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Thu Feb 01 2024

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Temp Agency for Remote Work: Hiring & Recruiting

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Temp agency for remote work

Sometimes, finding remote employees for short-term projects might become challenging. Therefore, many businesses these days pay temp agencies to eliminate the chaotic recruitment process. If you also want to partner with a temp agency for remote work, you are at the right place. Continue reading this blog to learn all about temp agencies.

If you are a business owner or an employer, you must have worked with a temp agency for remote work at least once. And if you have not yet worked with these agencies to hire temporary remote workers, you do not know how they can benefit you. Partnering up with temp agencies is the easiest way to find and hire suitable remote workers for the temporary remote vacancies in your company.

That is why many organizations in the USA and worldwide trust these agencies to fill their temporary remote roles. But before you get help from any temp agency, you must know how they work, how working with them can benefit you, and more. We have put together everything about temp remote agencies in the blog below. So, read on!

What is a temp agency for remote work?

Temp agencies are employment companies that act as middlemen between employment seekers and business organizations looking for temporary employees. And if we talk about a temp agency for remote work, these agencies primarily help businesses find remote workers to satisfy their short-term hiring needs.

Usually, businesses use temp agencies to hire remote workers for entry-level or fresher jobs. As a result, these workers require less or no training. Thus, if you are looking for remote workers who can work temporarily for your organization, you can use a temporary agency for remote work.

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Why is there a need to partner with temp agencies?

The demand for remote employees continues to increase even after the pandemic. It means businesses still want to save office expenses by hiring remote workforce. While some business organizations employ temporary remote workers, some hire for permanent remote roles.

However, this does not mean that hiring remote employees is easy. Simply put, finding and employing highly qualified and talented remote workers is challenging. Here comes the situation where you need a temp agency for remote work!

These agencies understand that businesses struggle with finding qualified remote workers. As a result, temp agencies customize their hiring operations to satisfy the unique needs of their clients. Ultimately, they help businesses free themselves from the stressful remote hiring process by performing all hiring activities on their behalf.

If you also want access to the best remote talent pool, temp agencies are undoubtedly the best option. Now that you know why you need a temp agency for remote work, the next step is to learn how these agencies work to help businesses.

What tasks can you expect a temp agency to do?

A temp agency for remote work manages almost all steps in hiring remote candidates. Here are some recruiting tasks that you can expect the temp agency to do:

  • Conducting candidate interviews and assessing their personality.
  • Screening candidates and analyzing their performance.
  • Performing background checks such as employment history, criminal history, certificate verification, etc.
  • Drug and health testing.
  • Conducting job assessments.
  • Training candidates.

One thing to know here is that a temp agency for remote work only works to fulfill your specific needs. By this, we mean that the agencies might use their screening methods, but they will only work and hire candidates based on your specific criteria.

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What are the benefits of Temp agencies for remote work?

As we discussed before, many US organizations trust temp agencies for their remote employee hunting needs. And there is a reason why! Below are some benefits you can enjoy by relying on a temp agency for remote work:

Decreased time-to-fill

You can use the agency to quickly fill job vacancies in your company that might arise if any of your current remote employees leave without prior notice. It means you can reduce the time to fill your open role by finding a quick replacement.

Reduced workload

The best staffing agencies for remote jobs assist you in almost all recruitment steps. It can reduce your hiring workload and the pressure of hiring skilled remote employees. This way, you can easily manage your workload without pressurizing your current recruiting members.

No long-term commitments

You can save yourself from making a long-term working commitment with the remote employee. That is because the agency will manage all the work commitments with candidates.

Now that you know the benefits of working with a temp agency for remote work, you can better evaluate if you want to work with one. But if you wish to work with a temporary staffing agency, let us jump to the next and learn how you can do so.

How can you start working with a temp agency for remote work?

Working with a temp agency for remote work is easy because it only requires willingness. To start working, follow these steps:

Define your needs to the agency

What salary will I give to the employee? What skills am I looking for in the ideal candidate? What will the employment duration be like? Qualifications the employee should have. You should know the answers to these questions before relying on a temp agency for remote work.

Contact the best temp agency

Once you are clear about your remote hiring needs, the next step is to contact the best work from home temp agency. But do you know which temp agency will be the best for you? The best temp agency will have an organized recruitment process, advanced screening methods, and a budget-friendly pricing model. You can only find and employ the best remote workers if the temp agency has all these qualities.

Follow up with the agency

Many business owners and employers think there is no need to follow up with a temp agency for remote work. But if you want at least some control over your recruiting process, consider asking for follow-ups and other vital updates. For example, you can ask about the progress, screening results, etc. This way, you can ensure that you are in a loop.

Now you know how to start your recruiting journey with a staffing agency. But do you know the top agencies in the market that can be your options? Let us discuss them in the next step.

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Which are the top five temp agencies in the USA?

Though many temp agencies exist in the USA, here are the five best temp agencies for remote work:

1. Randstad

Founded in 1960, Randstad has offices worldwide in over 38 countries. The agency extends its services to more than 100,000 individuals weekly in the USA and Canada.

2. Robert Half

Founded in 1948, Robert Half International has 325 offices worldwide. The agency also made it to the list of the world’s most admired companies by Fortune magazine many times.

3. TrueBlue

Founded in 1989, TrueBlue operates in 900 locations in North America. The agency also has offices in other countries and hires thousands of individuals every year.

4. Kelly Services

Founded in 1946, Kelly Services successfully places thousands of individuals yearly. The agency connects business organizations with job seekers every 20 seconds.

5. Express Employment Professionals

Founded in 1983, Express Employment operates in many locations in Canada, South Africa, and the USA.

Now that you know the five best temp agencies in the USA, let us move ahead and discuss some future trends and predictions.

What is the future of temp agencies for remote work?

The staffing and recruitment industry is continuously evolving. In this case, knowing about the future of a temp agency for remote work is essential for every business owner and employer. You might have noticed that the remote work culture is becoming more and more popular with time.

Almost all young and talented employment seekers look for flexibility and work-life balance. And did you know? 32.6 million US workers are likely to work remotely by 2025. Therefore, temp remote agencies will surely take this as an opportunity to grow their business.

Besides remote work, another factor behind the increasing demand for temp agencies will be increased competition in the US market. Every business organization wants to hire top talent for their remote roles, and they cannot afford to lose the best talent to their competitors. Therefore, they will rely on staffing agencies to achieve aggressive hiring goals in the coming years.

But you should know that technology will play a vital role in shaping the future of staffing agencies. By this, we mean that these agencies will use the power of AI and automation to help businesses fill their open roles. And why not? As a business owner, you can also succeed in hiring the best remote workers by leveraging modern hiring tools. For this, you can trust ATS software by Pitch N Hire.

Final thoughts

A temp agency for remote work helps you hire remote workers for a short time. This way, these agencies not only offer you some extra help but also help you divide your workload. They do this by making your tedious hiring process easy and stress-free. If you are looking for temporary agencies, consider searching with the help of ATS software by Pitch N Hire.

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