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Wed Nov 01 2023

5 min read

Top Websites for Quickly Finding Data Entry Jobs Near Me

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Finding jobs can get quite frustrating, as constant rejections can bring down people's confidence. However, there is a way to get selected much faster by looking at the right place. If you apply for positions anywhere, then there is less possibility for you to get selected. Hence, this is why we are here to help you find the 'data entry jobs near me' on websites that can get you higher selection responses much faster. 

The Internet has become a convenient place to look for jobs. As a result, there is no need to go anywhere when you can sit at home and start the process, from filling out the form to getting selected all through your screen. Therefore, we are giving you some sites that can get you selected for data entry jobs near me for freshers

What are data entry jobs?

Firstly, before we start with a list for searching computer data entry jobs near me, let us cover the basis by understanding what a data entry job is. A data entry job means the hired employee has to transfer, process, input, and manage data from one source to another. 

Consequently, most home-makers and students seek offline data entry jobs because one can do it conveniently and does not require immense skills. In addition, the task is simple. You just have to categorize the data and create a report.

What skills are required for data entry jobs?

Data entry jobs don't require a lot of skills, but you still need to know a few basics to land the best offline data entry jobs near me.

Fast Typing

If you're selected for a data entry job, you have to type a lot of stuff. Thus, typing fast is a must since they pay by the hour. Moreover, when your fingers are running on the keyboard, it is equally important that you must also ensure that you do not cause any blunders. 

Understanding of Microsoft Office Programmes

Basic understanding and knowledge of how Excel, Word, and Powerpoint work is a skill you need to know. What's more, is that these are fairly easy. You can take a course or learn these programs through Youtube and other social media platforms.

Find your dream job with the help of our top list of top job boards.

How to find data entry jobs near you?

We have come to the part where you can find data entry specialist jobs near me. Therefore, read the list below and apply to these places after knowing their details.


FlexJobs is one of the largest job websites, with over 25 million registered job seekers and over 2 million jobs. They allow you to apply for remote jobs, and there is also an option for data entry jobs. However, FlexJobs ask for a premium fee if you want to unlock their unlimited access. 

Data entry jobs on Flexjobs include:

  • Data migration
  • Virtual assistance
  • Typing data entry


Fiverr is a great place for freelancers and short-tenure-based projects. You can directly connect with the job provider from multiple options. The website charges $5, which makes it a cost-friendly solution. 

Data entry jobs on Fiverr include:

  • Copy paste
  • Data entry 
  • Data formatting and cleaning 
  • Web research


Upwork is an international place with the help of which you can find different jobs. Additionally, with Upwork, you can see various employers' reviews and feedback, which gives you a fair view. 

Data entry jobs on Upwork include:

  • Data entry
  • Web and product research
  • Administrative support


Clickworker is a website that allows you to find data entry jobs near me. Additionally, the app allows you to make money quickly, and it is a fantastic site for freelancers and remote workers. 

Data entry jobs on Clickworker include:

  • Categorization 
  • Research 
  • Text creation 

Amazon Mechanic Turk

AMKTruk pays people to complete simple tasks like data entry. Additionally, in your free time, data entry is the perfect task you can do to earn extra bucks from AMK.

Data entry jobs on AMKTruk include:

  • Editing and transcribing audio content
  • Translating content from one language to another
  • Rating the accuracy of search results
  • Categorizing information based on instructions

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We hope with the top 5 websites, you will find data entry jobs near me much faster. As a result, data entry is ideal if you have spare time and there is not much mental stress in this field. So, work on your typing skills, and best wishes for your upcoming data entry position. If you have a company looking to hire employees, check out Pitch N Hire, as we are the #1 choice for best candidate engagement.

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