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Sat Mar 02 2024

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How to Find a Remote Job and Get Hired Easily in 2023

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Looking for a remote job where you can work from home? Remote jobs have never been popular, which does not mean that searching for remote jobs is easier. It would help if you always remembered to research and find an employer before applying for a remote job. Here it is! To find a remote job you can find it easily.

In this article, we will learn about the best job boards for remote work and how to find remote work without experience.

Where Should You Find Remote Jobs and Best Job Websites?

To find entry level remote jobs, you should go through the job board websites. Most job sites don't have a job filter for remote jobs; moreover, it shows freelancing jobs. However, most things have changed day by day. But some job board websites have features for remote-type jobs. Research it and carefully review the job description before applying for remote jobs.

We have found the best job websites to help you in your career and growth. There are five of the best job websites:

1. PitchNhire

Pitchnhire is the best place to find a remote job, part-time, and full-time jobs. It has about 1600 remote job openings, which is increasing daily.

Meanwhile, job searching is fast, efficient, and reliable for remote job seekers' needs. In this job application, you can filter company, salary, and job range.

This job application has a premium subscription that can help the candidate reach the job's specific needs, and the job posting is free. And some applicants are landed into job positions in well-known companies. The good thing about the pitch hire is they post the jobs daily, there are job seekers that quickly apply for them and best place to find remote jobs.

Finding a remote job is easily accessible on their websites. There are fresher types and more experienced types of jobs available. You connect Perthshire with various social media platforms.

2. Flexjobs

This job portal also provides a way to find a remote job, full-time and part-time. The company can post jobs, and their subscription is monthly. It provides a large selection of remote jobs across various categories.

3. RemoteOk

RemoteOk, which is also a remote job provider which was established in 2015. Meanwhile, it is the best place to find job opportunities, and you can hire from anywhere.

4. JustRemote

Hundreds of job openings were listed in the past month. It is built for searching remote job postings for various jobs: customer care, seo, content writing, Hr, content management, social media, and many more.

5. Remotive

Remotive is a remote job website newsletter that was founded in 2014. Remotive has thousands of openings for remote jobs. It displays the location and shows various remote job opportunities.

What are the Examples of Demand for Remote Jobs?

There are entry-level remote jobs and a variety of jobs the employer is looking for. There are some examples of in-demand remote jobs across various industries. Here are:

  • Technology-related job: To find a remote job requiring technical coding, cybersecurity, and software development skills. Some remote jobs include IT support specialist, web developer, or data analyst.
    If you're interested in learning more about the role of a Cyber Security Specialist, check out our comprehensive guide on the Cyber Security Specialist job description.
  • Creative job: This job requires writing, designing, and marketing skills. Remote jobs are copywriter, graphic designer, and video editor.
  • Administrative and customer service jobs: require communication skills and can handle difficult tasks. It may include a customer service representative, virtual assistant, and technical support.
  • Education and training jobs: This job includes teaching and developing training. It may include online tutors and e-learning specialists.
  • Healthcare jobs: This job provides support and care to the patient. This job includes being a physician or mental health therapist.

These in-demand remote jobs the companies are supporting. However, there are different types of remote jobs and their positive sides. Hybrid companies are organizations that have traditional and sole proprietorships. These companies have a flexible structure that allows management style and ownership.

A remote-friendly company is an organization that allows employees to work from locations outside of an office environment. Remote work has been increasing in recent years, and many companies have embraced the concept of a remote-friendly workplace as a way to attract and retain talented employees, apart from the benefits of working remotely.

In a remote-friendly company, employees can work from home, in co-working spaces, or anywhere else they choose as long as they have access to the necessary technology and tools. Fully remote companies, which means companies that don't have any physical office and fully remote employees.

What are the Steps to Prepare for Remote Job Applications?

Preparing for the remote job application requires different preparation for in-person interviews. Some points can be helpful:

  • Update your resume: Individuals should highlight their skills, experiences, and experience in remote jobs. Advance yourself to work independently, communicate and collaborate with team members.
  • Cover letter: In the cover letter, you should explain why you are looking for remote jobs and how much experience you have in remote jobs. And also highlight them with software tools such as video conferences and project management tools.
  • Research the company: Know about the company culture, values, remote rules, and regulations. Just check the review of the ex-employee and current employees who have worked remotely in the organization.
  • Practice remote interviewing skills: Whenever you find a remote job, the interview is conducted by video conferencing tools that are zoom, teams, and skype. You should practice the online interview daily, like answering the video question and looking at your body and language skills.
  • Highlight your remote work setup: In the interview, you should showcase the internet speed and office setup.
  • Be flexible and adaptable: Remote workers that require flexibility and adaptability. Be prepared to work independently, manage time and distractions and maintain a work-life balance.

These above points help individuals to find a remote job, build a good resume, and increase their chances of landing a great remote job. With the rise in remote work, standing out as a remote job applicant is becoming easier.

How to Stay Productive While Working at Home?

Working from home is useful, maintaining work-life balance and avoiding the daily commute. Meanwhile, it can also be challenging to stay productive. There are some points to help you stay on track:

  • Set up a designated workspace: Designate a specific area in your home as your workspace. It will help you mentally separate work from your personal life and create a productive environment.
  • Stick to a routine: Create a daily routine and try to apply it. It helps to motivate you to start your remote job by starting the day on time and ending on time.
  • Minimize distractions: Avoid distractions from home and take some tips to minimize them. It can include mobile phones, turning off email, focusing on work, and communicating with family members and friends after working hours.
  • Take breaks: In remote work, you should take a break and maintain productivity. Take a break, like grab a coffee, snack, or fruit.
  • Use productivity tools: There are tools in remote jobs to find that you are working at home and time tracking systems.
  • Set clear boundaries: It can be tempting to work outside your regular hours while working from home, but it's important to set clear boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

These are the steps above to be productive and it also helps you to answer the question ‘how to find a remote job with no experience’.


To find a remote job where individuals can use company websites, networks, and job portals. To stand out as a remote job candidate, create a strong online presence, demonstrate remote work experience, and highlight relevant skills and qualifications. Make your headline whenever you can make a first impression and be noticed by the recruiter, so you can make it count. You may also establish a fantastic pool of potential employees with our assistance at Pitch N Hire.

FAQ (Frequently Answered Question)

1. What are some popular websites to find remote job opportunities?

The popular websites for a remote job are Pitchnhire, Flexjob, RemoteOk, JustRemote and Remotive.

2. What industries offer the most remote job opportunities?

Several industries have remote jobs hiring immediately and having opportunities. Some are technology, healthcare, customer care representative, and finance.

3. How to prepare for a remote job interview?

To prepare for a remote job interview, that is:

  • Test Your Technology
  • Research the Company
  • Practice Your Responses
  • Dress Professionally
  • Choose a Quiet and Professional Environment

4. How to get a Pitchnhire job?

To find remote work from home jobs, the recruitment purpose is Pitchnhire. To get a job in Pitchnhire, the steps you need to need to know are :

  • Firstly, go to the pitchnhire website, and here's the link to the website.
  • Then go to the jobs and search the city and what kind of jobs you need for part-time, full time and remote jobs.

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