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Wed Nov 15 2023

5 min read

5 Brilliant Strategies For Speed Reading

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The norm of the world right now is pretty clear, speed. Everyone is keen on doing everything at the fastest speed that is possible. This is why things have started to be more timed and the rush to be faster immense. Amongst this, it is a huge setback if you are not able to be more productive in the shortest period.

According to a report, many people spend the majority of their time reading and re-reading documents that they have to further reproduce or work with. Now if you are re-reading your favorite book, there’s no harm in that. But when it comes to working, the trick becomes to be more productive in the smallest time. And speed reading is the biggest factor in that. So, here is the ultimate guide to help you read faster and make you more productive.

5 Brilliant Strategy for Speed Reading

Following are the best 5 strategies for speed reading:

The double read strategy

One of the best strategies that are sworn by many is the double-read strategy. According to this, if you want to read faster, you should read the document twice. Now, the preface might make it sound like it’s something more tedious or even more time-consuming. Ultimately, this would end up defeating the very purpose of speed reading. However, if you pay close attention to the details of the strategy, you can look exactly at what we are aiming at. 

During the first read, you are going to just skim by the pages, understand the basic purpose of the document or what it is largely talking about. From here, you’ll get an idea of what kind of a document are you dealing with. Also, it gives you more insight as to what you are trying to do with it. Through this, you’ll be very clear on the part that you will lay your focus on while your second read. 

During the time of the second read in your speed reading, focus largely on the part that you want to work with. Now that you have the information about the topic that you are dealing with, you can easily identify your area of concern and simultaneously work on that. This is one of the handiest tips to read faster because it works tremendously when you have loads of documents to go through in a limited time.

Point where you read 

Another very effective strategy to read faster is by pointing where you read. According to specialists, you will read faster if you know what you are reading. When you read without pointing at the line you’re reading currently, you have two objectives. One, remember the position that you’re at and eye the position continuously. And two, to read the document. In this way, your energy is bifurcated into two halves which reduces your productivity significantly. 

But if you just point where you’re reading, it will focus you entirely on that specific word or line and by doing that, you’ll be able to read faster. Another important point for speed reading is that you can also use the aid of a pen or a pointer for that matter to point to where you’re reading. This will make everything simpler for you because your brain will directly read the word you’re pointing to.

The ultimate method is practicing 

The most important thing for speed reading is regular practice. You cant expect to read faster the moment you pick up something. You have to give it your time. So, you have to put significant effort into this if you are looking for results. This is one of the ultimate tips to read faster. This is because, without practice, you cant utilize the other tips to their best, and you’ll probably end up with the same productivity thinking that nothing works for you. 

So, even if you don’t have a lot of time for this, you can do a little bit of practice regularly. This includes reading even a few pages daily. Due to this, you’ll be able to get a hold of the entire technique and make it work for you in the best possible way. Reading might be one of the things you’re not interested in, but when you get the results, they would be worth the effort that you put in.

Understand your aim first 

The very basis of applying these tips to read faster is to understand your aim. You should know what the document means to you and what you are expected to do out of it. Once you lay down these objectives, it becomes easier for you to read through them faster.

The understanding of the aim will set a preface for the document in your mind. When your brain knows what it is dealing with, it will be able to skim through information faster and therefore provide better results in a short period. Therefore, for speed reading, first talk about how the document is beneficial or is there a part of the document that you are looking at direly as compared to the rest. Time spent here is time saved later.

Be focused to read faster

This goes without saying. If you are constantly disturbed throughout the reading, you will not be able to provide better results and will lack the information that the document passes to you. So, for speed reading, stay focused. 

Put your phone aside and sit in a place that is least prone to disturbance. In this manner, you would be able to give your best to the read and therefore be able to read faster. With disturbances, you will be constantly distracted and will lose a track of what you were trying to interpret. But if your mind is set, you can interpret the writing faster than you can think. 

So, using these tips to read faster, your productivity is bound to improve and you will also feel better about yourself. This is because everyone wants to match the pace of this high-speed world and the only way you can do this is by speeding up because nothing is ever slowing down for you. So, this is about the time to introduce speed reading to your lifestyle.