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Wed Nov 08 2023

5 min read

Greenhouse Applicant Tracking vs Pitchnhire ATS

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Greenhouse applicant tracking is one of the leading applicant tracking and recruitment solutions which helps businesses. Hiring employees and running the company is a lengthy and hectic process. For your company to build a strong team, having people who fit your goal and criteria is a must. However, following the traditional method of reviewing all the applicants is quite time-consuming. Therefore, Pitch N Hire ATS and Greenhouse are what most businesses are using in today's time.

The Internet has reduced manual work and given us more time to focus on other crucial tasks. Hence, now we adapt and use shortcuts to get the best results.

The Greenhouse ATS system is utilized by most companies to get the best employees on board.

How Does Applicant Tracking Work?

Greenhouse ATS collects all applications and stores information related to the applicants. The system organizes the resumes going by the roles applicants have applied to and the current status of the application. The ATS system also collects feedback for and from each candidate. This process helps the company and the applicants make the required changes.

Greenhouse ATS Features

If you are running a business, it is better to know its benefits and features before adopting the Greenhouse ATS system. Your company will get a powerful recruiting team through Greenhouse. This will boost your business and make it worthy of competing with the top names. Below is a list of features that can benefit your performance as a whole:

Structured Hiring

With Greenhouse, your recruitment process will be more transparent and consistent. There is no need to maintain a different file or to allot an employee to keep a record of all interviews because this ATS system does it all. Moreover, the job requirement is mentioned and described with hiring, which ensures that you select employees that match your requirements perfectly.


You do not have to go through candidates that do not fit the requirement. Greenhouse saves a lot of time by filtering through the resumes and searching for specific keywords. The hiring manager does not have to go through hundreds of applications when the system does it automatically and sends forward those resumes that your company can potentially hire.

Candidate Experience

Even though your company will not hire all prospective candidates, it is essential to make a good impression. It is your responsibility that all the applicants have a good experience when they apply for the job so that they trust your company. So, Greenhouse offers the best opportunity to create a solid and lasting impression on candidates by making a custom-branded job board.


The world is becoming one global village. Therefore, it is beneficial to hire employees from all over the world. Greenhouse is a great applicant tracking system that includes people from all races, ethnicity, religion, and other backgrounds. The software also has the feature of “say my name,” through which candidates can correctly record their name's pronunciation.

How Can Pitch N Hire Help?

Are you looking for an ATS that offers a free consultation for you to take a look at their features before you decide to commit? The name you are looking for is Pitch N Hire. We are determined to let companies have the most seamless and smooth experience while hiring employees. Below are some features that we provide for the hiring process:

  • You can easily find, assess and complete the process of selecting top employees from our tracking system.
  • Your company will get a centralized job process which makes hiring much more accessible. Switching tabs is unnecessary when everything is available under one umbrella.
  • Organize and track job applicants easily with our system. There will be no goof-ups in hiring with our robust system.
  • We use data-driven analytics and statistics to bring you the most talented profiles.
  • You get customized design and content that can help attract top talent and improve your company's brand image.


Hiring employees is difficult as it takes up a lot of time. The traditional method of hiring makes the entire process tedious. Moreover, there is a possibility that you may not get the best employees. With applicant tracking system, your business can thrive and prosper with the top talented employees.

If you are looking for an efficient service provider to make your hiring process easier, browse Pitch N Hire now.

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