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Mon Nov 20 2023

5 min read

Step Into Corporate World: Life Changing MBA Lessons From An MD

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life changing mba lessons from an md

An organisation is a mixture of its strong pillars. But who are they? what do they do? why are they important? So, employees, managers, workers, and of course leaders are some of the backbones of a company.

Leaders are the solid pillars of any organization. They are the hands of an organisation because they have followers. They have a loyal base of people who are important for a successful business.

However, leaders and managers are different. Leaders are those who are born with that quality, they are not the creation of any MBA lessons pdf or books. However, business schools identify the leaders in the crowd and polish them.

If you have that leadership quality, then the top-level management positions like CEO, CIO or president are waiting for you. It is the quality that can help you inspire or motivate people in an organisation to work towards a similar goal. To acquire the qualities of leadership, you can get yourself enrolled in MBA lessons from an MD. 

You can pursue your management studies with a specialization in leadership. It is one of the top 10 MBA lessons. You get some invaluable skills from MBA lessons that help one succeed in a career, such as communication skills, time management, networking, decision making, problem-solving and leadership etc.

Leadership is an indispensable part of management. This blog will precisely focus on it, cover its components and principles etc. 

MBA lessons from an MD: Components of leadership 

While going through the MBA lessons from an MD, you will come across a managerial phenomenon called leadership theory. You can glance over MBA lessons to understand the core meaning of the theories. It will help you know why and how certain people become leaders. 

There are three primary components of the theory. Understanding these components is an integral part of learning MBA lessons that can help one succeed in a career in the business world. The components are – 

  • Main principles of leadership –

There are four main leadership principles, trust, emotional intelligence and creating a shared vision. There are numerous MBA lessons pdf, books or guides on leadership. Each one of these things made two things crystal clear –

1. Everyone has a viewpoint

2. Leadership is essential every time and everywhere etc.

  • Practical frameworks
  • Future leadership skills

Principles of leadership 

Below are the principles of leadership:


Trust is the foundation of any relationship. This same theory also applies to the managerial world. However, if there is a lack of trust in an organisation between leaders or managers and followers or employees, it adversely affects productivity, innovation and engagement etc. 

While pursuing an MBA in leadership, one of the top 10 MBA lessons, you will learn that it is your responsibility to establish or build trust in an organisation. For this, you will have to work on certain behavioural habits like – 

  • Be honest, humble and open
  • Be consistent, kind and brave
  • Be a good coach to your team and deliver quality results

As a leader, you should first start by yourself and see how you see your team. Your perception of your team members affects their behaviour. You can build trust only when you trust your team, however, this will not happen if you are ab authoritarian kind of leader. 

This kind of leader is generally controlling and don’t like to work. Whereas if you are of a participative kind, you can easily build trustworthiness in your organisation. Simply because this kind of leader trust their team, motivate them to achieve the goal, like working as a team member and more.

Emotional intelligence 

A great leader has a high IQ and is great at technical skills as well. However, Emotional intelligence is as important as these two attributes. It is a skill made up of four quadrants –

  • Self-awareness
  • Awareness of others
  • Self-control
  • Building relationships

You can define emotional intelligence in terms of management and knowledge of personal competence and relational competence. To become a good leader, you must have self-control, it will help you enhance your company’s integrity. You must remain calm to improve the company’s performance.

Create a shared vision 

What does a leader do? They motivate their team members to work towards a common goal. So building trust, having great emotional intelligence is only worthy when you share a common vision with them. To unite your team and organisations, you have to unite their vision. Then only you can contribute to your company’s growth. 

Practical framework 

The practical framework includes three conceptual models. The first is Schein’s model. It is an organizational culture model that helps you build and analyze your organization’s culture. According to this model, organizational culture is the mixture of three levels, artefacts, espoused values and basic underlying assumptions.

The second is Goleman’s leadership style. An organization’s performance, productivity and more are greatly impacted by the kind of leader you are. There are primarily six kinds of leadership styles, democratic, visionary, commanding, pacesetting, coaching and affiliative. After completing your MBA lessons from an MD, you will understand that rather than adopting one style, a great leader should possess all six styles.

Having all of them is one of the valuable MBA lessons that help one succeed in a career. If you have qualities of all six, you can switch your style as per organizational needs. The third is the leadership pipeline. It is the composition of values, skills and time application that you will need as you grow higher in the management pyramid.

Future leadership skills 

One of the top 10 MBA lessons i.e., an MBA in leadership is responsible for polishing the skills of a leader. However, with the changing world, even you have to adopt certain skills in future to operate your company properly. You must possess certain skills to sustain in VUCA i.e., volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

You must acquire the following skills 

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-confidence to work in uncertain circumstances
  • Lead your team on a collaboration and influence basis
  • You must have the skill to create a shared purpose or vision.

Concluding note 

Only getting a degree in MBA lessons from an MD is not enough. You will have to acquire the skills needed for a successful business. You will have to cross your boundaries, comfort zones and embrace the new business environment and concepts etc. 

To build a strong team, you will have to understand, trust and keep open communication with them. This blog cover every important part of leadership. This will help you bring positive changes to your company.