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Sat Feb 24 2024

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How To Write a Response to an Employees Resignation Letter

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employees resignation letter

What is the formal procedure to undertake when you receive a resignation letter from an employee? There is a formal undertaking that needs to be done after it. First things first, you have to write the resignation acceptance letters. They are a sign that the resignation letter has been accepted and that you wish your employee luck. Therefore, there is a lot of significance to an accepted resignation letter. It can also give the employee clarity about the end of the term in the company. 

You can also talk effectively about whether or not you want him to work additional days, or train someone else for his position. Such proceedings can only be carried on after you’ve undergone the acceptance of resignation letters. The resignation is also made effective only on the day that you’ve written the accepted resignation letter.

How to Write a Response to an Employees Resignation Letter

Here are the tips on how to write a response to an employees resignation letter:

Use the Right Format

The first step to start any resignation acceptance letter in the right manner is to start with the right format. Ensure that all the content is left-aligned and that things are organized in the right manner. The proper format of the resignation acceptance letters or any other formal letters in that case is to ensure that your letter is all blocked and it isn’t much indented. It can ensure that the flow of the letter continues and is also a more accepted way of writing any formal letter. Choose any normal font and additionally a proper font size. With all these done, you should be good to go. Generally, Arial or Times New Roman fonts are deemed appropriate along with a 12 point font size. Depending upon the font style, you can alter the font size. 

Include Date, Contact Details, and Proper Salutation

You can start the accepted resignation letter by writing down your contact details first. This would ensure that the employee knows who addressed the letter. Keep it all left-aligned. Write your name, then the position, then the company name, and further the company address. After that you’ve written this, you should then write the current date. This will be the date that the resignation will be effective. Write it in the regular format of either “16th January 2021” or “January 16, 2021”, whichever way you like it. However, do ensure that your data and contact details are separated by a line difference. The next important part of your resignation acceptance letters would be to write the salutation. You can use the normal Dear Mr./Ms. (last name) as the format.

Acceptance of Resignation

Once you get started with your resignation acceptance letters, you have to first inform the employee that you have accepted his resignation. Acknowledge his resignation letter and further add that you formally accept the resignation. Now, based on the employee who is resigning, you can also add a line that expresses your regret of them leaving the firm. This can also be changed based on the circumstances of the employee leaving the company.

Include the Day that Resignation is Made Effective

Next, it is important to communicate about the day on which his resignation is deemed effective. It is important to mention this because this is the date that will lay the foundation of the next managerial tasks that happen when the employee departs. This will include hiring another recruit, or an optional 2-week notice, whatever is the procedure based on your company norms and terms and conditions. 

Now, some employees also add that they want to work for some additional days so that they can extend a helping hand to the firm and not leave abruptly. Now that you are writing the acceptance of resignation letters, you have to ensure that you express whether or not you want the employee to continue working. In any case, communicate your response effectively relative to what they have proposed. 

Appreciate the Employee

You should certainly spare a line or few to appreciate the employee and the time that he has spent in your firm. This includes writing down a few lines about wishing them luck for whatever they are planning to do next and appreciating the dedication and hard work that they put into the firm so far. This, even when ignored, is a very important aspect and must be covered in any resignation acceptance letters. With this, you can also offer the employee to refer him to the other firms or be a reference on his resume, based on the circumstances of the departure of the employee. This can be a great helping hand for them. 

Also, you can explain what are the next steps that they should expect after this acceptance resignation letter and what he shall do in the remaining time that he has in the company. You can use this time to train the new employee from him or complete any other tasks based on the company regulations.

Close and Sign the Letter

After all, this is done, you have to close the letter and sign it with your name. You can just end the letter on the note of giving them best wishes for their next endeavor. This can be done by adding “Best Wishes” right before you sign. However, you can alternatively use other formal closing phrases like “Sincerely” or “With Regards”. All of these are accepted. Then, you have to sign your name. If the letter is typed, which is usually the case, print it first and then sign it, or you can use your digital signature. 


A few easy steps can land you the best way to write resignation acceptance letters. These are very important aspects for any employer to inform the leaving employee about his next steps while he is still in the company. Therefore, ensuring to draft it on time is very necessary. In addition to this, you should also ensure that your letter is grammatically correct and that it has no spelling errors at all. This is an important aspect when you’re trying to make your acceptance of resignation letters look formal.