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Quit Or Get Fired: 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Option

quit-or-get-firedPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read
quit-or-get-firedPosted on Mon Aug 08 20222 min read

Life is all about ups and lows and in a career too, you will face different phases. There may come a phase in your job when you will have to quit for growing more in the industry or your employer fire you because of some internal disputes. You may get confused about whether to quit or get fired. If you go by career prospect then quitting before getting fired is the best choice. Resigning from a job will create a positive impact on your career. As time passes, you may feel that your talent deserve a place better than the current one and that is only possible when you move out of the current job. This will catch you in a state of confusion leading to the arousal of a question, “is it better to quit or to be fired?” 

Leaving a job means you either quit or get fired. If you want to change your job, you can choose to quit. Resigning means taking a voluntary exit from the job. It is a formal description of leaving a job. On the other hand, Termination means leaving a job without consent. These two ways of leaving a job title can create a huge difference in your career. If you leave a job, you have reasons and better explanations which is not the same in case of termination. If you get fired from the job, the recruiter will hesitate in hiring you. So, choose your option wisely after examining and analyzing the impact of both. This article will explain to you whether you should resign from a job or wait for the termination letter to move on the path of a new place. 

How to decide whether to quit or get fired?

You may come across the question, “is it better to quit or to be fired” while you think of leaving a job. Both aspects have their own positive and negative impacts. The following tips will help you choose whether to quit or get fired.

Be future-oriented

Your choice of the path should depend on your future goal. Before deciding whether to resign or wait for termination, see where you look yourself in future and how your job title will be in the coming years. If you feel your qualifications are in demand and you can grow more then quitting the job is better. Shifting jobs help you reach a higher place. If you have any opportunity in your hand then go ahead and resign from your current job. However, you can choose to wait for getting fired if you don’t have any other job position currently.

Examine your professional associations

Transitioning from one job to another becomes easy if you have a reference letter. Recommendation letters prove the authenticity of your work and personality. So, maintaining a cordial relation with colleagues and managers is important. Therefore, your decision should be taken considering your connection with people at your current job. Quitting before getting fired will help you in maintaining a professional and cordial relationship at your current job place. If you can maintain your relationship at your previous workplace, it will benefit you in future too.

Put yourself first

Every work becomes easy if you love doing it. The same goes for the job if you love your work and the environment of the workplace then the situation to choose whether to quit or get fired will never arise. But if your job doesn’t interest you, your productivity will eventually fall. In such a case quitting before getting fired is best. If you dislike your job, your mental peace and your company’s growth will get hampered. So prioritize yourself while deciding between resignation and termination. If a job affects your physical and mental health then you should quit the job rather than waiting for termination. 

Unemployment privileges 

Jobs will show you the ups and downs. You may come across a phase where you don’t get enough projects and assignments to work on. The company may start cutting the salaries and the workforce. “Is it better to quit or to be fired” will be the question that comes in this situation. You may get confused while deciding whether to quit or get fired. In these scenarios, waiting for the termination is better than quitting because you may get certain unemployment benefits if the company fired you without your fault. These privileges will financially support you throughout the job finding phase 

 Consider the benefits of resigning and termination

While choosing whether to quit or get fired, you must consider the benefits associated with both. If you decide to quit before getting fired, it will be advantageous as it looks good on your resume. Quitting represents you with a positive personality. While getting fired may not benefit you hugely but can get certain privileges if you get terminated. For instance, unemployment benefits, time for finding another job if you see a firing is coming. While choosing between quitting and termination, consider both these factors because they will create a great impact on your career. 

confused about whether to quit or get fired.

Concluding note 

Whether to quit or get fired is your sole decision. Both have their perks and drawbacks so choose wisely. Get a peep into the details of quitting and firing to make a decision that benefits your career. See what your goal is and what turns your career will take if you quit or get fired. While on the one hand, quitting gives you full control over your future job, firing benefits you in getting advantages for being fired without your mistake. Before making any decision, consider the benefits linked with both the ways of leaving a job.

If at any point in your employment, you feel that you should rather quit than wait for firing then you must act upon your thought. It will help you in maintaining the quality of your work and your demand will increase in the industry. Don’t decide in hurry, take time and see what will help you grow in future. If you think wisely and select the best way, you can achieve great heights in your career.

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