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Fri Feb 09 2024

5 min read

How To Respond If “Why Sales?” Interview Question Was Asked?

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If you’re going to a sales interview, it becomes very important to be well-acquainted with the most common questions asked for sales jobs. These can include the likes of how to sell a pen, why sales, and other such basic questions which aim at finding out your approach towards your life paths and how you interact with a new situation. Considering this, there is a very popular question asked at many sales interviews. It is the “why sales?” interview question. This question can also be very predictable because if you’re working in or want to work in a sales department, the employer would want to know what has motivated you to come here and generally why a sales career. This question largely aims at checking the confidence, passion, and persuasion skills of the interviewee. 

This is because when you encounter the question, your approach will reflect a lot about how confident you are about your life choice, how driven you are by sales, and how much you can convince the employer about your choice. Now there isn’t an answer to this that you can memorize for the interview, but there sure are tips that can help you formulate one for yourself. Here are some tips to help you with the “why sales?” interview question was asked.

Best Responses For “Why Sales” Interview Questions

Here are some best responses you can give when asked “why sales ”while an interview

Evaluating Reasons to Better Understand You

The interviewer will largely ask the why sales interview question to evaluate reasons in which he can better understand you. Your answer will tell a lot about how you landed the job and that is exactly what he wants to hear. So, when the interviewer asks you this question, he is looking forward to seeing what caused you to get into this field and what have been your reasons to get here. 

Many people choose sales as an option largely because of the money that they can get from it. However, there is more to sales about it. Also, if an interviewer is trying to give you a job, he wants to know if you’re doing it for the right reasons at all. Otherwise, you will not be the right candidate for the job. So, to answer the question rightly, you should avoid saying anything like “I like sales because of the money” or something like “I was forced into sales by my family” or “I need money right now and this is the best offer I could find”. This will not improve your chances of getting hired but will do the exact opposite. 

To Find Out Your Passion 

Another great reason why your interviewer asks you why a sales career is to find out if you are passionate enough for the job. Sales is not an ordinary job that you can do sitting at your desk while you’re whining about your life choices. It requires the active participation of the candidate and further requires you to do proper research and invest your time in the client to get the deal in your hands. 

It requires active persuasion among other things. So, it is obvious for the interviewer to ask you this question to figure out if you’re passionate enough to do this job. If you’re not passionate enough about sales, you’ll lose interest in it over time and it will start tiring you instead. Lack of sales can also cause you to be severely anxious about your capabilities among other things. So, answer this question with care so that you do display that you have an interest in the job and that sales bring out the best in your qualities. 

Helps in Finding Out How You Handle It

Asking this question can also be largely about how you handle it. Do you stutter and start thinking about why a sales career yourself? Or do you have an answer but it is straight away googled? Being a salesman is about being witty and ready with answers to anything. This is because when you pitch your sales, you can’t remember or practice every question that the client might give you. 

So, you must be spontaneous and can pique the interest of the client by providing him with a valid answer. So in this case, if you’re looking to answer the why sales? interview question, you should try to be calm and fast with your answer. Don’t spend a lot of time thinking about everything again and again. Try to be as spontaneous as you can be. However, in the rush of answering, don’t speak gibberish. It’s about being able to control yourself and give the best answer. 

If You Have Problems With Your Previous Job

Many employers also ask this question to check if you’re leaving your other job due to some problem. Some people tend to shift their careers after a point. So if a person from finance is now jumping in sales, the interviewer will be interested to know why sales? To be able to answer perfectly, you should imply how you are interested in the category of work that you will do. You should not speak about how you got in a fight with the manager of your previous job and now need something new to sustain yourself. This will show him that you’re just using this job as an alternative and will therefore not be much invested in this. Due to this, you can straightaway be rejected for the job.


The question of why sales should not be so daunting now that you know what the interviewer is trying to extract from you. Therefore, make sure to use these tips to your aid to ensure that you don’t stumble when faced with this question. Why sales is not a very difficult question to answer when you’re sure about your answer. When you’re pursuing sales, you might have had some inspiration for it. Just channel it into an answer and present it before your interviewer. It will be sure to impress him and increase the chances of you getting a job.