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Wed Feb 14 2024

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Which is the Online Tracking System in the USA?

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Companies are too preoccupied to go through every application they receive every day. But it is necessary to go through these applications as they need to hire candidates now and then. What do the companies do then? Well, the answer is easy: they simply implement an applicant tracking system in their working devices so that they do not have to do the clerical work related to the hiring process. This eases the hiring process for the company and saves a lot of time for them. 

So, no matter where you are sending your resume, it is going to go through an applicant tracking system without fail. Now, if you are a company, you must know which ATS will be the best for you. Do not worry, we have got your back. Keep on reading this blog further to learn more about the best ATS in the market. 

What is an ATS?

Applicant tracking systems are the software made to ease up the hiring process for the company. This applicant tracking system does almost every clerical work when it comes to the hiring process for the company. The system eases every step of hiring, from sorting resumes to scheduling interviews. 

It does tasks like uploading the job vacancies on various platforms, scanning and sorting the resumes, rejecting the underqualified candidates, and so on. The software can also communicate easily with the applicant and schedule interviews as per the recruiter’s schedule. The applicant tracking system also helps in the process after the selection of candidates, which is the onboarding process. 

How Does an ATS Work? 

Looking at the popularity of ATS, you might wonder how this works. Each ATS has some variations, but these functions are followed by almost every software. This is how it works:

  • The employer enters the information about the job vacancy and things they need in the candidate. This includes prerequisites like experience, educational qualification, skills required, ability to relocate, working hours, etc. The job vacancy includes information on the job opening like number of openings, position, daily responsibilities of the employee and so on. 
  • The applicant tracking system makes an ideal profile based on the information fed by the employer. Every candidate is compared by this ideal profile by the ATS. This profile is the benchmark set by the system. No candidate below this benchmark is allowed further. 
  • As the company starts receiving the applications, this software scans, sorts and processes these applications. The resumes are scanned and compared with the ideal profile made by the applicant management software and are ranked according to the compatibility of the resume with the profile. It ranks each application, and naturally, the employer conveniently gets the list of top candidates that match the ideal silhouette for the vacancy. 
  • Once the employer goes through this list, they select the candidates they find suitable and further command the software to initiate the interview process. The applicant tracking system communicates accordingly and schedules an interview with the candidate according to the schedule of the employer. 

Why Do Employers and Companies Use ATS? 

This is a very commonly asked question, and truly, why indeed? The reasons are:

  • With an online tracking system for the applications, the company need not indulge in the long and time-consuming process of going through every resume they receive. This work is done by the software in minutes. 
  • It allows the employer to search for a particular employee by their name in the software. This feature is convenient for the employer, and they need not go here and there to search for any specific candidate. 
  • Many applicant tracking systems allow you to source candidates from multiple channels. By sourcing the candidates, the company can look for talented potential candidates for the vacancy and approach them, too. The applicant tracking system allows channel sourcing, which provides a large pool of talented candidates to the company. 
  • It has advanced analytical built-in that allows the company to conduct flawless research and analysis on candidates and provides perfect compatibility reports to the company. 
  • The ATS also analyses the business strategy of the company and gives reports on them so the company can improve whatever is needed. This feature of the ATS is loved by many. 
  • The applicant tracking system has exceptional integration abilities. It can integrate with other software that already exists on your device, like CRM and offer a smooth functioning to the employer. 

The Best Applicant Tracking Systems in the USA

There are many applicant tracking systems ATS free online available in the market. But we have for you the best applicant tracking systems in the USA, which you won’t regret investing in. They are: 

Pitch N Hire 

Now, we are not exaggerating when we say that we provide the best applicant tracking system in the market. We unify talent and tech to build superior teams for your company. We facilitate creating, tracking, and managing job openings all in one place with the help of streamlined hiring. We craft compelling job descriptions to promote your vacancies globally, which enables you to acquire the world’s top talent. When you shake hands with us, you are shaking hands with a hassle-free talent acquisition process through our applicant tracking system. This is one of the best platforms for ATS software. You can visit and book a free demo today!


Workable offers a wide range of facilities, including the capacity to follow prospects and publish vacancies across numerous platforms. It allows the HR team members of your company to access at the same time. Also, it synchronizes the calendars and email accounts of the company so that the schedules do not clash with each other. This applicant tracking system has centralized management of approving and hiring the applicants. This allows multiple team members to give their opinions but keeps the decision-making power in the hands of a few. It conducts automated and group communication with candidates and has more than 700 customizable and integrated job descriptions for any type of vacancy you need. 


One of the attractive features of this applicant tracking system is it can be used through a mobile application. You need not carry a larger device everywhere. This offers an interview-focused culture that is bias-free. This system can be adapted for small as well as large companies. It provides easy tracking with the help of candidate scorecards and allows you to customize assessment plans for interviewers to know the correct skill set and qualification. It also has customizable job boards and email templates with a simple configuration of reports. 


BambooHR is very famous for small and mid-sized companies. Along with a mobile application, this applicant tracking system provides tools for the onboarding process, attendance tracking, performance management and e-signatures. It is easy to learn and has a streamlined process that makes the onboarding of candidates convenient. It also has integration with job boards and various social media platforms. 

Breezy HR 

If you are looking for an applicant tracking system that will offer collaborative benefits to the company, this is the one for you. Breezy HR is known for its great collaborative skills and personalized interview guides. It provides a facility of self-scheduling for the convenience of the interviewer and the candidate as well. If you decide to take the interview through them, it automatically shows the resume and notes taken for the candidate on the screen that facilitates taking interviews of the candidates. 


Freshteam has a centralized process of hiring on a single platform. So the whole team can participate and give opinions on the candidate. This applicant tracking system provides more than 100 templates that can be customized for needed jobs. It can capacity to create and manage job offers and gives personalized access to each user. 

Should You Invest a Large Amount in Any Applicant Tracking System in the First Go? 

Well, we would suggest that you should not invest a large amount in the very first go in any of the applicant tracking systems. You should go for free trials first and check whether that ATS is made for your company. It is better to be cautious than to feel sorry afterwards. You should visit the site and book a free demo before investing in any applicant tracking system. 

If you are a little short on budget, you can also go for an applicant tracking system open source. These ATS are free for all and are available easily. You only need to customize them according to your company’s needs. Now, they won’t be as good as the ATS we mentioned above, but they might help you in some of your hiring steps, like sorting resumes based on keywords. 


Installing a good applicant tracking system has become the need of the hour. ATS facilitates the hiring process up to the extent that the companies can rely fully on them for most of the steps. The ATS saves a lot of time and energy for HR employees that they can use for other important work. A good ATS system can help you hire talented employees, which in turn will help your company to reach new heights of success. 

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