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Requirement For Custom Recruitment Dashboards And Reports

custom-recruitment-dashboards-and-reportsPosted on Wed Sep 07 20222 min read
custom-recruitment-dashboards-and-reportsPosted on Wed Sep 07 20222 min read

Over the past few years, recruitment agencies have been flooded with applications from individuals with different degrees of interest and qualifications. The question is how to separate the wheat from the chaff and ensure that suitable candidates are hired.

This demonstrates the high importance of recruitment processes, which are vital in ensuring the success of a business. Custom recruitment dashboards and reports are required to ensure that the most relevant candidates are being brought in and that the right people are being hired.

This blog will discuss what are custom recruitment reports, the different ways to use custom recruitment reports for hiring, and the utility of Custom Recruitment Dashboards so that you get clarity regarding the hiring of candidates. 

What Are Custom Recruitment Reports? 

Recruitment reports are a series of reports that provide information about candidates brought in for review. There are many different types of custom recruitment reports, such as applicant tracking, candidate tracking, and hiring. 

These reports are used by recruiters responsible for bringing in candidates for review for various functions, such as applicant tracking. 

Our next section will discuss how profitable are these custom recruitment dashboards and reports. 

The Utility of Custom Recruitment Dashboards and Reports

A recruitment dashboard comprises metrics, key performance indicators (KPI), and reports that give you a general idea of the hiring process and funnel. It's not a jumble of unrelated pieces. Recruitment dashboards are designed to visually respond to essential recruitment questions and provide quick insights for upcoming hiring decisions. 

Have a look at these benefits: 

1. Identify Key Metrics 

Recruitment dashboards show critical performance metrics vital to a business's success. This allows recruiters to make informed decisions regarding the hiring process and helps them hire the best candidates faster. 

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2. Create Visualizations 

Recruitment dashboards can be used to create visualizations of the data. This allows recruiters to get a better idea of the data and understand how to use it to make better decisions. This also helps recruiters identify trends and patterns in the data, which is vital for making informed decisions regarding the hiring process. 

3. Hire Faster, Better, and Smarter 

The primary purpose of custom recruitment dashboards and reports is to speed up your hiring process. With the right set of tools and metrics in place, dashboards can be customized to answer the question of who is the best fit for a position, and they can be used to monitor the progress of the hiring process closely and identify trends that might indicate a candidate is not a firm fit. 

With all these crucial benefits that custom recruitment dashboards can provide, you must be wondering how you go about creating one and the different ways associated with the process. Don't worry; we've got you covered. 

Ways to Use Custom Recruitment Reports for Hiring 

The best way to use custom recruitment dashboards is to track the hiring process, from when a candidate first expresses interest to when they're offered the role. For example, you can use custom recruitment dashboards and reports to identify the best candidates for a position, show when candidates have been passed on for further review, and where the candidates are in the recruitment process. 

The following are some of the most common ways of using these dashboards: 

1. Sourcing Report 

A wealth of information about the effectiveness of your marking strategies and the routes your candidates take can be found in sourcing reports.

You can learn from sourcing reports whether hiring teams and paid advertisements are effective at attracting candidates. You'll also understand just how important your social media and career pages are for attracting candidates.

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2. Employment Time Report 

Analyzing the time to hire, you can see which stages of the hiring process are lagging and where bottlenecks are occurring. These reports can be broken down so that problem areas can be quickly identified. 

3. Report on Hiring Costs 

No matter the reason, every hire's cost needs to be calculated. Various internal and external factors like recruiter compensation are frequently measured when evaluating.

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Craft Custom Recruitment Dashboards with Pitch N Hire 

Be it a simple report on the effectiveness of your hiring strategies or a more in-depth look at the candidate's journey, having custom recruitment dashboards and reports is an easy and cost-effective way to gain insight into the recruitment plans. 

The key is to find the right set of metrics and data to measure, from which you can learn to improve your sourcing and hiring strategies, which you can use to identify trends and patterns in the data, which is vital for making informed decisions regarding the hiring process. 

Ways to Use Custom Recruitment Reports for Hiring
Ways to Use Custom Recruitment Reports for Hiring 

Pitch N Hire provides a wealth of metrics to understand the effectiveness of your recruiting efforts, including your candidates, your hiring managers, and the entire recruiting process. 

PNH provides a variety of prebuilt templates that you can customize, or you can build your own from scratch. You can also use their onboarding system to customize the onboarding process and create tailored job descriptions. 

When it comes to customizing your onboarding process, you can use the drag-and-drop system to customize the various stages of the process, such as the welcome email, the primary call, the second call, and the interview. 

Pitch N Hire is the perfect choice for your company, with over 100+ companies relying on PNH to help them improve their hiring process. The AI-powered talent acquisition platform combines a decisive recruiting and onboarding system with the best talent sourcing and hiring practices. Their comprehensive set of services includes: 

1. A Job Pipeline

Detailed analysis of your candidates' progress through the interview process of job management

2. Testing Before Screening 

Interview only the candidates who stand out after screening the applicant pool

3. Data Analysis & Reporting 

Create an accurate, personalized report with just one click. 

4. Job Postings 

From a single dashboard, post jobs across multiple sites. Least effort and most incredible reach. 

5. Recruiting & Career Portals 

Make a bold statement on the career page. Through referral programs, create opportunities and discover talents. 

6. Scheduling & Email

Save time and money by letting us handle the scheduling automation. 

7. Management of Candidates 

You can access the appropriate metrics, filters, and tools to identify the best candidates.

So without any further ado, visit Pitch N Hire today and experience the power of AI-powered recruiting! 


Hiring is a complex process that involves many different steps and stages. Finding suitable candidates and building a solid hiring process takes time and effort. However, using the right tools and strategies can help save a lot of time and effort while still allowing you to identify the best candidates and build a robust hiring process that's efficient and effective. 

The AI-powered platform Pitch N Hire provides a comprehensive set of services that can help you save time and effort while building a solid and efficient hiring process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q1. What Information Should a Recruitment Dashboard Contain? 

A recruitment dashboard shows you how your recruitment funnel is doing through a visual compilation of data-driven metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reports. This comprises information on candidates, hires, campaigns, and spending. 

Q2. What is a Recruitment KPI Dashboard For Hiring Funnel? 

A recruitment KPI dashboard for the hiring funnel shows you how your recruitment funnel is doing through a visual compilation of data-driven metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reports. 

This comprises information on candidates, hires, campaigns, and spending. KPI can filter the data in the dashboard, and you can also create your own custom KPIs to track. The dashboard allows you to create custom KPIs and measure the impact of your strategies on your KPIs.

Q3. Why are Custom Recruitment Dashboards and Reports Important?

Recruitment dashboards are very crucial for understanding the performance of your recruitment funnel. With these reports, you can track all the metrics that matter to you and make informed decisions.

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