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Sat Apr 06 2024

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Best Staffing Agency in Memphis with ATS Solutions

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Staffing Agency in Memphis

The search for suitable employees can take a lot of time and interfere with regular business operations for small enterprises. A staffing agency in Memphis can step in at this point and provide a way to make the talent search process more efficient. If you are eager to know more about the topic, then just continue reading.

Do you want to hire more people for your business but fear the hiring process? You are not by yourself.

For small businesses, looking for good employees can take time and get in the way of normal business activities. A staffing company in Memphis steps in at this point to help make the process of looking for people go more quickly. They can help you find the right talent to authenticate your workforce while you work on growing your business.

Let's look at how working with staffing services in Memphis could make the hiring process go more quickly.

How Does A Staffing Agency In Memphis Work?

ManpowerGroup's data shows that 69% of companies worldwide have trouble finding the right employees. This suggests it may be hard for small businesses to find the right people to hire in Memphis. That's when many businesses turn to a staffing company in Memphis for help.

If you have never outsourced your staffing services to an external agency and are doubtful, let us look into how it works.

1. Talking to the Agency

As a business owner in Memphis, you contact a hiring agency that works with your type of business. In your first email, you include essential details, such as the exact job roles, the number of openings that need to be filled, the expected hiring timeline, and the tentative budget.

2. Creating Job Descriptions

Based on the information you give them, the staffing agency in Memphis makes detailed job descriptions that fit the needs of your company. Then, these job descriptions are shared in several different ways to get potential people interested. The agency may also actively seek out suitable applicants through networking or by looking through the people they already have on hand.

3. Screening Candidates

As applications come in, the staffing company carefully reviews each one, checking out the candidate's background, schooling, and experience. As part of this screening process, interviews are often done to see if the candidates are a good fit for the job and will fit well with your company's culture.

4. Presenting top applicants

After a thorough candidate screening process, the staffing agency in Memphis gives you a list of the best applicants who closely match your job requirements and your company's goals.

These shortlisted candidates can have a final vetting from the company's internal recruitment team.

5. Final Choice

The staffing company in Memphis has given you, the employer, the chance to talk to the shortlisted candidates. In this last round, you can personally judge each candidate and choose the best hire. Let the agency do the heavy lifting, as it helps save your efforts, time, and capital.

6. Managing paperwork

Once a hire has been made, the staffing company takes care of all the paperwork needed to bring new employees on board. This includes writing contracts, keeping track of tax paperwork, and other administrative tasks related to handling payroll.

Using the help of a Memphis staffing service can make the hiring process easier. It also gives you access to a pool of qualified applicants and lets you focus on growing and succeeding in your business.

What is The Benefit of Working with a Staffing Agency in Memphis?

Are you interested in working with a Memphis staffing company? Here are a few strong reasons why it might be good for your business:

  • Quick Access to Talent: Staffing agencies already have strong candidate databases and industry connections that let them quickly match your needs with qualified applicants.
  • Less risk when hiring: Staffing companies keep up with the latest rules and laws to protect your business from risks like bad hires and problems with following the rules. They also conduct thorough background verification and replace any bad hires.
  • Controlling costs: A good hiring company can help you get the most out of your money and find financial blind spots because they are good at finding and managing costs.
  • Streamlined Processes: Staffing agencies ease the hiring workflow, from finding candidates to bringing them on board. This ensures the process works well and helps you get the best people on your team faster.
  • Effective Solutions: When you work with a good staffing company, they can help you fix problems with hiring and cultural fit. This can improve your job brand and help you get and keep top talent.
  • Scalability for Growth: A strategic hiring partner can help your organization find and hire employees as per your needs. Whether you need a permanent staff or a temporary hire, they can help you with anything.

Using the skills and tools of a staffing agency in Memphis can help you simplify the hiring process, lower your risks, and better meet your staffing needs. This will eventually help the business grow and be successful.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Staffing Agency In Memphis?

Human resources staffing agencies usually take anywhere from 25% to 100% of the pay of the person they hire. If the worker gets $10 an hour and you agree to a 50% commission, you will pay the agency $15 an hour for their work.

In addition to the markup, you may have to pay extra to fill the job or a contract buyout fee if you want to hire a casual worker full-time. So, it's important to consider these possible costs and the pros of staffing services in Memphis.

A staffing agency in Memphis can also charge retainer fees and any additional fees depending on the services being provided.

How Does An ATS Help The Staffing Services in Memphis in The Hiring?

The best ATS software is meant to help them with all parts of hiring and recruiting, making their overall work easier. It's like a one-stop shop where they can post job openings, sort resumes, and track potential employees in one place.

A staffing agency in Memphis can find the best person for a job opening more quickly and easily if they use the best application tracking system offered by Pitch N Hire. Here's why an ATS can help a staffing service provider:

1. Keeping a strong applicant pipeline

A staffing company in Memphis can use an applicant tracking system to keep a strong applicant pipeline. Organizing and tracking candidate data makes it easy for agencies to find suitable people when new jobs open up.

2. Faster Time to Fill Positions

Using an ATS to ease tasks like posting jobs, screening candidates, and setting up candidate interviews can help staffing agencies hire people faster. As a result, candidates are placed faster, which meets customers' wants on time.

3. Automation of Manual Tasks

An applicant tracking system takes care of many tasks that used to be done manually, like screening resumes, following up on leads, and updating candidate positions. Because of this automation, recruiters can spend more time on high-value jobs like interviewing an applicant and building client relationships.

4. Resume Parsing

An ATS like Pitch N Hire has advanced resume parsing features that make it easy for staffing agencies to pull out relevant information from resumes quickly. This makes sure that candidates are accurately matched to job needs and speeds up the screening process for candidates.

5. Cost-effectiveness

An ATS can help staffing agency in Memphis save time and money in the long run. Long-term, an ATS helps cut costs by making things more efficient, lowering mistakes, and cutting down on manual work.

By using Pitch N hire ATS, you can sort all your hiring processes effectively and efficiently.

To sum up

Are you considering hiring a staffing agency in Memphis? If cost is a concern, you might want to explore using a recruiting applicant tracking system like Pitch N Hire. Our budget-friendly and advanced ATS can simplify your hiring and recruitment process.

Pitch N Hire can work as an extension of your company’s internal HR team and provide the much-needed support.

Get in touch with us right now to learn how we can help you hire people in Memphis.

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