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Mon Mar 11 2024

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Best Staffing Agency in Wilmington with ATS Solutions

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Staffing Agency in Wilmington

Discover the cost-effectiveness of a staffing agency in Wilmington versus in-house recruitment. While outsourcing offers benefits, hidden costs can arise. Pitch N Hire's ATS provides a transparent and efficient alternative to maximizing savings. Businesses can simplify their hiring process, minimize expenses, and maintain control. Consider the pros and cons carefully before choosing outsourcing.

In Wilmington, businesses are always looking for good workers. A staffing agency in Wilmington helps find the right candidate for the job, but are they the best choice for businesses? Let's find out.

This article discusses different ways staffing agencies charge money, like whether they get paid a percentage of the worker's salary or a fixed fee. Then, it will compare hiring through a staffing agency with hiring teams directly.

It will also look at an exciting tool called an applicant tracking system, which helps businesses like yours hire candidates faster and easier.

Come along as we explore how businesses in Wilmington can find the best workers without breaking the bank.

How much does A Staffing Agency in Wilmington Charge?

A staffing agency is like a middleman between companies and candidates looking for jobs. They help businesses find the right workers for their openings. When they successfully match someone to a job, they charge a fee.

This fee is usually between 20% and 30% of the person's salary in their first year. For example, if someone is hired for a job that pays $100,000 per year, the staffing agency in Wilmington might charge the company around $20,000 to $30,000 for their services.

However, the fee structure is not always based on the percentage of the first salary. Other types of fee structures are also followed by a staffing agency in Wilmington.

1. Contingency Fee Structure

This type of fee structure has already been discussed and is based on the hired employee's first year's salary. It is the most common type of recruitment fee.

In a contingent fee structure, you only pay them if they have found the right employee for you. This setup works well for companies with job openings and who want to avoid paying upfront fees. It's like a "no win, no fee" arrangement.


The benefit of this structure is that you don't have to pay any money upfront. Further, this setup motivates a staffing agency in Wilmington to find good candidates quickly.


This method is fast, but it may limit hires to those already familiar with the company since recruiters must act quickly. As a result, there's a risk of hiring candidates who might not exactly match the job description.

2. Flat Fee Structure

In this structure, flat fees involve a fixed amount for each successful placement, regardless of the candidate's salary or the complexity of the position. Although less prevalent than percentage-based fees, flat fees find their niche within the industry, particularly for recruiters seeking to diversify their fee structures or appeal to clients with specific preferences.

This is good for hiring many entry-level jobs or when a company has lots of turnover. It makes things easier and saves money on fees, especially if they're hiring for lots of jobs.


This fee structure is the best option for companies with frequent or high-volume recruiting, saving them money in the long run. Further, it offers transparent and predictable expenses throughout the recruitment journey.


Lower fees may deter top-level candidates from applying, potentially impacting the quality of hires. Organizations may feel restricted by exclusivity agreements, limiting their options for sourcing candidate.

3. Hourly Fee Structure

In an hourly rate fee setup, a staffing agency in Wilmington charges a fixed rate per hour. The more time they spend finding the right candidate, the more you pay.

This approach suits top-level jobs needing thorough searching. It's good for companies needing ongoing recruiting help without big upfront costs.


With hourly rate fees, you see exactly what you're paying for based on time spent. Your costs stay steady regardless of the candidate's salary, giving you better control over your budget.


Costs can rise if hiring takes longer than planned. There's a risk of conflicts if the agency benefits from dragging out the process for more money.

4. Retainer Fee Structure

In a retainer fee setup, your company pays an agreed amount to keep the recruitment agency's services for a certain time. Some of the money is paid upfront, while the rest is paid as the staffing agency in Wilmington makes progress in finding someone for the job.

The total percentage paid is like a contingency fee because it's a slice of the employee's first-year salary. But it's usually higher because retainer fees are often used for tough-to-fill or high-level jobs.


This fee structure ensures agency commitment, offering personalized candidate searches and reducing competitor risk. Plus, upfront payment secures thorough, exclusive recruitment for high-level positions.


Paying upfront costs, whether or not the job gets filled, can be tough on budgets. It takes longer to hire because the search is thorough. High fees might be hard for cash-strapped companies.

In conclusion, knowing the fees charged by a Wilmington staffing agency will help you make informed decisions about hiring. Understanding these costs ensures effective budget management and successful recruitment strategy outcomes.

Is Outsourcing Staffing Services in Wilmington Cost-effective?

Outsourcing hiring to a staffing company in Wilmington is not free, but it's way cheaper than in-house hiring and training.

By outsourcing, companies can focus on what they're best at and keep quality high in other areas. It also gives access to specialized skills, making them competitive. Plus, it trims overhead costs and lets companies grow without extra expenses. These smart money-saving moves help businesses make more profit and stay ahead of the game.

However, the costs can vary depending on various factors, and sometimes, these hidden costs can make the recruitment process more expensive. The factors that can influence the cost of staffing agency in Wilmington are:

1. Project Complexity and Scope

For example, when comparing it to baking, if you need a fancier cake, the more elaborate the cake, the more time, skilled bakers, and unique ingredients it requires. Similarly, complex projects, such as hiring for niche sectors or individuals with particular skills, take a lot of time and work, and thus, the human resources staffing agency can charge more.

2. Hourly Rates or Fixed Costs

Regarding outsourcing, payment methods vary between hourly rates and fixed costs. Rates fluctuate depending on the location of the workers; for instance, workers in North America may charge more than those in Asia.

3. Experience and Expertise

Experience and expertise also impact costs. An experienced staffing agency will always charge more than a startup. They have a more extensive candidate database and connections; thus, they can help you fill positions faster than a new agency.

4. Additional Services

Additional services, such as payroll processing or HR administration, can also increase the charges levied by the staffing agency.

Thus, opting for a HR outsourcing staffing agency in Wilmington opens doors to saving costs and concentrating on what you do best. Just remember to think through the different factors that impact your expenses. Understanding these helps you make smart choices that match your budget and goals.

In-house Recruitment Vs Staffing Company in Wilmington

Until now, we have already seen the different structures of charges a staffing agency in Wilmington uses and the hidden costs that it can possibly have.

On the other hand, costs in in-house recruitment include the expenses related to handling hiring within your company. This includes paying salaries to your in-house recruitment team, covering the time and wages of hiring managers involved in the process, and any expenses for training and developing your HR team.

Further, it also includes all the money you spend to bring in a new employee. This is known as "cost per recruitment". This includes paying for job ads on websites, using tools to assess candidates, and paying any fees for recruiting within your company.

So, you must be wondering then which is better. Which one will help your hiring needs?

Here is a comparison between the two to make it easy for you to make an informed decision.

AspectStaffing Agency in WilmingtonIn-House Recruitment
  • Manages recruitment process for multiple positions simultaneously.
  • Handles sourcing, screening candidates, and candidate placement
  • Focuses solely on the company’s hiring needs and culture
  • Directly involved in all aspects of the hiring process.
  • Expertise in diverse industries and job roles.
  • Ability to adapt to different client requirements.
  • Deep understanding of company operations and culture.
  • Alignment with company goals and values.
Cost Structure
  • Variable costs based on successful placements.
  • Commission-based fees.
  • Fixed costs associated with internal team salaries.
  • Salary expenses for the in-house recruitment team.
  • Represents multiple clients and may lack company-specific branding.
  • Focuses on matching candidates to roles across industries.
  • Builds and reinforces the company’s employer brand.
  • Enhances company reputation and brand through hiring.
Control & oversight
  • Less control over the recruitment process and outcomes
  • Relies on the agency’s expertise and resources.
  • Full control over the hiring workflow and candidate selection.
  • Able to customize recruitment strategies to company needs.

Ultimately, the decision between staffing agency recruitment and in-house recruitment depends on your business's hiring needs, budget, control preferences, and branding objectives.

Save money with Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is the best applicant tracking system you can ask for. It helps you hire quickly and in a cost-efficient manner. It offers a range of cost-saving features, including:

  • Automated Recruitment Process- It reduces the need for manual labor, saving time and resources.
  • Transparent Pricing Model- The platform's transparent pricing model ensures no surprise fees, eliminating unexpected costs.
  • Custom Branding and Career Pages- With features like custom branding and branded career pages, businesses can attract top talent without investing in expensive marketing campaigns.
  • Real-time Candidate Assessment- The ability to assess candidates in real-time and simplify the interview process minimizes the need for multiple rounds of interviews, saving both time and money.
  • Multi-Admin Collaboration- Pitch N Hire's multi-admin feature enables teams to collaborate efficiently, eliminating the need for additional administrative staff.

Overall, by providing a comprehensive suite of recruitment solutions at affordable prices, Pitch N hire ATS helps businesses maximize efficiency and minimize costs in their hiring process. What are you waiting for? Before going for a staffing agency in Wilmington, try the best ATS system of Pitch N Hire. It even has free trial packages as well.


In conclusion, while outsourcing your hiring to a staffing agency in Wilmington can offer cost-saving benefits, it's essential to be aware of potential hidden costs that may arise. These hidden costs can sometimes outweigh the advantages and make outsourcing more expensive than recruiting in-house.

Factors such as additional fees, lack of transparency, and reliance on external providers can contribute to these hidden costs; therefore, businesses must weigh the pros and cons carefully before choosing to outsource.

Investing in an ATS system like Pitch N Hire is a more efficient and transparent alternative. With an ATS, businesses can simplify their recruitment process, minimize hidden costs, and maintain greater control over the hiring process. Ultimately, by choosing the right tools and technologies, businesses can achieve their recruitment goals while keeping costs in check.

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