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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

Why & How Should You Frame Proper Back-in-Stock Email?

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Back-in-Stock Email

In an e-commerce firm, products running out of stock is unavoidable. And in some cases, it's due to circumstances beyond the control of the business owner. To put it another way, not being able to obtain a product your clients seek might lead to a frustrating "so close but so distant" effect. The disappointment of being unable to acquire the desired thing might diminish your consumers' feeling of happiness, even if they don't go to a rival to complete the purchase. As a result, your company's reputation may suffer. As a result, your income and consumer base are put in danger. Back in stock email, on the other hand, provides your marketing team with a unique opportunity to turn a negative consumer experience into a good one. Recovering revenue losses and increasing engagement may all be accomplished with these when implemented correctly. In this article, we have jotted down some amazing tips that will help you design the best product back in stock email. So let us get started.

Importance of back in stock emails

Retailers (including online players) might lose $1 trillion in sales because of out-of-stock items, according to a new analysis. Back in stock email alerts are a wonderful way to target customers who have indicated an interest in out-of-stock products and to reduce the gap between them and the competition.

You can track out-of-stock products customers have viewed or wishlist on your website or shopping app and then send them automatic emails when the item is replenished.

This makes your customers happy since they didn't miss out on something they needed or wanted, and it also gives them confidence that your company cares about their requirements.

According to a survey, the open rate for back-in-stock emails is 65.32 percent, making them the most effective of all sorts of email promotions. Another benchmark investigation found that these email notifications had a conversion rate of 18.04 percent, which is just shy of the 20.39 percent attained by cart abandonment emails, in addition to high open rates. Back-in-stock emails bring in the most money for each email, too, bringing in an average of $1.43 for every message.

Your back in stock email marketing must, however, include the following qualities in order to fulfill these goals:


Why wait till a product is replenished before engaging with your customers? It's a good idea to send them an email informing them that the item they're looking for will be available shortly, so they have some reason to hold out hope. This can keep them from going to your rivals, and it also gives you a chance to convince them to subscribe to your email list once they've signed up.

Correctly timed

Back-in-stock email must be timed correctly if they are to be successful. To make sure that, set a deadline for when you plan to send the emails. Folks who explored the product in the last month are more likely to respond to your emails than people who showed interest in it six months ago.


Pointedness is essential if you want your back-in-stock emails to be read. The purpose of the email must be stated in the subject line. Therefore you should make sure that the back in stock email subject lines are attractive and lure your customers into opening the email.

Focus on back in stock product

The replenished product should be the main focus of your email to encourage participation, and open rates will go through the roof. However, this does not preclude you from taking advantage of the situation to provide further relevant product suggestions.

Top 7 back in stock email examples

These tips and examples will help you send back-in-stock emails that always get the job done. Here are a few real-world examples to get you started:

Offer reassurance to the customers

With the email from Public Rec, purchasers are given a sense of security and hope by being informed as soon as the item is back in stock. To increase the number of people who get the email, they've cleverly included their Instagram handle. Therefore the back in stock email by Public Rec is one of the perfect back in stock email templates that you can look out for.

Incentivize your email

The product is back in the stock email by Sonos makes a clear notice regarding the availability of a product. A little incentive of free delivery has also been added to the mix to entice potential consumers to complete the transaction. This is among the top back in stock email examples that you should look out for.

Try out the personalized messaging technique

Uniqlo has nailed the notion of customization in the email about new stock. The content's tone gives the impression that the brand is speaking directly to the reader. Automated tailored emails that target the proper audience group may be created using CRM data insights. Therefore this example is one of the best email examples you should look out for.

Create a narrative

In order to create an interesting tale, Snowe's email utilizes classic story-telling tactics. the combination of soft blue hues and clear information create an aspirational air for the items that make recipients want them even more now that they're back in stock

Build urgency

When an out-of-stock UGG product is announced as being available again, it adds a warning that it may sell out again quickly. Because of the immediacy, recipients are more likely to finish their purchase before the goods are gone for good. In addition, they've included gift and bonus points to encourage customers to make a purchase. This is one of the best back in stock email tactics that you can use.

Try out to cross-sell

As well as building up the buzz of an already popular product, Firebox cleverly squeezes in relevant product recommendations that are likely to resonate with new customers in this back in stock email. With this tactic, you may cross-sell or at the very least get them interested in your other products.

Play it up

To make their Chino Shorts even more enticing to buyers who have previously shown an interest in the item, Everlane emphasizes its multiple USPs in its back in stock email. To assist the receiver in making a purchasing choice without having to leave the email, they've incorporated user reviews.

Final words

Product outages are unavoidable, but you may take steps to minimize the impact on your income and client base if they do occur. Back in stock emails, precisely timed, are all you'll need to do. So check out the back in stock email template discussed above and make one for your e-commerce business and grow your brand.