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Thu Feb 01 2024

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Latest Insights: Web-Based Applicant Tracking Software 2024

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Web based applicant tracking software

A web based applicant tracking software is a software program that aids in the hiring process. ATS helps increase productivity and efficiency, saves time, and encourages collaborative hiring. It helps in the entire hiring process, from the job description and advertisement to the acceptance offer. If you are looking for a web based applicant tracking system, look no further than Pitch N Hire.

The innovation of a web-based ATS system provides great relief for hiring managers. Now, they don't have to worry about whether they scheduled the interview with that candidate or whether the candidate received the confirmation email. A web based applicant tracking software provides a one-stop solution to all the hassles of a recruiting process.

In this article, you will learn everything about the ATS. However, we will first discuss what web based applicant tracking software is. Then, we move on to how it functions and how you, as a recruiting manager, can use the ATS system. You will also get additional tips on choosing the best applicant tracking system for your company's upcoming hiring process. So, let's get started.

What is Web based Applicant Tracking Software?

The hiring process is crucial for the company. Finding the right candidate is necessary for the growth of the company. But the hiring process, which involves not tens but hundreds of applications, becomes chaotic. An organization might need to invest in a web based applicant tracking system to streamline the process and keep everything on track.

Web based applicant tracking system is a software program that aids in the hiring process. It accomplishes this by gathering and organizing thousands of resumes. The ATS System helps through the end-to-end hiring process, from the first draft of the job description to final acceptance. The key functions of the web-based ATS system are:

  • It stores resumes, cover letters, references, and other data related to job candidates.
  • Next, it keeps track of the entire application status throughout the recruiting process.
  • It helps in filtering out the resumes based on keywords.
  • Finally, it helps reduce the time spent on time-consuming tasks like sending out notifications, scheduling interviews, and personally screening candidates through automation.

Thus, a candidate's CV can be stored, scored, screened, and sorted according to job details using ATS. Certain ATS, like that of Pitch n Hire, additionally include the features of candidate relationship management, enabling the recruiting team to connect and interact with candidates.

But how does an ATS work? Let us understand the step-by-step process of the working of a web based applicant tracking software.

Why use a Web based Applicant Tracking Software work?

ATS recruitment system is a blessing in disguise. It will solve all your recruitment problems. Let us look at how a web based applicant tracking software can assist the HR department:

Saves Time

To start with the cliche, "Time is money." But time IS indeed money, especially in the company's hiring process. The reason is that the longer the hiring process, the more money the company loses through that open position. A web-based applicant tracking system helps reduce the time consumed in the recruitment process. This means you can get the right talent in the quickest time.

Increases Efficiency

Using an ATS makes it simple to monitor and handle new applications, organize data, and make it available for assessment by all members of your team. Finding candidates in your talent pool is easy and fast based on location, education, or skills.

The ATS work also makes the hiring process more organized and helps recruiters find the best candidates quickly, making hiring decisions easier and faster.

Increases Productivity

ATS offers many tools and functionalities that enhance recruiters' efficiency, such as publishing jobs across different job sites and integrating email templates to improve candidate interactions. It also provides better and faster resume parsing. Most importantly, it automates the process, which removes the possibility of human error.

Improves Quality of Hire

ATS scans the bulk of candidates' information, ensuring no crucial details are overlooked. It also provides integration with pre-assessment tools, which gives contextual clarity on your top applicants. In doing so, bringing home the right talent becomes easier and faster.

Increases Candidate Engagement

Getting a candidate through the process from initial contact to the start date can be a high-touch process. It might be too easy to lose a top prospect because of inadequate involvement during interview schedules or slow response time. Here, a web based applicant tracking software ensures that touchpoints are not overlooked by increasing visibility across the applicant lifecycle.

Promotes collaborative Hiring

A web based applicant tracking software helps teams to work together better by providing a centralized dashboard to share feedback. You can organize team members, set up automated emails, and chat in real time. With cool features, recruiters can easily share thoughts and feedback, making hiring and communication faster.

These are just some of the benefits. Overall, ATS tools helps provide a better candidate experience and boosts your employer brand, in turn helping you attract the best talent. But wait, how will you use an ATS system as a hiring manager? Let us guide you through it.

How do hiring managers use a web based ATS System to find candidates?

The ATS system aids in every stage of the hiring process. The hiring manager uses the ATS system from the initial posting of the job offer till the final email of the acceptance of the candidate. The ATS system majorly helps filter out candidates based on keywords and knockout questions. Further, this is how web-based applicant tracking software streamlines the recruitment process for hiring managers:

Job Posting

To find the best-fit candidate, you must write a detailed and compelling job description. An ATS can help you tailor a job description based on your requirements. Pitch N Hire also helps you post jobs across multiple job boards.

Candidate Management

Resumes are submitted and collected through a web based applicant tracking system. The ATS parses, sorts, and ranks resumes as they are sent by applicants according to how well they match the profile.

Candidate Screening and Filtering

Using the ATS, recruiters can establish criteria that will automatically screen and filter applications, reducing the number of applicants to only those who satisfy the minimum requirements.

Interview Scheduling

Certain web based ATS systems also have interview scheduling tools to arrange interviews with qualified candidates directly within the platform.

Collaboration and Tracking

This is an important aspect of ATS. Throughout the hiring process, a web-based applicant tracking system keeps tabs on each candidate's progress. This contains details on the candidate's application status as well as the date of their interview and application.

Reporting and Analytics

This unique tool of the web-based applicant tracking system helps recruiters analyze the effectiveness of the hiring process. It helps track key metrics and optimize their hiring processes.

We now know how the web-based applicant software contributes to this process. Let us learn what are the key features of ATS. This will also help determine the most suitable web-based applicant tracking software for your company.

How to Choose the Best Web based Applicant Tracking Software?

To choose the best web-based applicant tracking software, you must ensure it has all the required key features. Primarily understand your hiring process's requirements, the possible applications' magnitude, role type, and the organization's size.

Effective Candidate Experience

The ATS must have an easy-to-use interface for a good candidate experience.

Centralization of Data

Efficient data management through centralization simplifies access and enhances organizational control.

Integration and Compatibility

The best web-based applicant tracking software ensures seamless integration with other existing HR applicant tracking tools and scalability to accommodate growth.

Employer Branding

The first impression matters, and the hiring process is the candidate's first impression of the company. During the hiring process, job descriptions, application forms, job pages, and communication all help candidates develop strong opinions about employers. An excellent applicant tracking system provides the means to personalize these and create a unified brand during recruitment.

Data Security

This is a crucial aspect of an ATS. You have a store of your company's information and a magnitude of candidate information. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the abundance of functionality available and forget that functionality loses its integrity if your ATS isn't safe, dependable, and completely secure.

Verify that your hiring process and data are in reliable and safe hands by checking on things like data encryption, protection, and retention, as well as disaster recovery, uptime, access, and compliance.

Talent CRM

Sure, you want to hire, but sometimes the right person is available at the wrong time. Seek features in applicant tracking systems that enable you to create notes, tag, search, and filter candidates in your database, as well as schedule follow-ups or reminders for future correspondence. This feature is known as the Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Solution.

These are key features that must be present in your suitable web-based ATS system.

Explore the advantages of our CRM recruiting software to streamline candidate management, enhance communication, and elevate your recruitment process.

Why Pitch N Hire?

Pitch N Hire is the best applicant tracking system. It is a web-based applicant tracking software encompassing all the essential features. It is a one-stop solution to all your recruitment problems. It provides the best candidate experience and uniform employer branding. Our web-based ATS system also helps you store the candidates' data through talent CRM.

With Pitch N Hire, your information and data are in safe and secured hands with complete data 2-step data encryption. Further, we provide additional features like calendar scheduling, bulk emailing, workflow automation, etc. To learn more about the web-based applicant tracking software, visit our site. If you have any other doubts or need further information, please contact us. We will be glad to connect with you.

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