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Sat Mar 16 2024

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What is a UX Researcher Job Description Template?

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ux researcher job description

The company wants its customers to visit its website regularly. The experience the buyers have on the website determines their regularity on the page. The management has to maintain the proper attraction for the customers so that you have an excellent experience.

The company needs user experience researchers to analyze the details of the website and create a report. The management has to mention primary requirements in the UX researcher job description. It will help the company to hire potential candidates for the job position with effective talent and skills. Here, we are discussing the UX researcher roles and responsibilities.

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The company must understand that the website's customers should engage themselves. They have to attract customers to the website and ensure they know the product. The customers' experience on the website is essential for upgrading the company. The company requires a user experience researcher to understand the customers' requirements and update the website. The company has to hire the employee using the UX researcher job description document.

The user experience researcher has to improve the customers' experience while using the company's website. They must make the website of the company straightforward for the customers. It should be attractive with essential design and colors, making it very amazing. Customers should visit the website and spend a good time on it to buy the product. For that, the customer's user experience has to be very efficient, which the employee has to maintain. The UX researcher has to analyze the impact of the data on the company’s website.

Here, we are discussing:

  • Definition of the job description of UX researcher
  • Responsibilities of UX researcher
  • Requirements from UX researcher
  • Job description template of UX researcher
  • Example of Job description template

What is a Job Description of a UX Researcher?

A UX researcher job description is a document the company gives job applicants during selection. It consists of all the essential requirements the candidate must fulfill for the job position. It has crucial responsibilities that determine the entire job role. The applicant that can fulfill all the requirements and responsibilities gets the selection for the job.

The user experience researcher is essential in building the company's website. The person must regularly advise new website designs by checking the data. The research must also understand the impact of the existing data on the website. The productivity and performance of the company in gaining new customers depend upon the working efficiency of the UX researcher.

What are the UX Researcher Roles and Responsibilities?

The company has to mention specific responsibilities in the UX researcher job description. They select the appropriate employee who can fulfill all these responsibilities. These directly relate to the job position and are essential for the company's performance. They are:

1. Advising design

The user experience researcher has to understand the website's existing design and suggest any changes. They need to report to the management with specific changes in the design that might attract potential customers. According to the researcher's reports, there can be significant changes to the website.

2. Understanding the data

The user experience researcher has to understand the impact of the data available on the website. The data's impact on the customers is significant to research for the company's betterment. The researcher has to ensure that the customers have a positive impact from the data of the website. It is the necessary responsibility of the UX researcher job description.

3. Client relationship

The user experience researcher must maintain a strong client-designer relationship to understand their nature. They should have regular conversations with the clients to understand the website's impact on them. The person has to gather proper information from them and then provide it to the management.

What are the UX Researcher Job Requirements?

The company might have special requirements from the user experience researcher. These require specific skills which improve the chances of selection. These skills help employees work properly in the company and give better results. The skills and requirements are:

  • Better communication knowledge with customers
  • Understanding the methods of research
  • Proper awareness plan
  • Have good technical knowledge
  • Understanding design and data

These might be the additional job requirements that the company can mention in the UX researcher job description.

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What Includes in the Job Description Template for a UX Researcher?

The job description template of the user experience researcher is a sample document that the company could follow. The management can mention all the requirements the employee has to fulfill for the company. The company must provide this document to the candidates looking for a job. The template includes the following:

Company details

The company should start the job description with the introduction of the organization, emphasizing its commitment to building relationships with employees. It is a section where the company has to mention the working culture and the employee environment. It should be a positive statement where the candidates get the motivation to work in the company. The management can talk about its reputation and the brief benefits the company employees get. It is a necessary part of the UX researcher job description.

Job title

The job title is the section where the applicant looks first in any description. Here, it should be UX Researcher. It should be straightforward for the applicants, and the management should avoid any complexity in this section. Keeping it simple will help the candidates to apply quickly.

Job Overview

The job overview is the section where the company defines the job position. The company has to mention the basic details of the job and the basic responsibilities which the worker has to perform. The company can also mention the benefits the workers will get while working there. It is a necessary part of the job description that the company has to make very attractive. The management has to ensure that the UX researcher's job description has a proper job overview.


The next section of the job description is vital for the job management. It is the category where the company has to mention the employee's specific responsibilities. These include the duties that a user experience researcher has to perform for the company. The applicant who has the best ability to perform these duties gets the selection by the company. The company has to ensure that the responsibilities are written simply so the applicant can easily understand them.


The UX researcher qualifications include the part where the company mentions the candidates' educational qualifications and experience. The qualifications are necessary for any user experience researcher to increase the chances of selection. A primary part of the UX researcher job description is the qualifications.


It is the category where the company has to mention the benefits that the user experience researcher will get while working. It is essential to the job description to attract potential candidates to the company. The management has to mention crucial details of the insurance of the employees to work for the company. It is a category that has to be very attractive for the candidates.

Other requirements

If the management has any special skills and experience requirements, they can mention it here. If the user experience researcher has unique skills, then the chances of selection increase. The company wants its employees to have specific skills.


The UX researcher salary is a necessary part of the job description and an essential motivation for the applicants. It is suitable for the management to mention a range of salary which the employees might get according to their experience. If the organization has any increment plan for the employees, they should mention it in the solution.

UX Researcher Job Description Template.webp


The experience of the users is a primary objective for any organization. PNH is a company that gives good priority to all its customers and maintains a record of their experience. They have a good user experience researcher, which they hire through the UX researcher job description.

You should follow the job description templates of these companies to have the best employees in your organization. If the company maintains a proper job description, it can select the best employee.

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