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Tue Feb 20 2024

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Best Entry Level Jobs for English Majors: The Ultimate Guide

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entry level jobs for english majors

Reading and analyzing excellent writing from various periods may be a fascinating part of studying English literature. Those majoring in English literature usually qualify for different entry-level jobs for english majors because receiving a degree in English typically involves acquiring transferrable abilities like reading, writing, and critical thinking.

If you have a degree in literature, you should create a strategy for what you want to accomplish professionally. Learning about the many job options available when you graduate could be helpful.

In this post, we will discuss in detail the skills required for entry-level English majors jobs, a list of Government jobs for English majors, important entry level jobs for creative writing majors, and low stress jobs for english majors.

What Can you Achieve after Doing English Major

Students majoring in English usually study various courses designed to improve their writing, analytical, and logical skills.

After earning a degree, an English major can generally understand complex information, arrange their thoughts logically, and convey information in a compelling and adaptable way.

One of the most common discussions among students with an English degree is, "What can I do with an English degree besides teach."

There are many entry level jobs for creative writing majors, and students who choose to major in English in college can apply their knowledge and skills as writers, editors, social media coordinators, reporters, and thinkers in various businesses.

What Skills are Important for Entry Level Jobs for English Majors?

Some individuals choose to major in English because it can provide them with the skills, strategies, and tools needed to operate in various fields and professions.

You can decide what you might eventually do after graduation by understanding the english major jobs entry level that you can acquire.

The following are the six skills that are essential for creative jobs for english majors:


Effective information transfer to others requires communication. Speaking and writing are the two kinds of communication that English students study throughout college. Writing is the art of expressing ideas through written words.

Because they are taught these types in their curriculum, English majors can write in several styles. This is an essential skill and can be beneficial in many entry level jobs for creative writing majors.

Speaking is the additional communication skill they acquire, and presenting their ideas to audiences is a common way for English majors to practice public speaking.


Many English majors take courses in various forms of creative writing. Students can enroll in programs for creative writing, poetry, creative nonfiction, performing arts, creative arts, and creative electives. Their creativity grows as a result of these classes.

This skill is crucial for creative jobs for english majors. By coming up with innovative solutions to problems, networking for companies, and securing positions where they constantly work on new projects or assignments, English majors can bring their creativity to the workplace.

Critical Thinking

English majors generally have a plethora of information from which to draw their thoughts since they spend a lot of time reading and analyzing written works, such as novels, theories, series, and other pieces of literature.

By reading literary works and formulating opinions about them based on their own experiences, the experiences of other people, and academic theories, English majors can build critical thinking skills in their courses.

For entry level jobs for english majors, the students can analyze a literary work, discover support for their theories, and formulate solid arguments. Also, they alter their views in response to new information.


You may develop editing abilities if you major in English. While in college, many English majors write excellent academic writing.

Even if you only read your writing, you should revise it several times to ensure it is clear, concise, and supports your point. This can be a beneficial skill for english major jobs entry level like an editorial assistant.

To learn how to edit work to make it shorter while maintaining the original meaning, you might enroll in classes that teach the basics of the English language. Also, you might modify the work of others while working on your projects.


Proofreading involves looking through documents and highlighting errors so others can edit them. Because you don't make the modifications yourself, this differs from editing.

As an English major, you may develop this skill in your writing classes when you read your classmates' work and note errors and spots where they can strengthen their writing.

In low stress jobs for english majors, you study documents and highlight issues so that executives can make changes before presenting their work to the general public.


The research entails systematically studying sources and other materials to ensure you have factual documentation for your views. Many English majors regularly conduct research as part of their studies and try to identify reliable sources of information.

They also learn to evaluate additional sources for reliability and validity and correctly cite sources to prevent plagiarism. This is a crucial skill for entry level jobs for creative writing majors.

10 Entry Level Jobs For English Majors

You can improve critical abilities like communication, analysis, and research with an English major. Finding out about the various careers you could enter will enable you to develop relevant skills and select the best option.

Here is the list of some entry-level creative jobs for english majors with primary responsibilities:


A copywriter prepares written content for businesses using various media, such as websites, printed materials, and outdoor advertisements.

To increase audience engagement, copywriters could research the subject they're writing about, send their work out for review, make adjustments, and use keywords.

Also, they might work with other divisions inside a firm to produce content like press releases, blog entries, reports, letters, and adverts for sales campaigns.

If you are looking for entry level jobs for creative writing majors, pursuing a career as a copywriter might be the right choice.

Content Writer

For an organization, a content writer creates written documents. The content of websites, emails, print materials, and blog and social media posts all fall under this category.

The marketing team may meet with content writers to discuss goals for their writing, determine the tone the company wants to convey, and discuss the usage of keywords to boost SEO for the business's social media pages and website.

If you love writing and are looking for remote jobs for english majors, working as a content writer might be an excellent choice.

A copywriter's responsibilities include creating compelling and persuasive written content that effectively communicates the client's message to the target audience.

Editorial Assistance

In entry level jobs for english majors, an editorial assistant helps an editor create high-quality publications.

This could include reading submissions, reviewing materials for grammar and narrative quality, giving input on the writing, gathering manuscripts for the editor, and interacting with the authors.

They might also perform administrative tasks like returning phone calls and emails, making meeting notes, and running errands.

Social Media Coordinator

If you are seeking creative jobs for english majors, working as a social media coordinator can help you enhance your creativity. A social media coordinator produces and maintains the online material for a company's social media pages.

To engage with their audience, they can create blog posts, communicate with customers through messages and comments, optimize their content with relevant keywords for better search engine rankings, and keep an eye on emerging online trends by monitoring user behavior.

Also, they may design and carry out campaigns to assist a company in achieving objectives like raising sales and brand recognition.


In english major jobs entry level, a paralegal helps attorneys represent clients in divorce, lawsuits, and criminal defense.

They may do this by reviewing case files, creating motions, drafting legal documents, researching theories, attending court hearings, and assisting the attorney with presentation preparation.

They might also meet with the other parties to gather statements from clients, witnesses, and experts and evaluate data for potential leads in the case.

Political Consultant

There are many opportunities in Government jobs for English majors, and a political consultant is one of them. District, state, or national government agencies may hire political consultants.

In addition to supporting laws and policies others offer that align with their opinions, they are accountable for consulting on laws and policies that govern the nation and its citizens.

Executive Assistance

An executive assistant supports executive-level business professionals. In entry level jobs for english majors, this position may involve taking notes during meetings, responding to calls and emails, booking reservations and tickets for travel, creating project documentation, and managing a budget.

Additionally, they might get to know the executive's clients and associates, help with meeting and event planning, or work together on professional projects.

Research Assistance

Research assistants perform research and analyze materials on topics of interest on behalf of institutions like colleges and museums. This could be researched for a book, a new exhibit, or a course.

They mainly focus on data interpretation and translating spoken or written texts into another language.

The candidates looking for low stress jobs for english majors, pursuing a career as a research assistant might be a good choice as they help the Ph.D. fellows or university professors and are incredibly beneficial.


In entry level jobs for english majors working as a reporter is a great career opportunity as they dig into stories, arrange the data into a narrative, and then publish it for the general audience.

They visit the scene of important events and conduct interviews with story subjects, witnesses, and experts.

To guarantee the information is accurate and upholds ethical standards, they also do historical context research and fact-check the information they discover. They then write their story, send it to a publication, and make any changes the editorial staff requests.

Associate Consultant

Business plans for clients are reviewed by an associate consultant who offers suggestions for improvement.

To achieve this, they might meet with customers to ask them questions about their project and then use criteria to evaluate various aspects of it, finding which ones they can improve and guiding the client on what they can change and why.


An English major degree offers a versatile skill set that can be applied to various fields. Many entry-level job opportunities are available for English majors beyond traditional writing and teaching roles.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in having a good understanding of the entry level jobs for english majors, Government jobs for English majors, remote jobs for english majors, and What can I do with an English degree besides teach.

Additionally, internships, networking, and professional development opportunities can help English majors gain valuable experience and connections that can help them launch their careers.

With dedication and a proactive approach, English majors can find fulfilling and successful entry-level positions in their desired fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are some common entry-level jobs for English majors?

Typical entry-level jobs for English majors include content writing, copywriting, editorial assistant, social media coordinator, research assistance, and associate consultant.

These jobs utilize English majors' strong writing, communication, and critical thinking skills to create compelling content, develop marketing materials, and communicate with clients and customers.

Q2. What industries are best suited for English majors entering the job market?

English majors are well-suited for advertising, marketing, public relations, publishing, media, education, non-profit, and government industries that require effective communication and persuasive writing skills.

Additionally, their analytical and critical thinking abilities make them valuable in research, consulting, and data analysis roles.

Q3. What are the typical salary ranges for entry-level jobs for English majors?

The salary range for English majors at entry-level jobs primarily depends on factors like location, industry, and job role—the starting salary for English majors ranges between $30,000 to $45,000 annually.

Q4. How to get entry level jobs for english majors using Pitchnhire?

To use Pitchnhire to find entry-level jobs for English majors, create a profile and search for jobs in your field of interest. Make each resume and cover letter unique for each application, and submit your application through the platform.

Follow up with employers and be active in your job search. Using Pitchnhire's platform, English majors can connect with potential employers and find job opportunities matching their skills and interests.


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