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Tue Jan 02 2024

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Top Permanent IT Staffing Agency for Recruitment

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Companies can choose between a permanent IT staffing agency and contract employees according to their requirements. Therefore, with many options comes the dilemma of making the right choice. However, it is always suggested to decide on an employment option by looking at its advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, you can see the various details and a list of pros and cons of permanent and contract staffing. Let’s get started to learn which one to choose between a permanent IT staffing agency and contract employees.

The business world keeps on changing and bringing in new trends. Therefore, companies must adapt to the new currents if they wish to survive for long. With the option of permanent IT staffing agency or contract staff, companies face the struggle of deciding which one to adopt. Before, there was only one option to employ staff in your business. However, now there are two different employment tenure options: permanent and contract.

Companies can find candidates according to their needs and budget with these two choices. However, many have no clue which one to select between permanent and contract staff. Therefore, in the below sections, we will help you read the distinction between the two and the pros and cons of each staffing method.

Permanent Staffing

As the name suggests, the employees hired with the means of a permanent IT staffing agency work full-time for the company. Companies offer permanent staff a package at the start that includes salaries, benefits, and job security. The permanent staff are an integral part of the company’s culture. Moreover, they get involved in the initiatives taken by the firm, which includes the training and development process.

A permanent IT staffing agency is better for companies looking for long-term stability in the hiring process. With the help of this staffing kind, there is an imbibement of a strong company culture in the employees. Moreover, they make a cohesive workforce. With permanent staffing, the employees soon become a family. Their purpose for working in the company extends beyond the salary. Permanent employees are a long-term investment in the company. Additionally, there is no need to put in money again while searching for new people when you already have highly talented workers in the company.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is also called temporary or contingent staffing. Companies hire this staff for short-term tenure, mostly on project-based or seasonal requirements. Companies can employ contract employees through the means of staffing companies, or they can post ads directly for it. Moreover, contract staffing is the best rescue when there is an urgent need to fill an employment position. Firms do not have to hastily onboard an employee for full-term work.

The employees usually work for a specific period of time that varies between a few weeks to months until the completion of the project. Industries use more contact employees where the workloads change frequently. Temporary staff is also used when employers are looking for a particular set of skills for a specific task.

Difference between Permanent and Contract Staffing

The main difference between hiring employees from a permanent IT staffing agency vs the contract is the duration of employment. Additionally, the other key difference is the level of integration with the company culture and the employee's relationship.

The permanent staff will be more dedicated to helping the company grow and drive, and they will keep the future in mind. At the same time, the contact employees will think about the present as they only have to deal with the work at hand for a fixed tenure.

Companies should decide between taking help from a permanent IT staffing agency or a contract after understanding their needs and circumstances.

Pros and Cons of Permanent Staffing

It is always better to see the two sides of the coin to decide whether or not to go ahead with the decision. After seeing the critical difference, it is the right time to make the decision much easier for you. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of employees from the permanent IT staffing agency.


  • If you are looking for a robust foundation for the company's growth, then hiring with permanent staffing companies is a great option. The permanent employees give long-term stability to the company, which helps the managers relax.
  • As the permanent staff has a great sense of job security, they are likely to show more dedication and loyalty towards the company. The employees will work hard to achieve the goals as they are fully invested in the day-to-day operations.
  • With permanent employees, there is the advantage of having a cohesive workforce. Hiring from a permanent IT staffing agency gives the benefit of having a staff immersed in the company norms, practices and cultures. As there is unison amongst the employees, it increases the productivity and innovation level in the company.
  • Companies have the golden opportunity to mold their employees into highly talented performers. Additionally, by training the employees and giving them the opportunity for career development, the companies can help the staff to become excellent in their work, which will simultaneously aid in achieving new goals.
  • Moreover, there is no need for hiring managers to waste their precious time with interviews of various candidates, as permanent staffing is a one-time process.


  • Hiring with a permanent IT staffing agency means that your company has to invest a high cost to get the staff onboard. Additionally, there is no flexibility, and the entire process gets quite complicated when terminating the employees.
  • It can also get challenging to adapt to new needs and requirements of the company. Therefore, the disadvantage of permanent staffing is that it is difficult to change the workforce according to the shifts in demand.
  • The feeling of job security can put the employees at ease, negatively impacting their productivity. Working in the same position or job for a long time can make the permanent IT staffing agency staff quite monotonous.

Pros and Cons of Contract Staffing

After looking in detail at the advantages and disadvantages of a permanent IT staffing agency, now is the time to see the same for contract staff. Let us start with the pros, as contract employees benefit from flexibility and adaptability to the requirements.


  • The companies can instantly adjust the workforce size according to the fluctuations and business needs. Therefore, the biggest advantage of contract employees is that the firms can hire employees during the seasonal boom when needed.
  • The efficiency and effectiveness of the company increase as the workforce is easily shifted up or down as per the requirement. This flexibility also helps small businesses that cannot afford to hire permanent employees.
  • Additionally, the firm can save a lot of money as the contract staff do not require the extra benefits provided to the permanent IT staffing agency. The company only has to pay the employees for the work that they have completed, which is a great way to save capital.
  • There is less capital investment requirement with hiring and getting the staff onboard. The employees do not require any training or onboarding process as they are already skilled in their particular field of work.
  • With contract staffing, the company gets top talents who are highly skilled and experts in the field of business. Additionally, there is an advantage of not booking the employees for a longer time. Therefore, the company can experiment with various employees.


  • The potential drawback of contract staffing is that there is no loyalty among the employees. The staff do not have job security, which makes them only see the work as a job and nothing beyond that.
  • There is relatively less employment engagement with temporary employees, which harms the development of a more substantial relationship required to make the company flourish.
  • Contract candidates are only hired to fulfill short-term goals and requirements, which means the employees are not involved in future strategic planning.

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Hiring employees is an integral part of making a team that will work towards attaining the goals. However, with the option of a permanent IT staffing agency or contract employees, the company can decide what fits their requirements the best. Moreover, companies can make a better decision after looking at the needs of the companies to make the best out of the two options. The permanent and contract staff have their own pros and cons. We hope the blog helps you decide which employment situation works better for your company.

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