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Thu Feb 22 2024

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Questions to ask an ATS Vendor and Why You must Care about it

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questions for ats vendor

What do you want to know about the vendor? What are the essential questions to ask an ATS vendor? Well, this is what, in particular, you will explore in this article and, more importantly, make the right decisions in selecting the right vendor for your company.

But the question still is, what are the questions? There are hundreds of questions, but to have yourself put up the right questions in the first place to know the little essential details of a company and match your needs so that you can have a long-term relationship with the company without negotiating with other companies every few months.

This article will let you through the questions to ask an ATS vendor to find the best applicant tracking system. So, keep on reading!

The Important Questions to Ask an ATS Vendor

Looking for an ATS vendor who can help you with the entire talent acquisition process? A good ATS vendor won't provide a band-aid or temporary solution.

The ideal vendor is also aware that selecting an ATS is a significant and expensive choice. It will offer ongoing support and a feature-rich roadmap to ensure you get the most out of your system for many years.

Let's move on now that that has been addressed. The following are some questions to ask an ATS vendor to put the best Applicant tracking system you're thinking on track:

1. Does your ATS perform exceptionally well for Virtual Recruiting?

Stop right here if the response is no. To rely on an ATS that doesn't support virtual recruiting would be unwise, given how much hiring has changed. This is one of the important questions to ask an ATS vendor. Inquire about the following features of your vendor's AI recruitment software:

Algorithms for Matching Jobs:

After reading several job descriptions, they begin to blend. AI-powered job matching filters out irrelevant resumes and analyses a candidate's skills, experience, and interests to match them with the best available positions.

Candidate Evaluation:

Recruiters examine many candidates. By generating shortlists of candidates through an honest, objective review, candidate ranking saves time. You gain more than just your lost time; you also gain confidence in the fairness of the evaluation process.

Candidate Evaluation
Candidate Evaluation

2. Is it possible to report on my own and gather Management Intelligence using the ATS?

It is one of the important questions to ask an ATS vendor. An exceptional applicant tracking system (ATS) aids the recruiter in ensuring that they provide supporting, solid documentation and record-keeping to assist in hiring decisions. The ability to export the data is a requirement.

Furthermore, it ought to support essential choices. Choosing whether to accept more applications from organizations with fewer resources or how much the event costs will cost.

3. Can we use the ATS to conduct video interviews?

In HR, video recruitment is the newest "it." To speed up the hiring process, recruiters now use one-way and live video interviews. Additionally, since video interviews are here to stay, finding an ATS that can efficiently centralize the interviewing process is crucial.

These questions to ask an ATS vendor will help you find a solution that can get past any difficulty you are facing now!

4. How well will the new tools integrate with our existing systems?

It may have been acceptable in the past to spend the entire day logging in and out of different screens. Still, today, it is essential that recruiters can operate the various tools they require throughout the hiring process efficiently and without interruption.

5. Is it possible for your ATS to guarantee quick talent identification?

The lack of available talent is a serious problem at a time when job market competition is getting more intense by the day. Most CEOs have been airing their worries about the future availability of critical skills.

So these were the "must include" questions to ask an ATS vendor when looking for the best ATS talent out there!

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When you hire an ATS vendor, you are buying a competitive advantage. It is a must to ensure that the above questions to ask an ATS vendor have been added to your lists.

This would ultimately lead you to the best applicant tracking system by manipulating these few questions to ask an ATS vendor and placing them in the right spots with the proper communication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the ATS's biggest drawback?

How an ATS reads and processes information is one of the most significant "cons." In other words, it can't process information that it can't read, which exposes the technology to unanticipated outcomes. That is why it is essential to note down the questions to ask an ATS vendor to filter out similar defects in ATS.

Q2) Is an ATS used by LinkedIn?

LinkedIn's ATS combines all your preferred hiring tools into one seamless workflow, including job boards, HRMS, and more.

Q3) What do ATS keywords mean?

Employing ATS keywords on one's resume will help one stand out to employers because they are words or phrases employers have identified as necessary for a particular position.