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Sat Feb 03 2024

5 min read

5 Best ATS For Small Companies in United States

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best ATS for small companies

Relying on the best ATS for small companies is the key to scaling your business in 2024. From the beginning of the hiring process till the end, hiring software can clearly manage all tasks effectively. It is why all recruiters and HRs started using ATS to automate time-consuming recruitment tasks. Furthermore, in recent times, investing money in a solid applicant tracking system is the best way to hire top candidates from the large talent pool.

To learn more about the best ATS for small companies, read on!

What do we mean by the best ATS for small companies?

The best ATS for small companies means recruitment software that automates all aspects of hiring and streamlines the entire process. Moreover, the software offers numerous features to help HR professionals with each hiring stage, such as job postings, resume parsing, candidate screening, interview scheduling, etc. Thus, an ATS recruitment software customized based on the company’s unique needs can be a game changer.

Which are the five best ATS for small companies?

The US job market is flooded with hundreds of ATS software by different ATS providers claiming to simplify hiring. However, the question is, are they all capable of doing so? No! Only a few ATS software can align with your needs and give the desired hiring results. Here are five best ATS for small companies in the USA:

Pitch N Hire

Undoubtedly, Pitch N Hire’s ATS is the best ATS for small companies and considered the best HR software for startups, as it is a one-stop solution to all recruitment problems. The software offers numerous high-end features and functionalities to help businesses meet their hiring needs. With features like accurate AI resume parsing, flexible interview scheduling, detailed reporting and analytics, and many more, Pitch N Hire’s ATS has helped many business owners streamline hiring.

Why choose?

  • Post jobs across various platforms in just a few clicks.
  • Offer a seamless candidate experience to candidates and exceptional recruitment experience to recruiters and HR managers.
  • Pitch N Hire’s ATS offers an easy-to-use interface that recruiters can use anytime and anywhere to get insights into the hiring workflow.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is also one of the best ATS for small companies. Small business owners can conveniently use this software to manage their HR operations. Bamboo HR provides the recruiter and other team members with an easy-to-use platform that they can use to store and manage recruitment data. This data includes employee information, performance evaluations, personal information of the candidates, etc.

Why choose?

  • It offers many HR tools to help recruiters streamline recruitment and provide a better candidate experience.
  • The software is user-friendly and easy to adopt.
  • Bamboo HR’s ATS provides advanced features such as an employee self-service portal, onboarding and database management, custom access levels, reporting and analytics, and many more.

Breezy HR

Small businesses with the goal of collaborative hiring should go for ATS software by Breezy HR, as it is the best ATS resume scanner in the USA. The software simplifies the hiring process by making it easy for the recruiting team members to collaborate effectively. Moreover, Breezy HR’s ATS eliminates all the long and complicated hiring tasks and automates hiring at each stage.

Why choose?

  • The software provides hundreds of free recruiting templates and resources.
  • Breezy HR gives its users access to an intuitive mobile application to make quick and effective hiring strategies and decisions.
  • Its vast integration library can boost the efficiency of your hiring process.


The fourth software on the list of best ATS for small companies is the ATS software by Greenhouse. The main goal of the software is to focus on small businesses and make their hiring process efficient. Greenhouse does this by providing small business owners with the right technology, support, and resources needed to enhance hiring productivity.

Why choose?

  • It ensures that the hiring process is unbiased and fair.
  • The software provides interactive and detailed reports to help small businesses increase hiring efficiency.
  • Greenhouse’s ATS software allows recruiters to post jobs and advertisements on several online job websites, platforms, and boards.

Jazz HR

Last but not least, Jazz HR is amongst the best ATS for small companies that streamlines the hiring process and makes it more scalable. All the growing businesses and startups can use this software to source and hire the best candidates quickly. It is because, like other best ATS, Jazz HR automates all the hiring tasks like sending multiple emails, entering data into spreadsheets, and many more.

Why choose?

  • The software offers many built-in career sites that are mobile-friendly and can easily be customized.
  • It provides an auto-reject feature that makes the pre-screening process easy and fast.
  • Jazz HR’s ATS software can post jobs on premium job boards for free with just a single click.

Why invest in the best ATS for small companies?

The best ATS for small companies brings with it numerous benefits. Here are the top 5 benefits of using an applicant tracking system for your small business:

  • The best ATS for small companies helps organizations fill multiple open roles with the ideal candidates.
  • An ATS software evidently saves the recruiter's time, money, and effort he would otherwise spend on identifying, attracting, and hiring candidates from the diverse candidate pool.
  • Recruiters can use the ATS system to increase the accuracy and effectiveness of their hiring process. A consistent hiring process will automatically lead to an enhanced candidate experience.
  • Hiring software can help companies engage and communicate with all the candidates in the recruitment pipeline. In addition, it will also enhance the company’s recruitment brand in the job market.
  • The ATS software cost is not too high, and it is a cost-effective recruitment marketing tool that recruiters can use to post and advertise their open jobs on multiple platforms.


The best ATS for small companies has come a long way in the past 8-10 years. Some years back, recruiters only used ATS software for routine hiring tasks. However, as of 2023, ATS systems can schedule interviews, parse resumes, onboard candidates, and more. With that being said, we can say that the applicant tracking system will completely dominate the US recruitment market in the coming years.

Now that you know about ATS, are you willing to adopt one for your small business? Choose ATS software by Pitch N Hire and say bye to your old hiring techniques and methods. Thus, check out our website now to book a free demo of our exceptional ATS with our experts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- Which ATS do companies use?

If we talk about small businesses in the USA, they mostly rely on Pitch N Hire, BambooHR, Zoho Recruit, Jotform, RecruitCRM, Recruitee, Jazz HR, Workable, and Greenhouse for their hiring needs. At this time, these are the most commonly used ATS software in the US recruitment market.

2- How do I choose the right ATS?

First, you should know your needs and requirements before choosing the ideal ATS for your business organization. It means you should know your hiring needs, recruitment goals, business requirements, budget, challenges, etc. Finally, if you remember all these factors before investing in an ATS, you will have a higher chance of finding the best ATS for your small business.

3- Which other ATS are considered to be the most popular USA?

According to the latest reports by Forbes, 2023, Freshteam, JazzHR, BreezyHR, Rippling, Bullhorn, and Greenhouse are some of the other and the most popular ATS in the United States apart from Pitch N Hire ATS software. All these ATS software are in great demand in the US recruitment market.

4- How many ATS types are there?

There are many types of ATS software in the market. These software differ based on their working, features, pricing, and other factors. Some common types of ATS system software in the USA are:

  • Pitch N Hire
  • ICIMs
  • Jobvite
  • Lever
  • Teamtailor