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Wed Mar 06 2024

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Companies With Work From Home Opportunities: Top 5 Picks

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The COVID-19 pandemic introduced the work from home concept to the US economy. Since then, remote work culture has become pretty popular, not in the US but worldwide. Remote work is not just beneficial for the employees but for the employers as well. Hence, employers and job seekers must adapt to the new remote work environment.

For this purpose, ATS software by Pitch N Hire can be an effective tool. Our high-quality software offers a seamless recruitment experience to both employers and WFH job applicants. Also, it keeps you posted about the work from home companies hiring now. Want to know more? Keep reading to know which companies can offer you the exact work from home job you have been searching for.

What are the Best Work From Home Jobs in the USA?

The coronavirus pandemic affected the world economy as a whole. But when we talk about the United States, many workers were forced to work from home during the pandemic while others lost their jobs. To help workers in these challenging times, many US organizations started offering remote work opportunities. Some workers in the USA are used to working from home. But still, many workers are searching for WFH jobs for the first time.

Did you know? Many companies hire remote workers overseas. But this does not mean that you can do all jobs from home. Only some jobs are well-suited to working from home, while others are best suited to working from the office. Also, some organizations may offer entry-level remote jobs for freshers. On the other hand, some companies might only require experienced candidates for their remote job openings. Here are some of the best remote jobs that you can do to make money from home:

1. Web Developer

This position is well-suited for working from home as web developers design and build websites. They can effectively do these tasks from anywhere. If you are a skilled web developer, you can easily land a work from home job in large organizations. This is because of the high demand for talented web developers in the US business world.

2. Customer Service Representative

The responsibility of a customer service representative is to answer phone calls and solve customer queries. This job does not require much resources or any office guidance. Therefore, if you have a working laptop, mobile phone, and good internet connection, you can apply for a work from home job as a customer care representative.

3. Social Media Manager

The demand for social media managers in the modern business world is increasing because of the increase in the use of the internet. A social media manager engages with customers online using different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Social media managers can conveniently work from home and collaborate with other team members through professional online meetings and communication tools.

Explore the array of digital marketing career opportunities available in our company, offering diverse roles and pathways for professional growth.

4. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry only includes collecting and managing data in a database. This job does not require any special skills and knowledge. A data entry clerk only needs basic digital literacy and attention to detail. Therefore, data entry does not require much effort and resources, and it is one of the best international work from home job roles.

List of 5 Best Companies for Work from Home

The way people work has evolved over the years, and the new jobs allow workers to work however they like. As a result, more and more workers are searching for work from home job opportunities. Working from home has more benefits than you can ever imagine. For example, you do not have to make long commutes and save more time to spend with your loved ones. But most importantly, the best benefit of working from home is a flexible work schedule.

Many reliable and trustworthy companies contribute to the US economy, but not all offer remote jobs. Therefore, you must discover the top companies hiring work from home employees. To help you with this, we made a list of the five best companies where you can work remotely and earn money from home.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest online retail firms. But do you know that Amazon offers many work from home job opportunities to job seekers worldwide? Yes, you heard that right. This large e-commerce company is always on the spree to hire the best employees for its on-site and remote positions. You can find many full-time and part-time work from home jobs at Amazon in different fields. Some examples of WFH positions offered by Amazon are software developer, customer care executive, data analyst, etc.

2. Trilogy

Trilogy, founded in 1989, is a comprehensive business platform located in Silicon Valley. You will be shocked to know that this American company is a fully remote company where every employee works remotely. Trilogy is always searching for skilled and talented work from home employees. Thus, if you come from a tech background, Trilogy will be the best company for you to start your WFH or remote job journey.

3. Robert Half International

When people talk about the best professional staffing and consulting firms, there is no way they can miss Rober Half. Fortune recognized Robert Half as one of the best recruitment firms in the USA in 2023. This firm offers a wide range of the best work from home remote jobs to job seekers in many industries. You can land a job at Robert Half in the legal, finance, information technology, and administrative fields. Some benefits of working remotely at Robert Half include employee discounts and paid time off.

4. Xerox

Xerox is a popular and reliable American company founded in New York. The company manufactures different types of office equipment, such as scanners, printers, computers, etc. Xerox hires work from home employees from many parts of the world for its wide range of full-time jobs. It offers work from home jobs for freshers as well as experienced candidates. Some remote job positions Xerox offers include customer care, data entry, software development, etc.

5. Randstad

After Rober Half, Randstad is the next staffing firm hiring work from home employees. This renowned staffing company, founded in 1960, is one of the best staffing companies in the world. The company provides outsourcing and staffing solutions in different sectors such as healthcare, finance, legal, etc. There are already many employees working in Randstad. However, the company still offers remote work opportunities to USA and Canadian job seekers.

Summing up

Now that you know about the top work from home companies hiring now, you should start working hard and quickly land your dream WFH job. You can rely on online job listing sites and job search platforms for new WFH job opportunities. These platforms will make your job hunt easy as you can find and apply for a WFH job that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Are you confused about where to search for the best work from home jobs? Rely on our exceptional job search platform, PNH, for your remote career needs. You will find many WFH job vacancies on our website. Hence, you can land a WFH job you have always dreamed of based on your unique skills.

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