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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

4 Interesting Tips To Sell A Pen In An Interview

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“Sell me this pen” has to be one of the most common interview questions that have been asked by an interviewer to a potential recruit. This is because this question can correctly analyze the sales and management skills of the candidate. In addition to this, the interviewer can understand how the candidate perceives many situations and acts upon those situations that are unexpected to him or her. Therefore, this question can be a deal breaker in your interview if not done correctly. But how to sell a pen? 

How can you look at a product you just saw a few minutes ago and create a pitch for it. Also, what are the basic things that you should avoid and those you should focus on? What kind of strategy should you use? Continue reading to find out how to sell a pen in an interview and get yourself the job.

What is The Interviewer’s Focus?

First and foremost, you have to focus on why the interviewer wants you to sell a pen in an interview. What is his main objective? Learning this is important because it tells you what your focus should be and therefore gives you insight into how to sell a pen. The interviewer largely wants to find out about the sales process. There is no such right answer to this question that can guarantee a sure shot success. Instead, it is your approach that matters. The interviewer wants to check how you deal with this situation, if you panic or not, among other factors that will qualify you as a suitable candidate.

How to Sell a Pen?

There are many ways to approach this situation. But the best way to sell a pen in an interview would be to go in a systematic order and make your way through it as you go on. So don’t startle when the interviewer says “sell me this pen”, instead stay calm and keep some tips in your mind. Ensure to use your communication skills to the best and be as creative as you can.

Be Positive and Uphold a Good Body Language

One of the first things to notice when you come across this question is to maintain your body language and be positive about the whole situation. Interviewers can sniff under-confidence from miles away and if you give up on yourself on answering this question, chances are, they will give up on you first. If you need to know how to sell a pen, you have to first want to be in the shape to sell. Don’t be demotivated even and keep nervousness at bay. Don’t let 2 minutes of panic wash over all the hard work you put in previously. So, compose yourself and keep a positive attitude about the situation. This is how you can sail through.

Understand Your Interviewer First

The first rule of sales is to understand your consumer. If the interviewer asked you to “sell me this pen”, you have to understand who the interviewer is and how the product might be of significance to him rather than jumping entirely on the product. If the product is not relevant to the user, it is no fun to pitch it to them. It is better if you’ve already done some research on the interviewer before the interview or if you have collected some information about him during the interview. It helps you revolve your pitch around your client thereby customizing it for him. Try to figure out how the customer can be emotionally attached to the product and try to manipulate that point.

Ask Questions to Know More

If you don’t think you have enough information, try to collect it on the point. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during that time. It is a perfectly valid and appreciated step to do so. This is because without properly knowing what you’re dealing with, it can be difficult to get what you want. Additionally, there can be some interviewers who are not supportive and are not letting you retrieve any usable information. In this case, don’t fret and try to work with what you have. In case your interviewers are supportive, try asking questions like “when was the last time you used a pen?” or “what issue did you face with a pen the last time?” or something along these lines to try to understand the demand of the user.

Be Enthusiastic to Sell

The key element in selling a pen in an interview is to be enthusiastic about it and not lose hope. It doesn’t matter if the interviewer is not supportive of you and is not answering properly. Be keen on selling and focus on providing the benefits of the pen and the key features that set it apart from other pens. 

For example, if you think that the biggest flaw in a pen could be its short-lasting ink, try pitching in as “this pen can write for about 2 years and is refillable. Its packet also comes with 5 refills for no additional cost.” or if you think that it is more important for the pen to glide on the writing surface easily, try saying “this pen glides so smoothly on paper that you wouldn’t even feel the pressure of writing.”. This will show the interviewer that you know what you’re talking about.


When the question of “sell me this pen” arises don’t let fear get the best of you. Ensure that you make the best out of the situation and can access your surroundings properly. Try to focus on yourself and direct your energy toward selling your product. There are no bad answers to expect from those who try to ignore what is present right in front of them. Being able to utilize facts to better your pitch and land a sale is the best outcome of this challenge. Just try to give it your best shot and don’t worry about the outcome.