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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

5 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

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Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

The general societal nourishment has us thinking that every high-paying job would require us to complete a four-year degree. If you’re a person who thinks like this, you might be surprised. Although there are many jobs out there that do require a degree, there are yet many jobs that don’t require a degree. But some jobs don’t require a degree. And no they don’t pay less as compared to jobs that need a degree. 

However, these jobs do need you to have certain skills which can be completed through a diploma or a two-year course, or anything like that. So if you think that college isn’t for you and you just want to focus on one skill that you like, there is a world full of opportunities waiting for you. Many organizations have started focusing on getting the right employees rather than getting those employees who only have a degree and nothing else.

5 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

Here is a list of those careers that don’t require college:

Database Manager

Databases are required a lot in today’s world to manage large chunks of data and store them all under one roof. These managers have to create a database relevant based on the company's needs and accordingly manage the data, add it, delete it, and update it, as and whenever required. Even when some of these jobs are given out only to those with a specialized degree in the course, many employers provide this job to even those people who know the required languages, such as SQL, with ease.

They have to therefore ensure that the entire design and administration of the database is done with care and that it can provide proper access to those who want it and take access from those who don’t. So with the right skills, you can get this as one of those high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. An average salary of a database manager is about $93750 per annum.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity is the need of the hour. Many firms are looking for dedicated and knowledgeable people in this sector. These analysts maintain a secure network around the company interface so that nobody can break into this system, let alone harm it. They have to protect all the systems and networks that belong to the system and adopt the latest security protocols to ensure that there is no loss of valuable information. 

How many companies have started focusing on those individuals who have many skills to offer as opposed to those with a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree in this program? Those who have the right skills for this can fill such job offers and win the interviews based on their knowledge rather than their degree. On average, a cybersecurity analyst earns about $99720 per annum. This is a very handsome amount for those who are looking for high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. 

Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist is generally a person who guides IT and non-IT workers with their problems related to computers. So, for this job you don’t need a degree. You just need to have the appropriate information on computers to help those IT workers who are struggling with some product or organization and those non-IT workers who largely know nothing about the machines that they’re working with. 

This job can be done remotely through the phone or video call, or it can be done in person, however, that you prefer or your company wants you to. Regardless to say, this job takes a lot of communication skills and people dealing skills because you’re going to meet some of the dumbest people but you still need to retain yourself to help them out with their problems.  This job generally pays an average of $54760 per annum and is one of those careers that don’t need college.

Computer Programmer

Computer programmers are those people who make relevant programs as per the need of the company. They have to write code, run it, debug it, and test it so that it meets all the demands of the company you’re working at. This job requires in-depth knowledge of the various coding languages available including the likes of C++/Java/Python/C#/C, and so on. While most of their work is done on a laptop itself, it allows people to have a lot of flexibility in their job as it can be done from any location. 

The various firms that hire a computer programmer include computer program designing firms or those firms that are software publishers. While many firms require a degree, extensive knowledge of coding suffices the demands of many employers. With this, you can get one of those jobs that don’t need a degree and pays about $86550 per annum.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Network and computer systems administrators are those individuals who manage all the computer systems for the organizations. This is a need of all the firms out there no matter what field of work they are in. Many firms often hire those employees without a degree for this job provided that they are efficient enough to produce the same results as a person with a degree. With an average salary of about $83510, it pays pretty well for being one of the jobs that don’t need a degree.


Many careers don’t require college. Therefore, you just have to plan things out for yourself and just get the skills you’re interested in. Once you do that, there is no need to look for jobs as you can easily get high-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. No college doesn’t mean you’ll be unemployed or a minimum wage worker, it can mean big things for you if you plan everything out well for you. With that, you’ll be able to find one of those jobs that don’t require a degree that matches your skillset and is just the perfect choice for you.