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Mon Dec 18 2023

5 min read

How to Interviewing an Applicant for Hiring Best Applicant

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interviewing an applicant

Employing a candidate is as good as investing in your company. Only some candidates who apply for the job are suitable for it. The candidate's resume may seem perfect but their attitude and outlook might not match the required working environment. Hence, interviews form an important part of any recruiting process of a company. Here, we will learn why you should always interview a candidate before letting them into the company.

Interviewing an applicant is a prerequisite for quality hire even if it is an online interview application. Hiring the most qualified candidate for the opening should be the primary goal when employing anyone in the company. One of the biggest errors by small-scale companies is assuming they do not need an interview session. No company should make this rookie mistake and should understand that an interview is important for firms of all sizes.

What Does it Mean by an Interview?

An interview is a process where a detailed question-answering session takes place between the candidate and the recruiter. A detailed questionnaire is designed in the interview for applicants. If the interviewer is satisfied with the answers of the candidate, the applicant will move forward in the process.

If more than one applicant is qualified in this round, another interview session with more technical and in-depth questions is conducted and this is how a candidate is selected. Knowing why an interview is important before hiring can help you support your company efficiently.

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Reasons Why You Should Interview a Candidate

Interviewing a candidate can be a difficult as well as time-consuming job. Many times you may not finalize a candidate through this process. Below are the reasons why this struggle is worth taking-

Evaluating Qualifications and Experience

Pre-screening candidates provide a clear idea to the employer regarding the qualifications and prior experiences of the candidate. It offers an opportunity for the candidate to explain in their own words their achievements. This helps check the authenticity of the qualifications mentioned in the resume by the candidate. It is easier to tell which is a fake qualification or experience through an interview than through a resume. The interviewer can even ask targeted questions to get answers on desired areas of the qualification.

Observing the Soft and Hard Skill Sets

Conversing with your colleagues is an important aspect of effective communication. While interviewing an applicant, the interviewer has a great chance to observe the soft skills of the candidate, such as the way of speaking, hand gestures, politeness and preciseness. It helps to determine if the applicant will be confused or clear with his words while conversing. The interviewer can directly ask questions to the applicant regarding hard skills, like technical questions related to the field.

Checking Problem-Solving Capacity

The interviewer can pose situation-based questions to the applicant and observe their problem-solving skills and thinking capacity. This helps the interviewer determine whether the candidate will be able to handle real-life difficulties if they take on the said position. Interview tracking of the candidate can also help in understanding the problem-solving skills of applicants. This is one of those skills the veracity of which cannot be clear without putting the applicant in the same situation and interviewing provides a chance to do so.

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Encouraging Communication and Engagement

Good engagement by a company can be useful for its reputation. Interviews encourage this exact thing. Also, interviews weave a bridge between the interviewer and the candidates. This provides a fair chance to both to have a communication and decide whether they are good for each other. Interviewing an applicant can provide clarity to both. At times, the candidate too can reject the offer of a company if they think that they might not be able to do the job.

Introducing the Company

Interviews allow the interviewer to introduce the company to the candidate. It helps them inform the candidate about the work they undertake, their founders, areas and specialties of the companies, and more. Also, it provides a chance to introduce the candidate to what exactly their job profile will be in future.

Evaluating Confidence Level and Behaviour

Confidence is the key factor in a candidate’s personality. Interviewing an applicant helps the interviewer understand the confidence levels of the candidate regarding the field and other areas. Also, interviews provide a chance to observe the behaviour of the applicant towards them. If the candidate is well-qualified and fits the job description but is rude and not polite, it might render them unfit for the position. Thus, interviews provide the best chance for the interviewer to observe the applicant’s behavioural skills.

Checking the Niche Acumen

Interviews are the best way to check the acumen and overall knowledge of the person in the field. Interviewing an applicant helps in assisting the interviewer to ask targeted questions regarding the field and aspects which the company might be expecting from its future employee. It helps to understand which applicant is the best choice for the company and will help it reach new heights.

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To Conclude

Interviews give a bunch of benefits to the business through which they can make better choices for their company. They can determine the best candidate for their company and save themselves from fake or incompetent ones. This can help them include new talent in their team. Interviewing an applicant can be a time-consuming process but it is better to conduct one than letting go of an employee afterwards.

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