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Mon Apr 15 2024

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Skills Needed for a Product Manager and How to Develop Them

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Skills needed for a product manager

The product manager is the one who is responsible for managing every aspect of product development. Learn the key responsibilities, technical expertise, and soft skills essential for effective product management. Master the essential skills needed for a product manager, from strategic thinking and financial acumen to leadership and problem-solving skills. You will also get to know how you can become a product manager.

In the making of a product, the product manager is the director. As a product manager, you will develop the product from inception to final delivery. You will coordinate among all the teams involved in the product-making process. The roles and associated skills needed for a product manager are thus crucial for the success of the product.

Do you know today that the need for a product manager has increased exponentially? It will have tremendous scope in the future as well. The reasons behind this include the influx of new startups, the expansion of giant e-commerce websites, and many more. Every day, they are coming up with new products and services. Now, who will monitor the entire process of product development? The answer is Product manager.

So, do you want to dive into becoming a product manager? But how can you become a product manager? What are the roles and responsibilities of a product manager? What are the skills needed for a product manager? This article will answer all your queries.

What is the Role of a Product Manager?

Product managers are tasked with overseeing both optimization and product growth. They are cross-functional team members ultimately responsible for a product's strategy, from the thought of an idea to its launch. Their role involves identifying the needs of the consumer and the larger business goals that a feature or product will satisfy.

Consequently, they define success for a product and organize the team to make that vision a reality. Thus, to achieve this, certain crucial skills required for product management. Let us first learn the major responsibilities you need to fulfill as a product manager.

What are the duties of a Product Manager?

Understanding the duties will help you understand what skills are needed for a product manager. The duties and responsibilities of a product manager primarily center on how a product, service, or product line performs.

The following are the specific duties you will need to perform as a product manager:

Market Research and Consumer Behavior

As a product manager, first, you must study the market gap, understand what customers want and learn about other products, services, and competitors. This will help you design the right product to meet the market gap.

Strategy Planning for Success

Once the research is done, it's time to make the product. The product manager creates a plan and strategy for manufacturing, developing, packaging, and launching the product. This plan helps the company reach its goal and make the product the best it can be.

Communicate and Collaborate

Making a product needs lots of teamwork. Product managers ensure that different teams, like engineering, sales, marketing, and customer service, work well together. It's kind of like handling a bunch of people, just like making a movie.

Final Dispatch and Market Review

Once the product is ready, it's time to show it to the world. The product manager plans how to introduce the product to the market. This means deciding on the best time to release it and finding ways to tell people about it, like using ads and other marketing ideas.

The job doesn't end here. They also need to take reviews from the customer and work on their feedback. This way, the cycle of product development keeps moving. To perform these tasks, the basic skills needed for a product manager are data analysis, communication skills, roadmapping, and leadership skills. The role of a product manager requires a strong mix of both technical and soft skills to excel.

Learn how to implement a strategic plan to promote leadership within your organization, fostering a culture of continuous development and success.

What technical skills should a product manager have?

Technical skills are those skills that are non-negotiable for a job profile. Here are the top eight technical skills needed for product manager:

Basic knowledge of Web Development

A product manager must have a strong understanding of web development ideas to communicate and make decisions effectively, even though you may not be actively involved in coding skills or implementation. Basic web development knowledge includes HTML, backend technologies, APIs, etc.

Know-how of A/B Testing

A product manager assesses what aspects of your product are successful and unsuccessful. You should learn how to create an A/B test. By conducting appropriate experimentation, you may ascertain how successfully your features or design decisions annoy users' interest and keep what works while discarding what doesn't.

Well-versed with user experience best practices

Although UX and UI specialists are frequently part of a product team, product managers can benefit from having some technical understanding of user experience best practices. This will guarantee that the product manager and the UX product team communicate in the same language and understand how long or short a task might be.

Explore a comprehensive UX researcher job description, outlining key responsibilities and qualifications for this critical role in product development.

Conducting Customer and Market Research

Competent product managers look beyond just the product. You must consider the current customer base while determining how to grow into new target markets. You also have to monitor the competitors to stay ahead of them. Thus, researching is one of the essential skills needed for a product manager.

Analytical skills

For product managers, research and analytical skills go hand in hand. Post the market research, you will need to analyze the data received. A product manager must be proficient in analytical skills to use the facts to generate plans for pricing, business expansion, and strategic development.

Strategic thinking and quick decision-making

Product managers must have the ability to think strategically. Quick decision-making is also one of the skills needed for a product manager, as time is real money in this process.

Financial Skills

The Product Manager also acts as the accountant of the product. Thus, financial skills are the basic skills needed for a product manager. This includes evaluating financial data, including pricing, operating expenses, and recurring revenue.

Marketing Skills

As a great product manager, you must be able to market the product and reach a wider audience. You must also have the skills required for a marketing manager job.

As a product manager, you will wear many hats, and thus, to be successful in this profession, you must work toward honing the skills needed for a product manager, which we discussed above.

What are the Soft skills needed for a Product Manager?

These soft skills will help you grow in the profession and even contribute to the product's success.

Leadership Skills

The product manager leads the whole process of making the product. So, as a product manager, you must lead the team with confidence, understanding, and empathy. Thus, in the list of skills needed for a product manager, efficient leadership skills are at the top.


As a product manager, you need to be curious. That means you always want to learn more and get better. When you're curious, you can figure out what your customer wants and develop products that meet their needs.

Effective Communication Skills

One of the crucial skills needed for a product manager is good communication. As a product manager, you must be able to communicate your thoughts, visions, and ideas clearly. You also have to coordinate among teams and make sure everyone understands your vision.

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence and strong interpersonal skills are crucial for a product manager and essential traits for connecting with people. To create a product that resonates with customers, it's important to empathize with their feelings.

Time Management Skills

As a product manager, you must ensure everyone's time is used well. You have to be good at planning things and making decisions fast so everything gets done on time.

Having these soft skills will cater to your career needs as well as the vision of the company.

What is Required to Become a Product Manager?

All the skills mentioned above are the skills needed to become a product manager. People from diverse educational backgrounds come to become product managers. There are no standard undergraduate or postgraduate degrees to become a product manager. However, many universities are now offering special certification courses.

Having a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA) will give you exposure to statistics, marketing, and business on a wide scale. This will hone the skills needed for a product manager.

To become a product manager, you will first need a bullet-proof CV. Crafting your resume correctly is crucial for getting hired. It is like taking the first step toward your dream of becoming a product manager. Your CV must check the following boxes:

  • It must contain all the skills needed for a product manager.
  • It must have all the keywords given in the job description of a product manager.
  • It must highlight your soft skills and the value you can bring to the team.
  • It must be customized to the role and the company.

After your CV has been drafted, you can submit it to job sites like Pitch N Hire. Companies frequently post job openings on our best applicant tracking system (ATS).

What are you waiting for? Craft a customized CV showcasing the skills needed for a product manager, submit it to Pitch N Hire, and start your journey towards becoming a product manager. Please contact us through the form below if you have any other questions.

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