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Wed Feb 14 2024

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6 Amazing Tips For Writing An Attractive Reference Letter

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Attractive reference letter

Securing a place at a reputed company or institution is like a dream come true moment. For convincing the employer and compelling them to trust the expertise of the candidate, a letter of reference or recommendation letter will be needed. At some point in your life, you may need to write a reference letter for someone who you know for years, have worked with, or have any personal relationship with. You must know how to write a reference letter because it can create wonders. The letter of reference issued by you can be an added value to someone’s career or can be the reason for their downfall. Therefore, you should be very careful while articulating it.

What is a Reference Letter?

A reference letter or letter of recommendation is a document that is used to testify to the skills and experience of the concerned person. It is submitted along with the resume by the candidate at the time of applying for the job to support his application. It can be issued by friends, colleagues, former employers, clients, teachers, and any authoritative person who can give his referral to you for employment. It is like a favorable endorsement of an applicant showcasing his skills, strength, experience, and knowledge. In this era of competition, a nicely written letter of reference can increase the selection chances of the applicant.

Different Types of Reference Letters

Below are the types of reference letters:

Professional References

Professional Reference letters are those that are issued by teachers, professors, clients, colleagues, and former employers. This letter includes detailed information about the applicant’s position of responsibility and contributions to the organization. It is issued by those with whom the applicant is professionally connected. 

Academic References

This kind of reference letter has a description of the candidate’s educational background. It is generally issued by the teachers and professors of the candidate. This letter includes their educational accomplishments.

Character References

A personal or character reference letter is generally allocated by the family, friends, neighbors, and mentors. This kind of letter discusses the personal traits of the candidates. This letter discusses the characteristics, personalities, and qualities of the applicants.

6 Tips for Writing an Attractive Reference Letter

A letter of recommendation is a great way of expressing your admiration for the qualities and skills, the applicant possesses. A reference letter can have a positive impact on a candidate’s personality hence, you should know the format of articulating a recommendation letter. You must have come across this question of how to write a reference letter. The answer is mentioned below in the form of tips that you should remember while composing a reference letter.

Follow the Rules of Letter Writing

A recommendation letter is a professional letter addressed to the employer. Therefore, it should be presented professionally. Follow the letter writing rules while framing the letter. Start your letter by providing your introduction and contact information on the top-left side. Then, mention the date and write the name of the person to whom the letter is addressed. Then, start with the body giving information about your relationship with the applicant and putting light on the qualities he possesses. Conclude your letter with a professional signature.

Get a Glance at the Resume

You may know the applicant for many years but peeping into the resume comes in handy when you are working on a letter of reference. This will help you in understanding the skills and qualities of the applicant precisely. Also, you will be able to analyze their experience in other fields as well. You can connect the letter with the resume highlighting the strengths, skills, knowledge, and experience of the candidate. You can put more light on the skill that is required by the industry showing that the candidate is the best fit for the company.

Make a List

Prepare a record of the qualities and accomplishments of the candidates that will be best suited to the job profile. Make a list of the skills that highlight the qualifications of the applicant. Ask the applicant to provide you with a list of key points which according to him are the necessary aspects of the job title. Include the skills that can be profitable for the company. 

Include Your Introduction and Contact Information

Give your brief introduction to the starting lines of the letter. Highlight your position of responsibility. Since you are the reference of the candidate, your designation matters a lot. You should be in a good position if you are recommending someone, so pen down your job title very effectively. Explain your relationship with the applicant in two or three lines and show your admiration for the candidate. Attach your contact information with the letter so that the employer can get in touch with you if they need to make cross-verification. This will also show your support for the candidate and your eagerness to share more details.

Review the Job Description

Before writing the reference letter, go through the job description posted by the company. Carefully see what the employer is looking for. By doing this you can have a deep understanding of the specific requirements of the organization. This will help you in aligning the job requirements and skills of the applicant with those particular qualities that are relevant to the job title. In this way, you can build an effective and attractive letter.

Highlight the Candidate’s Potential and Qualities

Don’t make a fuss by emphasizing every quality and skill of the candidate rather make it crisp. Focus on a few qualities that make the candidate the best fit for the job title. Give examples of the works in which the candidate has proved his worth through these qualities. Also, describe the potential of the candidate to learn, grow and work as a team. Use the convincing tool to compel the employer to think that the applicant is best for the job and they should give it a thought. Rank the qualities and strengths of the candidate and compare the applicant with others.


A reference letter conveys a lot about the personality, quality, and qualifications of the candidate. It shows how much you support and is willing to help the applicant. Hence, it should be formatted nicely to create a positive impact on the employer. The tips and rules mentioned in the article can help you in making an impressive recommendation letter.