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Wed Mar 06 2024

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Knowing These 7 Secrets Will Make Your Career Site Look Amazing

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The company’s first impression leaves a long-lasting effect on the person. An impressive career page can help convert a person into an applicant even before you start advertising or marketing the job vacancy. This eventually means that more people will be visiting the company's career page, and the word will spread automatically. This will increase the pool of candidates without the company even investing much in this process. Sounds amazing, right? Well, below are 7 tips mentioned with which you can easily turn your boring career site interesting.

What is a Career Site?

A career site, or career page, is a part of a company's website where they post job openings. It's the page people land on when they search for jobs at your company. It usually includes job listings, information about the company, and sometimes even details about future projects and partners. Let's talk about how to make your career site more attractive so that people are more likely to apply for jobs there.

One effective strategy is to integrate applicant management software, which simplifies the application process, enhances candidate experience, and helps in managing applications efficiently.

7 Secrets to Make Your Career Site Look Amazing

Below are 7 tips mentioned with which you can easily turn your boring career site interesting:

1. Make it Easy to Operate

Nobody wants to deal with a complicated career site. They'll just close it and move on. So, make sure your career page is easy to use. Keep the navigation simple and make it easy to jump from vacancy to vacancy. You should also divide the vacancies into related categories. For example, if you have 8 postings, you could have one section for PR and HR, another for software design, and so on. Making things easy for job seekers will make their experience more pleasant and give your company an edge over other job search sites.

2. Make a Simple Application Process

Keep the application process as simple as possible. Do not over-complicate things. Many candidates leave the application process halfway because of how lengthy, complicated, and time-consuming it is. Instead of asking long questions and answers, go for tools that conduct tests. This will also help keep the process interactive and simple.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet

Candidates rarely read large paragraphs regarding the company and its achievements. They prefer to read key points related to the company. This may include their achievements and partners. Having a long introductory hiring website can make the candidate turn their back towards the company.

4. Post Vacancies Regularly

Dead pages are of no use to candidates because they are not updated with the latest job openings. This can lead candidates to lose hope of even having a job in the company. It also harms the company's reputation as a company that is not active on its website seems dormant. On the contrary, job sites like Indeed post jobs regularly, so they are preferred over dead or un-updated career sites of the company.

Moreover, dead pages can also be a security risk. If a page is not updated, it may contain outdated information that could be used by hackers to exploit vulnerabilities on the company's website. It is important to keep all pages on a website up-to-date, including the career page, to ensure the safety and security of both the company and its candidates.

5. Provide Other Engaging Info

Even if your company has no vacancies for a long time, you should still update your career site. Post other stuff on it, like articles, videos, photos, and facts about your company. Also, post interesting blogs that solve the day-to-day problems of job seekers. Provide authentic information. This will create a sense of trust in your company, and job seekers will visit your website for the solution, no matter what issue they are facing. It is the easiest way to increase traffic to your career site.

6. Include Employee Reviews

Employee reviews can be a game-changer. When potential applicants read what current employees have to say about their jobs, it can really help them decide if the position is right for them. And if the reviews are positive, it can make the company look even more attractive to potential candidates.

Plus, highlighting employee reviews on your career site is a great way to show your appreciation for your current employees. They'll appreciate being recognized, and they'll be more likely to talk about your company to their friends and family. So, if you're looking to improve your career site, adding employee reviews is a great place to start.

7. Make a Mobile Version

Not every person searches for jobs on their personal computers or laptops. The most handy device in a person’s possession is a mobile phone. A mobile phone is easy and effective to handle. It is easy to carry everywhere, and candidates can search from any location with its help. Thus, making a mobile version of your career sites can be extremely useful. It will help the company increase its reach and build a convenient career site.


We can go on and on regarding the benefits of a good-looking career page. But it boils down to the fact that it is important to understand how to make your career page beautiful and presentable. The candidates judge the company on the quality of the career page. So, investing in making a good career site benefits the company in many ways and eventually leads to an increase in reputation.

Pitch N Hire will provide you with a platform to effectively manage and arrange your career site. It will help your company advertise job vacancies effortlessly with just a few clicks. It will help you make your job posts accurate and look amazing.

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