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Sat Dec 16 2023

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10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Career Web Page

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While job hunting starts from third-party websites, most talents end up on a career web page. This makes improving your career page essential to attract suitable candidates.

After all, when a candidate finds your job opening attractive, they try to get to know you more. Most job search websites can spread awareness about your job post. But, it is your website that can create an everlasting impression on talents. Therefore, it is the most powerful recruitment tool for companies.

Research says nearly 86% of passive candidates presently evaluate a brand before applying for a position.

If you are looking for ways to improve your career page, this article is for you.

Introduction to an organization's career web

Career web for organizations is a great marketing tool. It creates and nurtures a company's brand image in the eyes of potential candidates. The career page is a publicly showcased company webpage that lists all the current job openings. It is designed to point out company information like its vision and mission statement, and uniqueness.

Additionally, your career page can include company awards, business-wide perks, FAQs, employee testimonials, videos and photos, and other initiatives.

Career web has the potential to improve your traffic generation and growth. Between January 2021 and March 2023, the fastest-growing company career page was Insurance New York Life, with a global traffic increase exceeding 8,294% during the period.

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What can a career web page do for your company?

They are numerous benefits of optimizing your career web page, including

  • Simplifying your hiring process by removing extra steps in traveling from job search websites.
  • Reducing hiring expenses by eliminating the need for secondary job sites to post job positions and manage candidates.
  • Providing your essential company information that secondary job sites don't offer.
  • Optimizing the human resource team with faster receiving and reviewing applications through the career page.
  • Customizing your web page content and design as per your preferences.

How to improve your career web page?

As long as the job market is competitive, you must improve your career web. It is because that page is the most valuable marketing tool for companies to attract qualified candidates.

In truth, companies with high-quality career pages impact candidates applying for jobs. Therefore, we are sharing ten essential tips to improve your career web.

Add videos

While improving career pages, try uploading engaging videos that highlight your plus points. However, make sure they give a visual look at your company culture and how teams work.

Well-produced videos leave an everlasting impression on applicants rather than any other content type. Furthermore, it helps in increasing your conversion rates.

Include employee testimonials

Your career web page can become appealing to talents with an employee testimonial. In the meantime, you can put up a testimonial that is relevant to the position you are hiring now.

It must be remembered that testimonials can significantly impact job seekers. It speaks about your work environment, culture, and employee satisfaction.

Update your mission statement

Companies must update their mission statement from time to time and stay relevant to today's job market. These can be short and sweet but leave a significant impact on how employees behave.

Additionally, you can use some words like "collaborative," "innovation," and "team player." These terms generate more likes best applicant tracking systems compared to age-old terms like "responsible."

Focus on design and user experience

Research says 89% of job seekers use their mobile devices for job searching. Therefore, creating mobile-friendly job portal websites is a must for companies. Additionally, ensure the web pages are attractive and engaging and align with your company branding.

You must add features like easy navigation, faster loading speed, better alignment, and compatibility with all devices.

Provide details on career development opportunities

As per a report, nearly 41% of employees left their jobs between April 2021-2022 due to a lack of career development. Therefore, to stand out from the competition, you must showcase plans for employee career growth.

In this situation, you can emphasize your company's employee growth and development initiatives. For example, information on mentorship programs and other training initiatives.

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Offer personalized experiences

Presently, companies must focus on personalizing candidate experience wherever possible to make your career web page engaging.

Firstly, you can add a chatbot to resolve job hunters' queries immediately. Secondly, use location targeting features to automatically present them with jobs in their locality or in their own language.

Keep the page updated

Job seekers expect to find genuine and authentic information on the company career page. Some of the best job websites often leave a link to your business career page. It means most applicants will end up on the career page.

Therefore, you must keep this page updated with all the latest company information. Additionally, make sure you are updating new job openings, employee testimonials, and the latest company photos and videos.

Never miss out on SEO

Currently, almost every company is aware of the importance of SEO in increasing career website visibility. Now that you have efficiently constructed an SEO strategy across your company website, don't let your career web miss that. Although it is good to use some trending words on job titles, ensure they follow SEO guidelines.

Shows your awards and accolades

So far, if you haven't added your achievements on the career web, it's high time to do so. It gives insights into where your company stands today. Also, awards and achievements speak about your capabilities and performance.

Not only are employers choosy with candidates, but the opposite is also the same. Therefore, by showcasing your awards and accolades on the career page, you attract talents who want to work with leading organizations.

Shorten the application process

Lastly, it is the application process that needs to be shortened. Initially, you must provide a button with a link to the application page or a form on the career web.

However, make sure you are asking only the relevant questions for a job position. Most candidates leave it halfway when the application form asks for unnecessary details or is exceptionally lengthy.

Final thoughts

A well-designed career web page can be the best channel for attracting suitable candidates. It must express and inspire quality job seekers to join your organization. However, redesigning the webpage can be a challenging and expensive prospect. Therefore you can always start by incorporating a few ideas into your current site and keep upgrading from time to time.

However, if you face challenges hiring suitable candidates, contact us at Pitch N Hire! We offer the best AI-powered applicant tracking systems that can identify the most suitable fit for your company. Additionally, we help you create a branded career website with our customizable career site builder and recruitment solutions. We add images, create company logos, add company info, and ensure effortless color customization. For more information, book a demo today.

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