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Wed Feb 14 2024

5 min read

4 Handful Tips For Requesting For An Impactful Letter Of Recommendation For Internship

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Requesting letter of recommendation

Experience matters a lot in every field. Even if you have an abundance of knowledge, your lack of experience can snatch away many good opportunities from your hand. Now, you must be thinking that if you are a fresher or in college, how can you get experience in the field? The internship is the answer to your question. Internships provide you with field experience and give you a chance to learn new and different things. It helps you in stepping out of your comfort zone and trying your hands-on learning of new skills. Going by career prospects, internships come in handy. If you have little experience in the field along with your knowledge, you will be preferred by the company. But it is not so easy to get a good internship. There are many internships available in different fields but you will have to choose wisely then only you will be able to grab the best one. 

Any company will not hire you as an intern without getting some valid proof that you have that potential and you are the best among the rest of the company. You will have to provide the employer with a letter of recommendation for an internship. Many companies demand a NOC, a non-objectionable certificate along with a letter of recommendation for an internship. If your resume has internships listed on it, it will create a great impact on the employer while going for a job interview or applying for one. Having a lot from hod or some other qualified people can help you in getting an outstanding internship opportunity. 

How to Request a Letter of Recommendation for Internships?

A letter of recommendation for the internship is an important aspect of your career. Hence, you must know how to request someone. You can lor from hod, professors, dean, etc. A reference letter given by them can have a great impact. Hence, you should be aware of the ways to ask for a letter of recommendation.

1. Choose Wisely

The person recommending you must have that qualification and value. He should be in a good position then only his recommendation will be valuable. You must choose wisely while selecting your recommender. You should request a recommendation letter from someone aware of your knowledge, skills, and qualification. Ask for someone whom you know, who knows your worth and has respect for your dedication towards the field. Reach out to the correct person rather than choosing someone in a hurry with whom you don’t have a good relationship. If your recommender can put light on your positive side and can persuade the employer through his writing that you are the best, your chances of selection increase. Therefore, choose your recommender wisely.

2. Request Politely

Once you choose your recommender, request them politely to provide you with a LOR. You should ask them in a disciplined manner and not pester them. A letter of recommendation has great importance in every field. So, make sure you get the best and for that, you have to be polite. Don’t move behind your recommender and don’t remind them about the letter now and then. Professionally talk with them, contact them during the day time, and do not disturb them after college hours.

3. Give them Time

It takes time to write an impactful recommendation letter. When it is to internships, you should not do things in too much hurry. Give ample time to your recommender for writing and formatting a good letter of recommendation. At the same time, you cannot wait for long because you are also bound by time. Hence, you should inform your hod, professors, or anyone from your are planning to get a LOR about your internship. Express your desire of getting a reference letter from them in advance. Provide them with one to two weeks so that they can write and assemble an effective reference letter.

4. Provide Information

You should provide your recommender with a good amount of information regarding the internship, what the internship is about, and what qualities and skills the employers are looking for. Remind them of your relationship with them. Provide them with your resume so that they can link your resume with the job profile. Several other students will be going to the head, professors, and dean for the LOR, therefore, you have to be quick. You have to make things easy for the recommender so that they can devote their time to writing the letter and not waste their time asking for information from you. Mentioned to them your strong skills so that they can emphasize them.

Things to Include in a Letter of Recommendation for an Internship

Your letter of recommendation should show your potential. It should express your dedication level and depict your skills. It should be positive. The letter should be started with a description of the relationship between you and the recommender, how you both know each other, and how long you people are in contact. In the second paragraph, the recommender will mention why you are best for the internship and you will contribute to the growth of the organization by supporting it with suitable examples.

In the third paragraph, the recommender will mention why they feel you are suitable for the internship and why they are recommending you. This paragraph shows the level of trust and supports your recommenders have for you. Lastly, the letter will include the contact information of the recommender, their name, designation, and signature.


A letter of recommendation for internships is vital. They add value to your career. The letter should be formatted in such a way that it makes you outshine the other candidates. It should include all your skills and abilities. At the same time, it should be linked to the work requirements of the internship. Therefore, while asking for a lor from hod, a professor, or a dean, make sure you are polite, humble, and respectful towards them. Your letter of recommendation should be positively written and must show your strength. A well-written recommendation letter can help you in getting the best internship.