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Mon Dec 25 2023

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What Does a Candidate Relationship Management Tool Do?

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Interactions with the candidates as they move through the recruitment funnel are vital for organizations. Most employers struggle with this process because they lack the technology to communicate effectively with multiple candidates. Continue reading the blog to learn how candidate relationship management tools can enhance recruiter-candidate relationships.

You hire the best employees when you maintain meaningful relationships with candidates who apply for jobs at your company. Candidate relationship management tools are crucial during recruitment as they help recruiters develop and retain relationships with candidates. Rejected applicants will only have a positive image of your brand when you have engaged with them throughout the hiring process.

Thus, it is crucial to maintain good relationships with all the dates to be successful in the long run. Employers should also make sure that these connections keep going. They can do this using CRM tools. We will discuss more about these tools in the blog below.

What are Candidate Relationship Management Tools?

Recently, recruiters have started focusing on providing candidates with a seamless experience throughout the recruitment pipeline. HR professionals have realized the importance of candidate experience in hiring. Candidate relationship management tools help HR managers maintain and nurture relationships with all job applicants. In other words, CRM tools make it easy for employers to connect and interact with candidates.

The database of CRM includes information on all the candidates who have currently or previously applied for jobs in your organization. This system is like a safe space that stores a large talent pool. People often confuse CRM with the best applicant tracking system (ATS). But both these tools are different based on their features and functionalities. Recruitment services providers have specifically designed CRM software to focus on candidates only.

The recruitment cycle involves many candidates. Any candidate can convert into a company’s employee in the future. Thus, it is necessary to behave well with the candidates. It will not only enhance current hiring quality but also boost productivity at work in the long run. And using CRM to engage and communicate with candidates is the best decision to make as an HR.

Why are Candidate Relationship Management Tools Important?

Earlier, recruiters used to dismiss old employees after hiring new and more skilled candidates for the specific role. But these days, recruiters cannot treat candidates and employees like this. It is because organizations know the importance of a good brand reputation in the job market. Bad or rude behavior with employees can affect any company’s growth and success.

Candidate relationship management tools eliminate the chances of zero engagement with candidates and offer many other benefits. To understand the benefits of these tools, you first need to know the importance of good candidate management. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Strengthens the brand reputation: When employers care about providing a seamless experience to candidates, they present themselves as inclusive employers. It enhances the reputation of the company.
  • Enhances the work culture: Organizations that are employee-centric and offer a good work environment to their employees are more likely to have a great work culture. This way, the employees will also understand the company’s goals, norms, and values and work accordingly.
  • Boosts hiring efficiency: Good behavior attracts the top candidates. No talented candidates apply for jobs in companies with a negative candidate track record. Thus, good candidate relationship management is a must to hire skilled and experienced candidates from the large candidate pool.

The above three points depict the importance of building good relationships with job applicants. Candidate relationship management tools do just that. With the aid of advanced candidate relationship management tools, talent tracking becomes seamless, empowering recruiters to efficiently identify and engage with top talent within the diverse talent pool.

Key Takeaways

  • Job applicants are most likely to have a negative impression of organizations where the employers fail to communicate effectively.
  • If the candidate joins your company, your good behavior will add to his experience as an employee. Thus, good recruiter and candidates relationship motivate the hired employees to perform better at work.
  • When you engage well with the candidates, even the rejected candidates will have a positive impression of your company. Your constant engagement will motivate them to reapply or give recommendations to other candidates to apply for a job at your company.
  • Candidate relationship management tools help recruiters deal with candidates effectively and enhance their experience throughout the hiring process.

How Do Candidate Relationship Management Tools Work?

Recruitment is a complicated process for organizations when employers lack knowledge about the importance of candidate experience. But now that you know the importance of candidate relationship management tools in recruitment, you should make it your mission to adopt this technology. Every candidate deserves some courtesy from the employers. Thus, employers should try to provide candidates with this courtesy during each recruitment stage.

There are many stages involved in the recruitment process, and candidate relationship management tools help in almost every stage. Keeping candidates informed about the status of their job applications is essential in every hiring step. If we specifically talk about candidate relationships, there are five stages involved. The best candidate relationship tool will be the one helping the recruiter in all the stages. These stages are:


Candidate relationship management tools keep a systematic database of all the ex, current, and potential candidates. Before posting jobs and attracting candidates from the job market, you can check the old resumes and assessments of the previous candidates. For this, you should first know your current hiring needs, job role requirements, and skills required for the position.

CRM software will automatically present you with the most suitable resumes from the candidate database. You can use this data to identify the potential candidates. During this stage, the CRM software will also suggest the best channels and employment website platforms for job posting.


Job advertisements and job postings are crucial in attracting candidates from the large talent pool. Besides this, PR and other social events also help organizations identify and attract top talent. Implementing a candidate relationship management tool streamlines social media hiring efforts, enabling recruiters to effectively engage and manage potential candidates across various platforms so that candidates can quickly apply online.

CRM software will help you reach out to other potential candidates by notifying them about the vacant job positions in your company. This way, the CRM system will attract many candidates by promoting your brand and running job advertisements online.


Continuous candidate interaction is crucial in the recruitment process. Now is the stage where the candidate relationship management tools integrate with the applicant tracking system. The software enables the employer to engage with candidates on a personal level with the help of personalized communication tools. The CRM system integrates with various communication tools like email and SMS.

Employers can use this feature of CRM to boost interactions with all candidates. This way, the candidates will remain aware of interview dates, application status, and further hiring steps. Even the rejected candidates will receive honest feedback from the organization side.


During the hiring process, candidates already know what they are signing up for as they know about the company’s image in the job market. In the same way, organizations are also aware of the candidates' capabilities and skills. Do you know how? Some CRM software has a ranking feature to rank candidates based on their skills and job requirements.

When CRM shortlists the most suitable candidates, organizations move forward with the hiring process with the shortlisted candidates only. This way, candidate relationship management tools help organizations make effective hiring strategies and follow a systematic recruitment pattern.


Building relationships with the candidates during the start of recruitment is not enough. You need to keep going and continuously offer a comfortable environment to the candidates. By doing this, you will make it easy for them to pass through the recruitment pipeline management system. Giving honest feedback, keeping track of details, and staying in touch with the candidates will help you retain the already-built relationships.

Candidate relationship management tools can conveniently help you to do so, as the software has all the information and data stored in one place. This data remains protected, and only the employees can access it to reach out to any current, previous, or potential candidate.

In this technology-driven world, the power lies in the hands of the jobseekers and not the recruiters. This is because there are many job opportunities available in the market. Therefore, job seekers have many options to choose from. So, if you do not want to miss out on the best candidates and survive in the highly competitive job market, you must rely on candidate relationship management tools.


Ultimately, we can only say that it is challenging for recruiters to stay in touch with all the candidates. However, adopting candidate relationship management tools can help recruiters have one-to-one interactions with each candidate. This engagement with candidates on a personal level has many short-term and long-term benefits. So, now that you know everything about CRM tools, you should think about investing in one.

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