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Sat Mar 02 2024

5 min read

4 Best HRMS Softwares For Small Business

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hrms software for small business

HRMS or Human Resource Management Software can be quite a bliss for big businesses. It helps them and eases the pressure off their shoulders. But for small businesses, the story is a little different. Unlike big businesses, small businesses don’t have enough budget for affording any extravagant expenditure to buy any such software which doesn’t benefit much. Largely, HRMS software can have many unwanted features for small businesses and lack those which are much required.

Moreover, small businesses can’t go out of the way to get their software customized to suit their requirements. But does that mean that HRMS software for small businesses doesn’t work? The answer is no. There is so many such software that can just suit your requirement and make your work easy. 

4 Best HRMS Software For Small Business

Here is a list of the best HRMS software for small businesses.


BambooHR was established in 2008 and has always associated its brand with small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, it is always looking forward to suiting their needs. BambooHR is one of the best HRMS software for small business available today and is already available in more than 100 countries. To subscribe to it, you don’t have to sign any contract. You have to buy the software monthly and renew that subscription every month onward. The platform is available on all major platforms such as iOS, Android and Cloud.


  • One of the greatest benefits of the application is its amazing UI/UX interface. This is something that sets it apart from other HRMS software in this range. Due to a smooth UI/UX interface, you can smoothly work across this application and therefore use it quite easily.
  • Another great benefit is that the customer service of the application is great. They take all your enquiries in a very cordial and pleasant manner and make sure to always respond to them on time.
  • The adaptability rate of the platform is also high. This means that you can easily adapt this based on your business and make the most out of it.


  • There is a delay in response time with this application which is caused largely because of the time difference between the two ends.
  • Also, it does not feature any payroll option.
  • The application can also seem like a hefty cost especially for startups and smaller businesses.

HR One

With its thoughtful features and great adaptability, HR One is one of the best HRMS software for small businesses which is emerging in recent times in India especially. It is a complete package for all the HRs and provides them with many solutions to ease out their job. The application also provides employee self-service facilities whilst also easing the work of HR. it is available on the web, windows, android, and iOS.


  • HR One has an interface that is very similar to Gmail which thereby decreases the effort of the employees to learn something new or figure the website out
  • The application is completely cost-effective and can be afforded by most startups and small businesses
  • It also has an option that provides payroll outsource service in addition to its other modules
  • To enhance employee productivity and boost their performances, the application also has a creditable performance module.


  • The website has varied features on its web and mobile application format. It has relatively less to offer on its web platform.
  • The trial period offered by the website is very limited and can be destructive to find out all its benefits.


Keka has an employee-centric approach and is a very efficient tool to manage most of the problems. Its UI experience is also decent and it overall provides a great experience on hand. The best part about this software is that it has flexible pricing and you can choose a plan that suits you the best. Its services are available on iOS, android and the web.


  • The platform is very user friendly and is constructed to suit the needs of the employee
  • The team for service support is very friendly and is very cooperating and understanding of all your requirements and questions.
  • All the modules for the software are under one united hood so it is easy to slide from one module to the other
  • The application also adapts easily to your needs and therefore forms as a great option amongst other HRMS software for small businesses


  • The customer support for the application makes use of a BOT which makes it difficult to interact with a real person which can be more useful in some situations.
  • The mobile application for Keka is new and does not have many effective functions and still lacks in providing those functionalities which can prove useful and handy at the same time.


ZingHR is one of the leading HRMS software for small businesses and is a Fortune 500 company. The application uses a mobile-first approach which ensures that various HR issues can be sorted and done easily. The platform is available on the web, macOS, iOS, android, windows.


  • The tool is a comprehensive HR tool that sorts almost all problems faced by HR including recruitment, payroll management, organization structure, among others.
  • It is also very easy to use and offers a very smooth UI to deal with.


  • The UI/UX can be updated further to be made even smoother and ensure a better experience for the user.

Final words

HRMS software can be very tacky especially for small businesses. But when chosen with care, it can improve the productivity of your employees and can prove to be one of the best investments for your firm. It can automate a lot of your work which would have otherwise been done manually. Managing a workforce can be quite a task without the help of the right tools. But with such HRMS businesses for small businesses, you can grow your business and make the most out of the resources that you have now.