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Thu Feb 22 2024

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8 Most Beneficial Online Teaching Sites That Will Inspire You

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In a new age, where learning can be done from anywhere around the world, educational technologies and educational designers have used technology to ensure that education is meaningful and accessible to all people, everywhere. Thanks to the international scope of the internet and connectable intelligent devices, online tutoring jobs have become a new trend. Some parents want their child outside the classroom for academic support. Through these online tutoring sites, you will help students do their homework, solve doubts and live like other teachers. In this article, we have jotted down the names of some of the best online teaching sites that you can refer to learn from home or any place of your comfort.

Expert assistance, high-quality instructions, and technology have made online learning the chosen alternative to conventional training. You haven’t seen the other side of online tutoring that might be challenging. You need a computer with fast and stable Internet access before you go for online tutoring. You need equipment, a webcam, a contingency plan, and, of course, your expertise. The most famous subjects of the tutors are foreign languages (including English). Test planning, reading or writing, and mathematics may also be effective. So here are the names of the best websites where you can find paid online teaching jobs.

Top 8 Online Teaching Sites

Here are the 8 best online teaching sites you can visit to teach students and earn some money


One of the most important things about getting a Preply teacher is that you can set your hourly rate and determine how many hours you want to teach. Includes providing basic details, uploading real pictures, identifying strengths, recording short video introductions, and selecting hours of availability. This makes Preply one of the best online teaching sites. The preply teacher’s registration process includes the specifics of the profile exhaustivity, consistency, and qualification of the tutor are closely examined during verification. To guarantee accuracy, you can check and authorize the profile of each tutor manually. 

Once certified as an instructor, you can access your profile and book a lecture with over 800000 students registered for your teaching. Usually, Preply English tutors make $15 to $25 per hour, and over 100 subjects can be chosen. When payment is concerned, you will receive your money from PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill from either of these three means – a direct transfer to Prepaid MasterCard. is among the oldest and most trusted online tutoring sites. You may apply to become a tutor on if you currently reside in the USA or Canada and have a valid social security card or social security number. You must pass your subject examination, and then you can have a session after you fill out the application form. You can start tutoring after an in-depth examination and final approval. A full process of selection and application approval is more likely to take 1 to 3 weeks to complete if you pass your favorite teaching opportunities subjects (Calculus, Physics, etc.) The topic you teach will decide your earnings. To obtain knowledge about the pay structure, you must complete your initial application and subject review.

Another MA in your area would be adequate to become a tutor with knowledge of tutoring software and some experience. Currently, only Maths, Physics, English, Chemistry, Statistics, and Biology are accepted. A standard course takes approximately 45 minutes, and you must work at least four hours a day. You can get an exercise in computer use, communication skills, tutoring software, etc., once you are picked. Almost all countries can use Tutorvista. Depending on different factors, you get $10-$40 an hour.

Chegg Tutors 

CheggTutors is an excellent website for hourly pay tutoring. At CheggTutors, some people make more than $1000 a day. If you have a tutoring session, the student will provide you with reviews, and your profile will be available. It helps you develop your credibility and attract more opportunities for teaching. We would say Chegg Tutors is one of the best online teaching sites you have ever visited for Online Tutors, but the chances of becoming a tutor are very small. You receive $20+ per hour and pay without problems through PayPal.

Study draft

Studydraft is a market for student tutors who meet topic experts to solve their academic challenges online. This is among the best online tutoring sites. Tutors will set their timetable and teach wherever they want if they are provided with the required material for their education. To become a mentor for Studydraft, a pre-test must be passed, and a questionnaire must be submitted online. The grammar test is followed. A writing sample must be submitted until this is complete. Studydraft finally sends an email confirming its acceptance and refusal. The study draft charges the industry’s lowest commission rate, which allows tutors to earn more money.

Tutorhub is a UK-based online tutoring site with 1814+ tutors and 11234+ students enrolled. To be a mentor here, you only have to register and complete your profile with your experiences. You can set your hourly rates. The wrong part is that 25% of the tutor’s fee is charged. If you have a minimum of $10 in your account, you will be paid by PayPal.


Smarthinking was founded in 1999 as an award-winning tutoring service. You should apply to become a smart think tutor if you have taught, tutored, or graduated in one of the subjects you offer. Any eligible candidate can receive Smarthinking’s tutor certification. This is among the best online teaching sites. 

Buddy School

Launched in 2007, the Buddy School currently has over 33745 tutors, 90000+ users, and 100+ tutors. It is completely free to create a profile of tutors at Buddy School, where you can share your experience, specialty, etc. The tutoring fee can be set per hour for you. BuddySchool is open to everyone, and a day after the withdrawal request, they pay their teacher via PayPal. This is one of the most effective online tutoring sites if you are searching for online tutoring jobs.


So these were some of the best online teaching sites that you can check out if you are searching for paid online teaching jobs. These websites are a very safe and excellent platform for teaching online. So if you are a teacher and want to teach students online during this pandemic period, join one of these websites.