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Tue Jun 25 2024

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Job Applicant Tracking Software - What You Need to Know

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Job Applicant Tracking Software

Most recruiters fail to realize they cannot continue using traditional hiring tools and outdated techniques to hire top talent today. That is because we live in a tech-driven business world where recruitment also demands using modern tools and technologies. Continue reading the blog to learn enough about the job applicant tracking software to adopt one!

If you are a modern recruiter or business owner, adopting job applicant tracking software is the biggest favor you can do for your HR team. You and your HR team spend days and months finding the perfect candidates to fit into your company. And even after so much effort, you sometimes fail to hire the right ones.

Have you ever thought about why? That is because your recruiting process is slow and inefficient. Here is why we bring this blog to inform you about the significance of investing in ATS software in today's competitive business world. So, read on!

What do we mean by job applicant tracking software?

Job applicant tracking software is a computer platform that automates and streamlines numerous activities of hiring new candidates for open roles.

In other words, as a recruiter, you can use the ATS software to create and post job openings, gather and manage applications, screen and rank candidates, engage with candidates, schedule and conduct interviews, and generate meaningful reports and analytics.

The best thing about this modern hiring tool is that you can integrate it with other tools and software, including social media platforms, job boards, email, background check software, calendars, and more. But remember, you cannot use ATS as a robot to hire top talent.

That is because the software ultimately works and helps you identify, screen, and hire candidates based on the criteria you specify. So, if the data input is incorrect, the ATS software might fail to provide the desired results. Therefore, if you want to use the software effectively to manage your recruitment process, ensure you do your job well.

What are the advantages of using a job tracking system?

There are many advantages to using job applicant tracking software for your hiring process. Some of these benefits are:

  • Saves time and money by automating manual hiring tasks.
  • Secondly, it reduces or eliminates the scope for human errors, miscommunication, and data duplication.
  • Improves the candidate experience by promoting smooth communication.
  • Allows recruiters to track candidates throughout recruitment.
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace by removing unconscious bias.
  • Finally, it ensures compliance with legal hiring laws and regulations.

In short, the job applicant tracking software is a complete hiring package that reduces all the burden from the recruiter's head. It means if you are founding a company that you wish to expand by hiring more and more people, the first thing to do is invest in the ATS software.

What are the core features of the Job ATS software?

You should know that the applicant tracking software makes things easy not only for the recruiters but for the candidates as well. By this, we mean that the software ensures candidates do not face any issues while applying for the job and can do so conveniently from any device.

But this is also one of the many benefits the ATS offers companies. That is because by helping candidates apply for jobs, the software enables the companies to build a large talent pool. The job applicant tracking software does all this with the help of its features.

Here are the nine core features you should know:

Multi-channel talent sourcing

This feature will allow you to actively search for, identify, attract, and connect with potential applicants for your open role using various channels and platforms. These channels include social media, online job boards, employee referrals, and more.

Resume parsing

Resume parsing is one of the most vital features of the job applicant tracking tool. It is the process of extracting data from candidate resumes. The data includes contact information, professional experience, past achievements, skills, and educational background.

Interview scheduling

You can use the job applicant tracking software to schedule interviews with multiple candidates. It means you no longer have to call each candidate to check their availability for the interview.

Advanced candidate search

This filter can help recruiters filter and find candidate applications by specific keywords, skills, experience, educational qualifications, and more.


Integration is the ability of the applicant tracking software to connect with different tools and platforms. Usually, recruiters use this feature to integrate ATS with email, accounting, and CRM software.

In-built CRM

Some top job tracking software small businesses offer CRM to help recruiters effectively build and manage meaningful relationships with active and passive candidates.

Customizable email templates

Almost all the best ATS, such as Pitch N Hire, offer in-built customizable email templates. You can use these templates to maintain a consistent flow of communication with the candidates from the start of the hiring process till the end.

Advanced reports and analytics

You can use this job applicant tracking software's feature to generate detailed reports on the hiring workflow. Not only this, but you can also use it to measure hiring success, trends, weaknesses, and strengths.

Team collaboration

This feature allows employees from different departments to participate and get involved in the candidate sourcing, screening, and hiring decision-making process.

Is job applicant tracking software accurate?

While it is true that the applicant tracking tool saves the recruiter from performing heavy-lifting hiring tasks, it might not always be as accurate as people think. According to a study, 88% of recruiters felt that the ATS software ignored quality candidate profiles because those profiles did not match the specified keyword criteria.

It means the job applicant tracking software focuses too much on keywords and overlooks candidates' skills and expertise. As a result, many qualified candidates have faced rejection only because they failed to make their resumes ATS-friendly.

However, besides screening, the software automates so many other hiring tasks that recruiters ignore this only drawback of the software.

Future trends of job applicant tracking software

There is no surprise that AI is playing a crucial role in innovating the recruitment world. Today, many of the best job tracking software uses artificial intelligence to screen resumes, identify suitable candidates, and conduct interviews. And as this modern technology evolves, the upcoming ATS systems will likely be way more sophisticated than the current ones.

Furthermore, you might also see fully integrated hiring systems in the coming years. It means you will be able to integrate ATS with more and more tools and platforms, such as LinkedIn. It will ultimately lead to recruiters finding it less stressful to identify active and passive candidates that best suit the requirements for their open roles.

Moreover, there is a high chance that ATS vendors start offering their products with AI-powered chatbots to help their clients communicate effectively with the candidates throughout recruitment. In a nutshell, AI will transform the recruitment industry in the coming years, and that too in many ways, thus making recruitment faster and more efficient.


Now that you know so much about the job applicant tracking software, this new-age tool can quickly help you streamline recruitment. So, if you are ready to invest in an ATS, we present you Pitch N Hire, a top-notch ATS with many high-end features and an easy-to-use interface. Do not believe us? Book a FREE software demo from our website today and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- How does the job applicant tracking system work?

Ans. The software uses algorithms and AI capabilities to match the keywords in candidate resumes with those in the job description. After this, the ATS will display the candidates with the maximum number of matching keywords in their resume on the top and vice versa. The goal behind doing so is to help companies identify potential matches for their open role.

Q2- What types of organizations use job applicant tracking software?

Ans. Organizations of all sizes (small, medium, and large) use the job applicant tracking system to hire top talent. Besides businesses, HR professionals, recruiters, and staffing agencies also use the software to streamline hiring. Furthermore, many government agencies have also turned to ATS to handle their recruiting activities effectively.

Q3- What is the cost of job applicant tracking software?

Ans. Usually, the software's costs vary depending on the number of features, the company's size, the number of users, and more. However, ATS software typically starts at 5. But if your company is large, this figure can rise and reach hundreds of dollars.

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