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Thu Dec 07 2023

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7 Major Points To Remember While Assessing A Freelancers

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We often see companies or business owners burdened with work. It is no surprise that the owners appreciate help at some point in time. Running a business is not at all easy and managing it by yourself is a very hectic task. One can initially manage at the startup stage but as the business grows there comes more responsibilities to handle. Hiring a freelancer to help you sometimes can be a relief with not so much to spend on them. Although hiring them needs a good assessment to make sure you have chosen the right person.

In the process of hiring any freelancer, one comes across the question of how to assess freelancers? It is important to thoroughly assess them because once hired they would be a part of the business. Also, you may not meet them face to face which makes it more crucial to assess them and see they are the perfect fit for the role. The success of the business will depend on them. That is why one should carefully focus on the questions to be asked and how well they work. To make it easier for you, we have shortlisted a few points to keep in mind and find the right person. A business owner should always consider these 6 points while assessing a freelancer. Let us see what they are.

7 Major Points To Remember While Assessing A Freelancers

Here are 6 points to remember while accessing a freelancer:

Skills and abilities

The first things that you should look right into are the skills and abilities of the prospective freelancer. Ask them about their work experience and how they began working in the respective field. Also, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Listen carefully when they speak. Notice their tone, body language, and confidence. This will help you in knowing whether they are speaking the truth or not. Ask them everything about previous projects and experience. They may not tell you these things in detail due to confidentiality, but will surely provide you with some hints. Check their background and if possible find out their performance in the previous companies.

Work Plan

With skills and abilities comes their dedication towards the work. One should dedicate as much time as he can and try to meet the deadlines if any. Ask the freelancer about the work timings he is willing to give to work. He/she does not have to overwork of course but should be able to complete a job in a short period in case of urgency. Ask them if they have any other commitments in advance. 

They can be personal or work-related but considering them may be important for the freelancer. If they have any work commitments meaning if the freelancer is providing his services to some other company at the same time, ask them how they are planning to manage both of them. Clarifying this in advance will help you to plan your schedule as well in case the work needs you or any of your employees to associate with him.


One of the key points to remember about how to assess freelancers is their communication skills. Know that the freelancer is not your in-office employee. He can be in a different region, state, or country with different time zones. In such cases, you should ensure that the communication guidelines are explained to him properly. This way you can keep in touch with them while they are working. Consult them beforehand about any meetings and stay updated with the time in their country. 

Attitude and values

Attitude and values are an important aspect while you assess a freelancer. Engage them with formal conversations so that you get to know about their attitude towards work. This way you can measure their general attitude and how they view their work. Ask them questions about how they tackle difficult situations that they may have found themselves in throughout their career. Ask them how they handled the situation. Freelancers are generally less outgoing since they work by themselves, so it is important to know how well they can manage work relationships.

Explain your expectations for them and tell them more about your company. They may have had the experience of working with companies like yours, but there is no harm to be a little more informative. Tell them how you like work to be done so that there are no problems in the future. Introduce them to the coworkers he would be working with and then finally ask if he has any doubts regarding the work profile.

Analyze their commitments

Even if you are not hiring a freelancer for a long period, you will still want to know the level of commitment your new freelancer has. You may expand the tenure or make him a permanent employee or need his services again in the future.

When assessing a freelancer, keep in mind a freelancer who has long-term goals will show a level of maturity. Make sure that the freelancer is loyal enough. If he is willing to commit to a long term project, you can ensure that they are a true professional who knows exactly the importance they carry in your business.

An interested candidate will have queries

Make the freelancer feel free to ask you any questions that they might have about the project or the company. Some of them however may hesitate to ask. He/She may like to follow the directions blindly without asking any questions.

Open up to them and encourage them to ask and share any suggestions they might have about the position and work. Since the job is linked to their field of expertise, they may surprise you about how they will contribute to your company. They could even have innovative and creative ideas that you may not be aware of.

Final words

After taking note of all the above tips, give them a clear idea of when you plan to make the final decision of hiring them. Freelancers, especially the best ones will not wait for your answer for long. If your job is part-time, they will possibly have other offers and interviews lined up.

Once you consider these tips you will know how capable and fit are the freelancers and decide accordingly. Do not forget to pay attention to how your prospective freelancers respond. Their response will give you valuable clues about who they are and how they work. Keep your requirements as well as the needs of your company in mind during the whole hiring process. Well, this was all about how to assess freelancers. If you are interviewing quite a lot of freelancers at the same time, make a list to note how each of them matches your expectations can make the job much easier.


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