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Sun Mar 03 2024

5 min read

Is It Better to Quit or Get Fired without Notice - Full Guide

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quit or get fired

Resigning or getting fired which is better - We all understand that careers have highs and lows. Sometimes you may face tough situations, such as leaving your job to grow in your field or being fired due to conflicts with your employer. Generally speaking, it’s better to quit or get fired. Resigning before being fired in terms of your career is better.

It demonstrates your career direction and self-aware decision-making. Your current job may not always value your skills and abilities, and you may feel you need to move on to find better opportunities.

When you resign, you decide to leave your position. Moreover, you are forced to leave the company when you get fired, which means you terminate your current position.

These two distinct methods of quitting a job can impact professional life. It may not appear as bad as getting fired if you choose to leave a job and provide an explanation. You also think about how to answer the employer if fired from the previous organization. Moreover, other employers may be reluctant to hire you if they know you have been fired from the last company. Now, we’ll discuss the reasons for what's better getting fired or quitting.

What are the Reasons Behind Better to Quit or Get Fired?

There are great reasons why someone would leave a job?

Some of these reasons why resign instead of being fired include the following:

  • When the company is not doing well.
  • When it gets bought by another company or changes how it works.

Leaving a job could also be motivated by a desire to advance, switch industries, or experience a different working environment. Family situations may also make someone want to leave their job. Choosing to leave a job can be a hard choice for you. If you're experiencing these signs, it might be time to quit your job.

These are the best reasons to explain to another employer when joining a new organization. Maybe, now you can easily choose between the better to quit or get fired.

How to Decide Whether or Not Quit or Get Fired?

You may come across the question, “is it better to quit or to be fired or My employer terminated me and said I quit” while you think of leaving a job. Both aspects have their own positive and negative impacts.

The following tips will help you choose whether to quit or get fired.

Become more future oriented

Your choice of path should depend on your future goal. Before deciding whether to resign or wait for termination, see where you look at yourself in the future and how your job title will be in the coming years. If you feel your qualifications are in demand and you can grow more, quitting the job is better. Shifting jobs help you reach a higher place. If you have any opportunity, then resign from your current job. However, you can't wait to get fired if you don’t have any other job position currently.

Examine your Professional Networks

Transitioning from one job to another becomes easy if you have a reference letter. Recommendation letters prove the authenticity of your work and personality. So, maintaining a cordial relationship with colleagues and managers is important.

Therefore, considering your connection with people at your current job, your decision should be taken. Quitting before getting fired will help you maintain a professional and cordial relationship at your current job place. If you can maintain your relationship at your previous workplace, it will benefit you in the future too.

Put Yourself First

Every work becomes easy if you love doing it. The same goes for the job. If you love your work and the workplace environment, then the situation of choosing whether to quit or get fired will never arise. But your productivity will eventually fall if your job doesn’t interest you. In such a case quitting before getting fired is best. Discover effective ways for improving employee motivation and achieving company goals.

If you dislike your job, your mental peace and your company’s growth will be hampered. So prioritize yourself while deciding between resignation and termination. That's why it's important to carefully consider whether it's better to quit or get fired. If a job affects your physical and mental health, then you should quit the job rather than wait for termination.

Unemployment Privileges

Is it better to quit or get fired for unemployment - Jobs will show you the ups and downs. You may encounter a phase where you don’t get enough projects and assignments to work on. The company may start cutting salaries and the workforce. “Is it better to quit or be fired” will be the question in this situation.

You may get confused while deciding whether to quit or get fired. In these scenarios, waiting for the termination is better than quitting because you may get certain unemployment benefits if the company fired you without fault. These privileges will financially support you throughout the job-finding phase.

Consider the Benefits of Resigning and Termination

When you're deciding is it better to quit or get fired, it's important to think about the advantages of each option. It will be advantageous if you decide to quit before getting fired, as it looks good on your resume. Quitting represents you with a positive personality.

While getting fired may not benefit you greatly, you can get certain privileges if you get terminated. For instance, unemployment benefits and time for finding another job if you see a firing is coming. While choosing between quitting and termination, consider both factors because they will greatly impact your career.


Finally, is it better to quit or get fired is your sole decision. Both have some perks and drawbacks, so choose wisely. Get a peep into the details of quitting and firing to make a decision that benefits your career. See your goal and how your career will take if you quit or get fired. While on the one hand, quitting gives you full control over your future job, and firing benefits you in getting advantages for being fired without your mistake. Before making any decision, consider the benefits linked with both ways of leaving a job. Learn how an employer applicant tracking system can streamline your hiring process.

If at any point in your employment, you feel that you should rather quit than wait for firing, then you must act upon your thought. It will help you maintain the quality of your work, and your demand will increase in the industry. Don’t decide in a hurry. Take time and see what will help you grow in the future. If you think wisely and select the best way, you can achieve great heights in your career.