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Thu Dec 28 2023

5 min read

Guide to The Best Job Board in the US to Boost Your Job Search

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The job board in the US not only helps job seekers find the perfect jobs but also helps employers in hiring the best candidates. You will find many job boards online, but only a few are reliable. Check this blog to learn about the top job boards and how to use them effectively.

Recently, job seekers can easily search and apply to thousands of opportunities using the job board in the US. Now, you do not have to visit individual company websites to apply for jobs in different companies. You can conveniently rely on online job boards and websites to see all the open positions. These boards help you save time and energy for other priority aspects of your job-hunting journey, such as creating a resume and research.

The best job boards usually have user-friendly filters to help you search for jobs based on your needs. For example, the Pitch N Hire site allows you to apply many filters, such as location, salary, and date posted. There are many other advantages of using online job search websites and platforms. Continue reading the blog to learn everything about the job board in the US in detail.

Which is the best job board in the US?

You will find many job boards in the market claiming to offer the best jobs. However, not all job boards provide what they say. Only a few can enhance your job-hunting journey by providing the best career opportunities. These job boards are:


From fresher and entry-level jobs to professional and remote jobs, you will find each type of job on Indeed. It has a mobile application where you can find new job postings daily. You can download their app on your IOS or Android device and keep track of all the latest job vacancies. The best thing about this job board in the US is that you can also check out employer reviews, salary information, employment duration, and other job information.


  • Provides all the relevant job details.
  • It is a free job search platform.
  • It offers a wide range of employment opportunities in different industries.


  • A few job postings on the platform may be outdated.
  • The site is not that easy to use and appealing as compared to other job search websites in the market.


Glassdoor is best known for its feature that provides anonymous company reviews. But you might not know that Glassdoor also offers employment opportunities. The best thing about using this job board in the US for your job searching needs is that you can read company reviews and other information before applying for a job in that company. However, remember that these reviews are not always true, as they can be biased sometimes.


  • The platform does not charge any money to search and apply for jobs.
  • You will find numerous job postings on this platform.
  • It provides salary information for every open position.


  • There are not many high-quality job search features on this job board in the US.
  • The employee and company reviews provided by the platform are not always accurate. 


No matter your employment level, you will find a job on CareerBuilder. This job board in the US has many high-quality features that will recommend all the job openings based on your skills, qualifications, and experience. In addition, the advanced search engine of CareerBuilder will only show the most relevant jobs on the search result page.

Elevate your professional journey with PNH's dynamic career planning process for employees, a strategic roadmap to success tailored just for you.


  • All the features on the platform are easy to use and understand.
  • The intuitive job search engine offers a seamless job search experience.
  • You will find job vacancies in hundreds of companies from different industries.


  • The website displays many advertisements.
  • You may sometimes find expired or outdated job postings. 


LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform in the United States and worldwide. This job board in the US is easy to use and gives access to hundreds of job opportunities. You can effectively search for jobs by typing the job title or the job-relevant keywords on LinkedIn. If required, you can filter the jobs based on different criteria, such as the job posting date, job requirements, etc. This job board also allows you to search for internships and remote opportunities.

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  • It is an excellent platform to boost networking and make new professional connections.
  • The platform allows people to create their own profiles to showcase all their current skills and past accomplishments.
  • Easy-to-use job search platform that helps you build mutually beneficial relationships with recruiters and companies.


  • Some job postings on this job board in the US may be already filled or expired.
  • You cannot access advanced job search features on the platform for free.


Monster is a job board in the US that provides jobs for different experience levels, working styles, and industries. The job portal offers almost all the search functions required to find the right opportunities. It is why Monster is amongst the top job portals in USA. However, it does not filter jobs by salary.


  • You can find and apply for jobs without creating a personal profile.
  • It is a free job portal that does not charge any money from job seekers.
  • The platform offers hundreds of employment opportunities.


  • There are not many advanced job search filters on the platform.
  • It does not provide an approximate salary range for every position.

How to use a job board in the US effectively?

The popularity of job agency and boards in the USA are increasing rapidly. In this case, you should know how to use them effectively. Here are some tips you should follow before using any job board in the US. These tips will enable you to land your dream job quickly.

1. Set up job alerts and notifications:

A job board in the US can offer you hundreds of jobs, but it does not mean you will keep scrolling endlessly. Constantly scrolling for suitable jobs will be a waste of your time. Thus, setting up job alerts and notification features will always be beneficial. This way, you can keep track of all the new job postings that match your requirements and criteria.

Some job boards also keep you updated by sending you emails regarding the latest job openings posted within the past 24 hours. You must always check these emails to ensure you do not miss out on any suitable opportunities. Platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed enable you to do so effectively. So, all you need to do is use such alert functions offered by jobs website effectively.

2. Create an effective resume:

You get many options while searching for jobs on a job board in the US. Some jobs might be new, while some may have become old. Always try to apply for the latest jobs only because you will have a higher chance of getting shortlisted. That is because when a job posting becomes outdated or old, the hiring manager already has many job applications from different applicants. Thus, always be an early applicant if you have to stand out from the crowd.

In addition, you cannot just apply for the job on the job board and expect the HR manager to shortlist you for the role. You must create and send the HR manager a targeted resume and a cover letter. Also, your resume should highlight the skills and experience the company has mentioned in their job description. It is how you can project yourself as the perfect candidate and impress the recruiter.

3. Keep tracking your application:

Keeping track of your job application does not mean you will only view it if your application is shortlisted. No! It means you must use the job board in the US to connect directly with the employer. You can also find the employer’s email ID and use it to send direct emails regarding your job application. It is the best way to make the employer believe that you are genuinely interested in this job and excited to be a part of the company.

Usually, when you apply for a job, some person from the company connects with you. You can interact with that person to express your interest in the role. Targeted messages and emails will give your job application more visibility. In this way, you can make your candidacy shine.

4. Apply on the company website:

Many recruiters do not keep track of all their job postings on different job boards. But almost all recruiters check their company website from time to time using recruiting ATS. Therefore, to maximize visibility, you should apply for the job on the job board in the US and the company website. Doing this might take some extra time, but it will also enable you to be on the safe side.

Moreover, it will increase your chances of getting hired for that particular role. That is because employers give first preference to the candidates who apply through their official career portal. However, if this is not the case, you are still safe since you are applying for the role through the job board as well! So, it’s a win-win situation.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, a job board in the US helps you streamline your job searching process by saving you the time and effort of finding a job on different sites. But remember, these job boards will not do any miracles. You must not entirely rely on the job searching platforms, as your professional networks and connections also matter. Focus on job postings on job boards and keep building strong professional relationships. It is the best way to unlock new career opportunities.

Our job board, Pitch N Hire, is also among the best job boards that you can use to open the door to many career opportunities. We believe in empowering the job search journey for job seekers. As a result, we provide hundreds of job openings in different categories. So, use our job board now and land your dream role quickly.

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