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Wed Feb 14 2024

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Top jobs for BA in Anthropology Graduates: Skills and Tips

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Jobs for ba in anthropology

Anthropology is a fascinating and versatile course of study that guides you to a variety of career paths. You can pursue a list of jobs for BA in Anthropology since it helps you with a range of transferable skills. So what is anthropology as a field of study?

Anthropology is the study of humanity, its origin, development of societies and cultures. It studies human beings in different aspects with the goal of understanding the past and present.

Besides, it takes a broad approach to comprehend human behaviour, human biology, the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens, societies, cultures and linguistics. A diverse subject with primary subfields, including Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology and Biological Anthropology, this field touches the significant areas of natural science and humanities.

Importance of Anthropology Field

This course gives a different outlook on the ways people meet their wants and needs to survive and how they dress and communicate in diverse cultures and societies. Moreover, it fosters our knowledge of what makes us human and provides answers to all the questions regarding our past, present and future.

Studying anthropology enables you to understand the full sweep and complexities of human beings and cultures across the world. Besides, anthropology relies upon social science and biological and physical science.

As a result, anthropologists contribute significantly to the world by devoting their attention to human beings and solving real-world problems. They work closely with communities to learn how they interact, behave and live in social situations.

Job opportunities for Anthropologists

Anthropologists will find different jobs for BA in Anthropology since they can contribute to various interdisciplinary fields. Besides, it prepares them to start their career in sectors, including universities and non-profit organizations (NGOs). The graduates will get the highest paying jobs with an anthropology degree in renowned organizations like UNESCO, WHO and other world agencies. Besides, you will get entry-level jobs for anthropology majors at media, museums, research institutes, private businesses, and community and service associations.

Moreover, studying anthropology opens the door to international opportunities if you like to work and live among different people with diverse cultures. Besides, it offers you the flexibility to follow a career path of your interest and choice.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Jobs for Anthropology: Anthropology-related and unrelated career options.
  • Skills required
  • Tips for pursuing career opportunities with a BA in anthropology

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What are the Top Jobs for BA in Anthropology?

As we mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of job opportunities for anthropology graduates. They can work in an array of fields and careers with their transferable skills in addition to their anthropology-related skills. In other words, they can perform well in different sectors, including corporate, government, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Since anthropology offers graduates to specialize in interdisciplinary fields like archaeology, cultural, linguistic and biological anthropology, they can choose to work in anything in their preferred niche.

The following are some of the top bachelor's in anthropology jobs in related and unrelated career fields:

Anthropology-Related Careers: Top Jobs for Anthropology Graduates

There is an array of job options for graduates in different industries like government, education, health and business. Since the study of anthropology provides students with a variety of relevant skills, it guides them to find answers to human questions from different perspectives. Many graduates of anthropology courses choose to become medical researchers, scientists, field investigators, economic anthropologists, archaeologists, and business anthropologists.

Below given are some of the top job roles for anthropology graduates:

1) Forensic anthropology:

Job Responsibility

Forensic anthropology is a sub-field of biological anthropology where anthropologists study and examine human remains to understand how they adapted to different environments, how they lived and what caused their death. They can provide vital information regarding the deceased person. A forensic anthropologist is responsible for compiling reports of evidence, handling and cleaning skeletal remains, examining decomposed remains and overseeing the transportation of remains to laboratories.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Forensic Anthropology

  • Knowledge of science and biology
  • Forensic Anthropology Database
  • DNA Analysis
  • Skeletal Analysis
  • Osteology
  • Familiarity with geographic information systems and face reconstruction
  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail

2) Cultural resource management:

Job Responsibility

CRM is one of the key jobs for BA in Anthropology. CRM or Heritage management protects cultural heritage assets and resources with traditional and historical importance. Here, the archaeologists design and monitor archaeological projects and field research. The job requires an in-depth understanding of cultural laws and regulations to optimize the workflow. Moreover, working with CRM requires the archaeologist to plan the budget, design business proposals and negotiation with clients for contracts.

Skills and Knowledge Required for Archaeologists

  • Research and writing skills
  • Knowledge of mathematical and statistical concepts
  • Data analysis.
  • Familiar with programming, software, chemistry, or physics.
  • Knowledge of history and sociology
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Attention to detail

3) Medical anthropology:

Job Responsibility

The medical anthropologist is responsible for studying health and illness to understand social and cultural factors that affect human health and healthcare systems. They conduct research and collaborate with other scientists and doctors to develop healthcare policies. Besides, they study and examine the spread of disease and its treatment, the effect of culture on health, find alternatives to modern medicine, and spread awareness across cultures and languages.

Skills and Knowledge Required For Medical Anthropologists

  • Familiar with the social aspects of medicine
  • Knowledge of social and biological research methods
  • Ability to communicate across languages and cultures
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Research skills

Some of the job roles related to anthropology degree: You will also find jobs for BA in Anthropology: Community development worker, social research officer, local government officer, museum curator, school teacher/ college professor, and social researcher.

Since anthropology is a vast field with a broad range of disciplines, you will get jobs with your degree in different industries, such as archaeologists, linguistic anthropologists, business anthropologists, economic anthropologists, and many more. You can choose the profession you find to be flexible within your skills and knowledge. Besides, you can pursue Masters and PhD in this domain to accelerate your career opportunities.

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Non-Anthropology Careers: Entry-Level Job Options

Studying anthropology helps you develop transferable skills like writing skills, data collection, research skills, critical skills and many more. It guides you to explore career options outside of this field and land a job within your interests and talents with a good pay scale. As a result, you can build relevant skills that can be assets to get different jobs for BA in Anthropology.

The following are some of the top entry-level jobs you will get with your Anthropology degree:

1) Human Resources Manager:

Human Resources Manager is one of the most in-demand jobs in the professional market. A graduate with an anthropology degree can excel in the human resource department since both deal with people. They will be responsible for managing every aspect of the employees in an organization, from recruiting new hires to overseeing the organizational culture and environment.

2) Marketing Strategist:

A marketing strategist must have impeccable research and analysis skills to develop strategies to promote a business organization. With transferable skills, an anthropology graduate can perform well in this domain. They conduct research and interviews, analyze data and develop effective plans to optimize the organizational missions.

3) Social worker:

Since social workers offer services to a diverse population for their well-being, anthropology graduate can start their careers as social workers. You can provide support and resources to people and communities to help solve their issues.

With your degree in this domain, you will get offers from companies that provide bachelor of arts in anthropology jobs and benefits. Besides, you can excel in different careers since the degree helps you gain transferable skills such as communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking and research skills, and many others.

Top Tips for Anthropology Graduates

Given below are some tips for finding and pursuing career opportunities and jobs for BA in anthropology:

  • Gain Experience and skills: If you gain background knowledge in support of your anthropology degree, you can stand out in the job market and impress your employer. Besides, make sure you build sharp skills during your college time. You can do internships and part-time jobs to acquire a good work history and relevant skills.
  • Explore your interests: Since anthropology is a broad field, it guides you to follow a variety of career options and choose a discipline according to your interest. If you decide not to continue your career as an anthropologist, you will find more jobs outside of this domain with your transferable skills. You can go into different career options, like sales, marketing, and teaching professionals.
  • Higher studies: You can go for further studies after a bachelor's in anthropology. There are many interdisciplinary fields to specialize in anthropology. You can decide on your specialization and continue your higher studies to get reputable jobs in this domain. For example, after your degree, you can study criminology, medical anthropology, forensic and environmental anthropology, industrial relations, teaching, law, public health, and marketing.


In this blog we have discussed different jobs for BA in anthropology. It gives you an array of career choices and options to excel. You will gain relevant skills and knowledge to land a suitable job according to your interest and experience. Besides, you can work in different industries, such as private businesses, at all levels of government, educational institutes and NGOs. Since anthropology avails you with applicable and transferable skills, you can even apply to different career directions where you can excel and perform well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can I do after B.A. Anthropology?

After your degree, you will discover a wide variety of jobs for graduates in Anthropology. In other words, you will get employed in different sectors, including corporate, government, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Each of these sectors offers you a myriad of career options that fit within your specialization and skills, like forensic anthropology, medical research, and many others. Moreover, you can study further to excel in this field. You can apply for post-graduation or explore career opportunities. On the other hand, if you decide not to continue your career as an anthropologist, you can go into fields like marketing, teaching, and social work.

2) What are the benefits of studying anthropology?

Studying anthropology helps you learn about human beings, human behaviour, diverse cultures, linguistics, and societies. Besides, it is a field that allows you to explore further into more career options since anthropology is a field that guides the graduates to develop relevant sharp skills and knowledge that are applicable and transferable to other professions. In other words, a graduate develops good communication skills, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, analytical thinking and critical thinking skill. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to learn about vast subjects like cultures and human behaviour since anthropology is not a restrictive course of study.

3) What is the highest-paying job in anthropology?

Since anthropology is a broad field, it gives you a vast base of knowledge and career options. You will get many jobs for BA in Anthropology and endless opportunities if you go with your personal interest and experiences.

Moreover, anthropology guides you to land high-paying jobs such as:

  • Training and development manager
  • Anthropology Professor
  • Sociologist
  • Market Resesrch Analyst