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Sat Feb 24 2024

5 min read

11 Best Jobs That Don’t Require A Resume

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A majority of employers or HR recruiters start the hiring process with candidate screening. The purpose of this step is to look at the work experience, formal training, education, or certification of the candidate. The company goes through the resumes of various people who may have applied for the vacancy. A resume contains everything about a prospective candidate. Starting from the work experience, all types of skills that he/she possesses to his contact details, every information on the resume plays an important role in hiring an employee. In such a scenario what does a person with no resume do? Will he remain unemployed? Not!

Almost everyone gives importance to writing a resume and preparing for an interview while searching for a job. Everyone thinks no resume means no job. But the reality is that there are plenty of jobs that don’t require interviews and resumes. People who do not have any hard skills or work experience generally do not have a resume. Also, many people hesitate to go for interviews. To be an accountant, you need to have accounting skills. Similarly, a computer programmer must have coding skills. Hard skills along with soft skills are the prerequisite of such jobs.

For those who don’t have any work experience, education, or hard skills, having a good set of soft skills can be your means to employment. So, if you are looking for a job opportunities but are worried about being under-qualified, don’t stress out. Getting a job opportunity is all about focusing on the roles that give the most importance to soft skills. 

11 Best Jobs That Don’t Require A Resume

Moving forward here are 11 jobs you should consider applying to:

Sales boy/girl

If the words open, outspoken, helpful match your personality, then you are probably a perfect fit for the role of a sales boy/girl. Retail businesses nowadays are constantly in need of people to assist their customers and sell their products. Such employers will ignore hard skills and will surely side with people having strong interpersonal skills and have good knowledge about the company and its product. 

Construction worker

Construction is a diverse field. Most of the jobs like plumber, the electrician will require you to sharpen your skills through certification programs like engineering. But work in construction projects requires general workers who learn through the job itself. They start doing basic tasks and then work their way up to more duties. Soft skills like consistency, a positive attitude, and hard-working nature are needed to be one.

Administrative assistant

Do you like systematized work? Or are you a perfectionist? If you are familiar with these terms then working as an administrative assistant would be a great fit. Administrative assistants are the people who keep a business running smoothly by scheduling meetings, keeping filing systems, answering urgent phone calls, etc. Basic computer skills may be a requirement in this job profile. 


Many librarians start as technicians. The librarians, as well as the technicians, ensure that the visitors have a positive experience. The role comes with quite a long list of responsibilities. If you love books and have a passion for reading then this is the right job for you without a resume. But interpersonal and organizational skills are crucial too. 


Okay! So, this job over here requires one specific hard skill: a driver’s license, along with a good driving record. Drivers are in high demand nowadays in almost every type of business. Right from the courier/postal services, food supplies, taxi services to be the chauffeur of a CEO you might get to work as a driver for any of them. Soft skills required in such jobs are being self-disciplined, patient, and responsible for the work.

Bartender or waiter

Working as a waiter or bartender has proved to be of great help to millions of college students finance their studies. It is one of the most common entry-level jobs in western as well as Asian countries among young people. To get a job as a waiter, long years of education is not at all necessary. Restaurant and bar owners want friendly, reliable staff not highly educated ones. Some experience in handling transactions and bartending does help but they are not essentials.


Could there be a more perfect job for someone who loves the outdoors? And being a gardener is even better if you already are in love with plants and trees. Gardening knowledge comes with time while working as one in the garden. 

Customer service

To get satisfied customers, businesses often hire customer service representatives. These people are the lifelines of the business. They connect with customers and play a crucial role in a company’s growth. Their main aim is to build a positive relationship with the customers. Hence, the majority of employers look for communication-related soft skills in their prospective representatives. Such roles involve a lot of communication with people in-person or over the phone.

Law enforcement

Law enforcement is one of the jobs that don’t require a resume and takes soft skills to the next level. The important qualities that are observed while the screening process for police officers and private security personnel are honesty, responsibility, and sound judgment. Undoubtedly, police officers have to go through a vigorous training program. But they don’t have to have an education in law or a specific set of hard skills. They just need a history of community service and a clean record.

Security guard

Being a security guard need not means one has to have any skills, especially in a technological era where there are high-tech security cameras and alarm systems that make the work of security surveillance easier. These advanced systems can immediately inform the residents as well as the security guard on duty whenever a trespasser encroaches upon a certain property. You can always rely on numerous security guard agencies who are ready to hire new and honest people to represent their agency.

Delivery job

A delivery job doesn’t require one to have any skills at all. You just have to deliver or pick up a parcel from a given address. You can get a delivery job from a post office or through any online shopping website, flower delivery service, or even through a popular food chain. You will surely be hired for such a job because they are constantly in search of as many delivery boys/girls as possible so that they could deliver packages faster.


Winding up, these were some of the main jobs that don’t require interviews or resumes. Just because you do not have any hard skills that do not imply that you will remain unemployed for the rest of your life and sit at home all day doing nothing. There is no shortage of opportunities to earn a living. You just have to make something of yourself and get up trying to find yourself a job. Even if you fail at it, stay positive and believe in yourself, you will surely succeed if you keep on trying.