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Wed Oct 04 2023

5 min read

Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet Software USA: Why Replace It With ATS

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Recruitment Tracker Spreadsheet

Earlier, the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA was considered a specialized tool used by organizations for important recruitment aspects. However, the recruitment landscape has changed drastically in the past few years and will change more in the coming years. As a result, you cannot keep using old and outdated recruitment tools and technology to hire candidates.

Many US companies still rely on recruitment spreadsheets for hiring top talent from the large talent pool in the US job market. That is why they fail to hire the best candidates for their open roles. If you want to fill your job vacancies with the most qualified candidates, check out this blog! Here, we will discuss how specialized recruiting software is the best alternative to the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA.

Why was the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA relevant?

Many years ago, recruiters had no choice but to use spreadsheets for recruitment. However, using them was far better than using just pen and paper. It was the manual or the traditional way of performing hiring tasks. However, the new systems in the market have changed this. Fast forward to 2023, the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA is not the only option for recruiters. 

Now, the recruitment tracker spreadsheet has become a thing of the past. You cannot use these spreadsheets in the future as the advent of the internet has changed how we work. Many organizations in every industry have started adopting the latest technology. Then why should the recruitment industry remain deprived of it? There are many recruitment software in the market that can make your life a lot easier. 

Did you know? According to the latest statistics report by Grand View Research, 75% of US business organizations use ATS to hire candidates. This figure proves that recruitment spreadsheets are no longer relevant today! So, let us dive into the blog and understand why you should switch from the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA to ATS!

Are you still using the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA?

Using the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA for safekeeping candidate and recruitment data is not worth spending time and energy on. It is not only a time-consuming process but also becomes frustrating at times. This complicated and hectic process will keep you so busy that you may get distracted from your real hiring goals. Your hiring goal should be collaboration with your recruiting team members to make strategic decisions about hiring the best candidates.

However, the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA will make achieving this hiring goal a daunting task for you. Tools like emails, spreadsheets, and Excel sheets do not exist to perform recruitment tasks. Usually, these tools are already installed by default on every business device. It does not mean you will continue using them in the new technology-driven business world and expect great hiring results. No! Historically, tools like these were the go-to tools to engage with candidates, but this is not the case anymore.

The growth in technology and artificial intelligence has made interactions with candidates easy for you. Now, you do not have to use random tools to perform the most significant recruitment tasks- communicating with the candidates and storing recruitment information. 

You can rely on the latest AI-based HRMS software and automate all the hiring tasks. So, considering the current recruitment industry, it becomes necessary for you to explore other options other than the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA.

Why replace the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA with ATS?

The recruitment tracker spreadsheet requires manual work. Moreover, these spreadsheets cannot compete with modern recruiting software called the applicant tracking system (ATS). You do not know why? Here are some reasons why:

Spreadsheets drain time and resources:

Recruiters performed repetitive hiring tasks manually when the right recruiting tools did not exist. These tasks include copy-pasting, searching, and storing data on the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA. You cannot ignore these tasks as they are vital, but performing such tasks repetitively will waste your time and resources. However, the ATS system can manage all hiring tasks and save time and resources. You can use this time to focus on other hiring aspects.

Failure to provide an enriched candidate experience: 

The recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA makes the hiring process inconsistent and fragmented. This process will affect the candidate's experience as well. In today’s time, candidate experience plays a crucial role in recruitment. Therefore, it is always beneficial to use ATS software. The software offers a seamless candidate that you can also use to maintain a positive image of your brand in the US job market.

Finding top talent becomes difficult:

When recruiters store candidate data in the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA, there are chances that the data will be lost or misplaced. These spreadsheets will take away information about some qualified candidates with them. In this situation, employers find it challenging to identify and hire top talent because of spreadsheets. However, this is not the case while using the ATS system. This high-end software can effectively store, manage, and protect important candidate and recruitment data.

The hiring process becomes long: 

The recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA offers no advanced features to enhance hiring efficiency. Moreover, spreadsheets require manual labor. That is why hiring takes more time to finish than usual. However, an efficient hiring process is essential to hire top talent quickly. So, adopting an ATS becomes necessary as it offers numerous high-quality features to make hiring efficient for everyone involved.

Making informed decisions is hard: 

As a recruiter, you must make informed hiring decisions and strategies to ensure you do not lose qualified candidates to your competitors. You cannot do this with the help of the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA. Only the ATS system can help you make data-driven decisions and strategies for quick and effective hiring. That is because this software has all the necessary features and functionalities required to boost hiring productivity.

What are the benefits of using an ATS system? 

Using recruitment tracking software over the recruitment tracker spreadsheet has more benefits than you can imagine. ATS can offer you a safe space that you and your recruiting team members can use effectively to collaborate regarding various hiring aspects. In addition, the software comes with many advanced features specifically designed to help you streamline and manage your recruitment. Some benefits of using ATS for hiring are:

  • An ATS system gives access to an interactive recruitment dashboard that you can use anytime to get insights into your hiring workflow. You can see at a glance the hiring status of all the candidates in your recruitment pipeline. By doing this, you can judge the areas of improvement and pay attention to those specific areas to make hiring effective.
  • The collaboration and communication features of the software will enable you to connect with candidates and your other team members. In this way, you can build a strong recruiting team where each individual will work towards achieving the same hiring goals. Moreover, constant engagement with candidates will provide them with a seamless recruitment experience.
  • Integrations of the software with popular online tools and platforms will help you in different hiring stages. For example, ATS's integration with online job boards will enable you to post jobs effectively. In the same way, integration with calendars and emails will help you schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates and keep in touch with them throughout recruitment.
  • This software can store all the enriched candidate profiles in one place. You can conveniently use these data storage and management features to review candidate profiles. You should also know that ATS stores recruitment data and contact information of all the ex, current, and potential candidates in one place.

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Recently, recruitment software has started gaining relevance in the business world, and its popularity is increasing rapidly. As a result, you will find many recruitment software service providers in the market. However, you must always rely on the best ATS provider for your recruitment software needs. The ATS you choose should align perfectly with your needs and requirements. If you are looking for such software, look no further!

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Replacing the recruitment tracker spreadsheet USA with an applicant tracking system will not require much effort. You do not need a big budget or a large recruitment department to adopt ATS. All you need is the willingness to change and make hiring better than it was before. If you make this move, you will have access to easy-to-use software that will reap long-term hiring benefits. So, quickly get started! Invest in an ATS now, and hire the best candidates faster.