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Sat Dec 16 2023

5 min read

The Ultimate Guide to the Best ATS Resume Scanner USA

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Best ATS Resume Scanner USA

The hiring world has become a lot more competitive nowadays. Companies receive multiple applications daily for a single vacancy. In such situations, it is crucial to pass through the applicant tracking system of the company. Hence, here is where the best ATS resume scanner USA comes into play. ATS resume scanner helps the candidate to understand whether their resume is ATS-friendly or not.

When you apply to any company in the USA, your resume goes through an ATS software. This software rejects your resume if it is not suitable for the vacancy. As the company receives numerous applications daily, it becomes mandatory for the company to put it through an ATS system. 

Because it is next to impossible to handle these resumes manually, passing the resume through an ATS system rejects most of the unqualified candidates. So, it is important to make your resume ATS-friendly. We will go through the various aspects of the best ATS resume scanner USA with the help of the following subheadings:

  • What is an ATS scanner? 
  • How does an ATS scanner process?
  • Why are the ATS scanners important? 
  • What is an ATS resume format?
  • How to optimize your resume for ATS? 
  • Top 3 best ATS resume scanners in the USA

So, don’t miss! Scroll further to understand what is an ATS scanner. 

What is an ATS scanner?

An ATS scanner is software that scans the resumes from the applications. It is also called an ATS checker. The main purpose of this software is to sniff out the best resumes from the pile of hundreds. Also, the best ATS resume scanner USA identifies the best resumes based on their format, wordings, and keywords. 

Did you know resume parsing is one of the tasks performed by the best ATS resume scanner USA? A resume parser is a software tool that already exists in most of the applicant tracking systems. Furthermore, this tool extracts and simplifies the important data in the resume. 

Not only this! The ATS resume parser puts this extracted information into an easy-to-read structure. This structure helps the recruiter read the resume in less time. This is because there are only a few pieces of relevant information in it. It guides the recruiter to make the correct decision. 

Here, we have seen what an ATS scanner is. Now, let's understand how the ATS scanner processes.

How does an ATS scanner process?

The processing of various Applicant tracking system scanners may differ from each other. But every best ATS resume scanner USA goes through the following process:

  • The first step is resume parsing. When the recruiter puts the resume in the ATS scanner, it is parsed, and the important information is extracted from it. This can include the name, email, contact number, educational qualification, experience, and similar components. 
  • The second step involves storing this extracted data. This data is stored in the ATS resume tracking system database. As a result, this database forms a crucial source for the company. The company can use this database even in the future if needed. 
  • The third step involves the use of an algorithm. This is used to compare the extracted data with the job posting. Moreover, this step is crucial for the company. The result of this step will show the compatibility of the candidate with the job posting. Hence, every best ATS resume scanner USA definitely carries out this step. 
  • The fourth step involves ranking the candidates according to their compatibility. The software ranks the candidates based on their suitability for the job. As a result, the highest-ranked candidates are chosen, and the ATS moves forward with them. 
  • The top-quality ATS scanners allow the recruiter to apply various filters based on experience or skill set to narrow down the list further. This way, the recruiter is left with the top cream of candidates in the market. 

The above-mentioned steps explain how an ATS scanner processes. As the next step, scroll down to read their importance. 

Why are ATS scanners important? 

The majority of employers in the USA use ATS scanners to sort the vast amount of candidates they receive. This is because sorting the resumes manually is next to impossible. The scanner sorts and arranges the resumes with almost zero errors. This creates a sort of reliability for the recruiter on the software. 

The best ATS resume scanner USA helps the recruiter make a correct decision while employing the candidate. This indirectly affects the development of the company. If the recruiter chooses the correct candidates, this will help the business to flourish. Otherwise, it may turn lethal for the company. 

This is why ATS scanners hold an important place in the recruitment world. Now, let us look at the ATS resume format. 

What is an ATS resume format? 

An ATS resume format is a format created in such a way that the ATS can parse the resume with ease. The format is simple to scan and consists of keywords along with other necessary aspects. Read further to know how to make your resume ATS-friendly. 

How to optimize your resume for ATS? 

Optimizing your resume is crucial to pass through the applicant tracking system. On average, more than 118 candidates apply for a job opening in the USA. Out of these, only a few reach the hands of a recruiter. You will need to beat the ATS for your resume to reach in human hands. We will help  you to make the best ATS resume format with the help of the following tips:

Use keywords

Analyze the job post carefully and pick out the repetitive words in the post. Look for the skills, qualifications, and other aspects the recruiter is expecting from the candidates. Do not forget to use these words in your resume. This way, when the resume goes through the ATS, the software can analyze these words quickly. Using keywords helps the resume reach human hands. 

Avoid images and graphics 

Even the best ATS resume scanner USA fails to scan the images, graphics, and tables in the resume. Hence, it is best to avoid using these elements in your resume. Also, using images and table formats makes the resume unnecessarily lengthy. Lengthy resumes may not work in your favor, even if you are the best in the market. So, try to keep your resume as short as possible. 

Keep it simple

Using fancy fonts can ruin your resume. Even if you have the best ATS resume scanner USA, it will not understand these fancy fonts. It is better to use traditional fonts like Times New Roman or Roboto that are easy to read for the software. Also, try using simple words. Like, use the word ‘educational qualification’ rather than using ‘what I have studied?’ 

The above-mentioned points will help you put your resume in an ATS resume format. Scroll further to learn the top ATS scanners in the USA

Best ATS resume scanner USA: Which are the top 3 picks? 

We have made an exclusive list of the top 3 ATS scanners in the USA. They are:

Pitch N Hire 

Pitch N Hire is an applicant tracking system that helps both the recruiters and the candidates. This ATS is well-known in the USA for its robust resume parsing capabilities. This way, the ATS can extract the needed information efficiently and quickly. Not only this! It allows you to acquire the best talent in the market within a few clicks. This makes it the best ATS resume scanner USA.  So, why wait? Visit their website today!


This platform provides for scanning CVs and checking ATS scores for free. It is best for candidates who are applying to big companies. As a result, the candidates can easily get to know what to add and what to delete. It also gives an ATS score through which the candidate can easily know whether their resume will pass through the ATS or not.  


Workable is yet another platform that provides robust resume parsing for candidates and as well as recruiters. As a result, it provides advanced features like collaborative hiring, candidate-suited applications, and reporting tools. This set of features makes it one of the best ATS scanners in the USA.  


After going through the entire piece of information above, it can be concluded that selecting the best ATS resume scanner USA is crucial for the development of your business. If you are a candidate looking for new opportunities, choosing a good ATS scanner can help you land one of your dream job positions. So, wait no further! Enroll for the best Applicant tracking system scanner, Pitch N Hire today.