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Fri Mar 01 2024

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Best Staffing Agency in Bakersfield with ATS Solutions

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Staffing Agency in Bakersfield

Outsourcing through a staffing agency in Bakersfield offers quick hires and access to diverse talent pools. However, it comes with challenges like limited control and diverse talent pools. However, it comes with challenges like limited control and potential language barriers. Alternatively, using the ATS system provides greater control and simplifies recruitment efforts. Choosing between them depends on your business needs and preferences for effective staffing solutions.

You are running a business in Bakersfield. And you see that there is growth, and more business is flowing in. This demands new employees to step in. But how do you recruit an employee while managing your business operations? Ever felt like you're juggling too many tasks at once?

Well, we are diving into the world of outsourcing through staffing agencies today. Picture this: expanding your team hassle-free is like adding a cherry on top of your sundae! But it is not always roses and cherries.

Even though staffing agencies ease the process, there are certain problems in hiring outsourcing staff through staffing agency in Bakersfield. In this article, you will find the problems along with the solutions. Further, you will also learn about the better alternative to staffing solutions that solve all your hiring problems. Let's dive in, then.

What is Staffing Outsourcing?

So, you know how sometimes a company needs a hand with certain tasks, but their own team doesn't quite have the expertise or time to handle it? Well, that's where outsourcing comes in. It's like when you bring in someone from outside to tackle those jobs.

This person, usually hired on a contract basis, is really good at what they do and can help out with short-term projects or ongoing work that the regular staff might need help with.

Businesses often bring in outside help for a few reasons:

  1. To keep up with a growing workload: When a business grows, it often has more work than its current team can handle. Outsourcing helps them keep up with the extra work without stressing out their own employees.
  2. Quick Projects: Sometimes, businesses have projects that need special skills. Outsourcing lets a business hire experts for these jobs without hiring them permanently.
  3. Saving Money and Time: Training employees costs money and takes time. By outsourcing, businesses skip these steps and get the work done faster by hiring employee who are already experts.
  4. Focus on Important Stuff: Outsourcing less important tasks lets regular employees concentrate on their main jobs. This makes work more efficient because everyone does what they're best at.
  5. Space Management: Hiring more people means needing more space in the office, which costs money. Outsourcing lets businesses expand without needing extra room since contractors usually work from their own places.

A staffing company will help you find these employees faster and fill vacancies without hampering daily workflow. Working with a staffing company in Bakersfield has some common problems that can even hamper the smooth functioning of your business.

Let's find out the top 10 problems. And worry not, we have also provided solutions to the problems.

What are the common issues with staffing agencies?

Here are the common problems one might face when working with a staffing agency:

1. Lack of Experience

It can feel overwhelming if you're new to something or working with new people. You might not know the best ways to do things or how everything works. Explaining your ideas to others can be tough, especially when the person is not in front of you. But here's the solution: pick an experienced staffing agency in Bakersfield.

A staffing agency experienced in hiring outsourcing staff can guide you through the whole process, helping you avoid problems and reduce risks. They'll work with you to determine what you need, review all the details, and find the right people for the job. Just remember, outsourcing can be risky, but with the right agency, you'll have support every step of the way.

2. Security Breach

Sharing company information with outsourced workers can be risky, especially when using the help of a staffing agency in Bakersfield for hiring. The issue is that agencies may not have strong security measures in place. Here's the solution:

First, talk to the agency about data protection rules and ask about their security protocols. Make sure they're keeping your information safe. Also, give outsourced staff proper training on handling sensitive data. By being clear about expectations and taking proactive steps, businesses can minimize the risk of data breaches when outsourcing through human resources staffing agencies.

3. Different Time Zone

Handling different time zones in hiring outsourced candidates, especially through staffing agencies, can be tricky. It leads to delays in communication and problems with scheduling.

To fix this, businesses should talk clearly with the agency about their availability and how they prefer to communicate. They can also use tools like staffing agency scheduling software and video calls that adjust for time differences. By doing this, businesses can ensure hiring goes smoothly and work well with outsourced candidates, making everything more efficient and productive.

4. Hidden Costs

So, we have talked about how outsourcing can save you money, but here's the thing: it could backfire if you don't plan it right. One big challenge is figuring out how much it's going to cost you accurately.

Here's the solution: Make sure you know what you need for your project.

Ask lots of questions about how they price things so you don't get any surprises later on. And don't forget to tell them your budget so everyone's on the same page. By setting clear requirements from the get-go, you can avoid any headaches down the road and make sure your outsourcing plans stay on track.

5. Language

When you outsource work to people, they might live in different parts of the country or even the world. This can cause language barriers and result in a lack of good communication. Here is what you can do:

First, communicate clearly with the staffing agency in Bakersfield about your language requirements. Be specific about the level of proficiency needed for the job. Then, consider hiring bilingual or multilingual staff who can bridge the language gap.

If that's not an option, provide language training or resources to help outsourced staff improve their language skills. Additionally, use tools like translation software or hiring interpreters during meetings to ensure effective communication. You can minimize misunderstanding and ensure smooth collaboration by addressing language issues upfront and providing support.

6. Limited Control

When outsourcing your hiring requirements to a staffing agency in Bakersfield, you will have very limited control over the hiring workflow. But there is a way to handle it:

First, ensure you have open lines of communication with the staffing agency. Talk to them about exactly what you're looking for, the skills, and everything. Be super clear about your requirements and what your company culture is like. This way, you're both on the same page, and they can find candidates who fit the bill. It's all about working together to get the right people on board.

7. Candidate's alignment with the company's culture

Finding candidates who fit well with your company's culture can be tricky. Here is what you can do:

First, ensure your company's values, mission, and work environment are crystal clear. Then, when you're working with a staffing agency in Bakersfield, be sure to explain these things to them. Work closely together to find candidates who match your company's culture as you go through the selection process.

By doing this, you increase the chances of finding employees who have the right skills and vibe well with your team and way of doing things.

8. Finding the right Staffing Agency in Bakersfield

One big reason outsourcing can go wrong is teaming up with the wrong agency. But how do you know which is right for your business recruitment needs?

Start by checking out reliable sources like Clutch, TopDevelopers, or DesginRuch. They often have honest reviews and insights about different agencies. Also, visit the agency's website to learn about their past projects and reviews. By doing your due industry and researching thoroughly, you can find a trustworthy vendor to help you succeed in your outsourcing ventures.

8. Communication Breakdown

Stay in touch with your staffing agency regularly. Make it easy for them to give feedback and address any concerns promptly. Keep them updated on any changes in what you need.

To build a successful relationship, honesty is crucial from both sides. Be clear with your staffing agency about precisely what you're looking for regarding the job and candidates. If you notice they're sending too many candidates without much thought, it might be time to find a different agency. Remember, quality over quantity is important.

9. Legal Difficulties

When you're outsourcing, legal stuff can get pretty tricky. Unlike hiring in-house, the rules can vary a lot depending on where your vendor is based. You might end up signing a bunch of extra papers you're not used to. And here's the kicker: even small misunderstandings in the contract can cause big problems later on. So, how do you deal with it?

Easy – be super careful with all the legal stuff. Make sure you've got an NDA (that's a non-disclosure agreement) and any other necessary documents sorted out. Talk through every detail, especially what happens if things go wrong. Cover your bases, so you don’t have problems later.

Is An ATS a Better Alternative to Staffing Services in Bakersfield?

Applicant tracking system is a recruitment software that will ease your hiring process by simplifying all the information and automating your hiring process. In this, the control of the hiring process is in your hands, and there are more chances of hiring someone who fits perfectly with your company.

A staffing agency in Bakersfield has a pool of candidates and can help businesses find people for both short-term and long-term hiring. You can just outsource your hiring requirements to them, and they will take complete control and responsibility of the entire hiring process till onboarding new employees and even thereafter.

So, which one is better- an applicant tracking system or staffing agency?

To answer your question, let us first break down the pros and cons of both ATS and staffing agencies.

1. Getting hires Quickly

Staffing agencies might get you hired fast, but they usually charge a lot of it. On the other hand, with ATS recruitment, your team stays organized, making hiring quicker without the extra costs.

2. Finding Good Candidates

A Staffing agency in Bakersfield aims for good candidates, but they often rush through candidate resumes. ATS helps you find good people efficiently, like agencies do, but without the rush.

3. Making Onboarding Easy

Agencies might help you hire fast, but collecting candidate paperwork takes time. ATS simplifies onboarding by keeping candidate info ready to go, saving time and hassle.

4. Saving Money Overall

Agencies charge a fee with every hire, but investing in ATS is a one-time thing. ATS helps cut costs over time by automating tasks, making hiring more affordable in the long run.

In summary, while staffing agency in Bakersfield offer quick hires, the best applicant tracking system, like Pitch N Hire, simplifies the hiring process, ensuring cost-effectiveness, quality, and efficiency. So, if you're looking for control over hiring and minimizing expenses, ATS is the way to go.


In conclusion, partnering with a staffing agency in Bakersfield offers accelerated hiring processes and access to a diverse talent pool, utilizing the most common ATS software that emerges as a more favorable solution for businesses. While outsourcing through staffing agencies offers benefits such as quick hours and access to a diverse pool of candidates, it also presents challenges like limited control over the hiring process and potential language barriers.

However, businesses can mitigate these challenges by maintaining clear communication with the staffing agency and aligning candidate values with company culture.

Alternatively, utilizing a HR applicant tracking system gives businesses greater control over the hiring process and helps simplify recruitment efforts. By using ATS, you can ensure cost-effectiveness, quality, and efficiency in the hiring process.

Ultimately, the choice between a staffing agency and ATS depends on the specific needs and preferences of the business.

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