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Wed Nov 22 2023

5 min read

5 Different Types Of Resume To Maintain A Good Profile

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different types of resume

Now we all know that there is a requirement of making a resume before you apply for major jobs. You might always be confused about what the resume format should be or what you should write in your resume, and queries of such kind. But did you know that different types of resumes can be used based on the various circumstances that you’re subjected to? There is a right time to use every different type of resume and they individually can help you present yourself in the best manner possible. Now you might think what is the difference if I use the same format for every circumstance and job opening? Will there be a difference in the outcome of the interview? The answer is yes. 

Since a resume is a document that helps the interviewer identify you, it is important to realize that resumes can change the outcome of your interview. This is because most interviewers don’t have the time nor the willingness to talk to every candidate and usually screen them using their resume first. Here, if you have not presented yourself appropriately, you’d be rejected no matter how much better fit for the job you could be. But don’t worry, we have sorted all those different types of resumes here for your help. 

5 Major Types of Resume

Here is a list of major types of resumes that you should know about

Chronological Resume 

As the name suggests, a chronological resume is all about chronology. Of the various types of resumes, this type is applied when you chronologically put all your work experience for the interview to see. Here, you will begin with your work history with the most recent one listed first and then the previous one. Through this, you will easily be able to show your employer the work that you have done and your growth throughout the years. So if you’re someone who has some experience in the field that you’re applying for, this resume type can work out for you.

It is used mainly for those types of jobs where work experience is considered mandatory and those candidates that have a strong work history to back them up are valued more than those who don’t. So if the job that you’re seeking is looking for this, this is the type of resume that you should go for. 

Functional Resume

Now, what if you don’t have much work experience to brag about but you do have skills and other achievements? So in this scenario, if you prefer the chronological resume as the type of resume that you want to go for, you’ll just show the interviewer that there’s nothing about you that can help him because all the work experience portion is empty. To fix this, a functional resume is used. As the name suggests, a functional resume focuses largely on the function required by the employee for the job and it is not required that you have prior work experience. 

To create a functional resume, start by including your contact information and a summary statement that highlights your relevant skills and experience. Then, create a section that details your skills and qualifications. Likewise, knowledge of specific software, proficiency in foreign languages, and experience with related industries.

These types of resume work best when you don’t have a continuous employment timeline(gaps in employment), or if you don’t have suitable employment experiences at all. 

Combination Resume

A combination resume, as the name suggests, is a mix of different types of resumes, namely functional and chronological. In this, you have to first enlist the various skills and qualifications that you have which can suit the job. Then you have to enlist all the work experience that you’ve gathered. In this way, you can get the best of both worlds while ensuring that the main focus is laid on your skills and not your work experience. These types of resume work best when you have a good work profile to show and still want to emphasize to the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job. This can be presented by the amazing job experience that you have and how you’re skilled and qualified enough for the job. In this manner, you can get your job done easily. 

Targeted Resume 

A targeted resume works for one target company. It’s more like a personalized resume. These types of a resume use the strategy where you have to highlight those specific qualifications and skills in your resume which are required for the job. This concept can be simultaneously implemented in different types of resumes. The beauty of this type of resume is that it is not generic and is personalized for every job that you go to. This can serve best to set a nice impression on your interviewer as he will be able to notice the hard work that you put into ensuring that he sees exactly what you’re capable of. 

Mini Resume 

A mini resume is like your business card but with a little bit of information about you on it. These types of resumes are used the most during various job fairs and when you’re networking with someone. This can prove very essential during those times when you want to just hand over someone something as small as a business card but much more informative so that they can understand your capabilities and consider you for any concerning vacancies. 


There are different types of resumes for you to choose from. However, once you narrow down what you want to show to the interviewer, your choices largely narrow down to one of the types of resume which will be able to present you in the best manner while highlighting what you want to do. There can be various formats of a resume. However, you have to ensure that you choose which one is the best for you and accordingly prepare it. This will ensure that you get the job that you’re looking for while showing the interviewer that you’re the best candidate for the role.