well they achieve their targets. Besides, they design and implement sales strategies to expand the company's customer base and presence. The sales manager is one of the top sales jobs for teachers leaving education field.

Skills Required for Sales manager

  • Strong business knowledge
  • Management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills

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Whatever your career choice is after teaching, be it in or out of the education field, the best way to find your profession is by learning about the career options and understanding your skills. The teaching profession offers alternative career jobs for teachers leaving education. With an educational background in teaching and relevant transferable skills, teachers can shift to other professions in the public sector, and private sectors and even start a career in the business world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I change my career from teaching?

They are many career options and jobs for teachers leaving the education field. You can get offers to different career paths since teaching is a profession with relevant and transferable skills apt for diverse career directions. With your educational background, you can opt for various industrial sectors. Teachers can shift to second careers that use transferable teaching skills like communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, public speaking, etc. You will get opportunities in fields, like marketing, human resources, consultancy, and journalism.

2) Why do you want to leave your current teaching job?

The query 'Why do you want to leave your current teaching job?’ is a commonly asked interview question for teachers choosing careers outside their field. You can point out necessary valid reasons for your quitting the job. However, while discussing the reasons, ensure you deliver the right reasons for leaving the job to the employer. Your response will give the employer an idea about your professional attitude and determine if you will align with the company’s visions and goals. Besides, while answering, make sure you give an honest and positive reply.

3) How do I prepare to leave teaching?

Before you leave your teaching profession, make sure you come up with a sound decision. You can establish what you want from other career options. Identify and list significant professional choices that you feel you could perform well.

After that, assess your skills and knowledge and look at job listings that you find may align with your requirements. Plan your next career steps by preparing and understanding your ability and competency in the field.


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