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Thu Dec 07 2023

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Best Solution To Write A Job Application Letter With A Reference Person

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There are circumstances wherein you’re trying to get into a position in a firm and also have recommendations from the firm’s employees. You might think if it’ll benefit you at all. But studies have shown that referrals are game-changers when it comes to employment. While hiring, employees are looking for those candidates that are reliable, best suited for the job, and good enough to carry it onward. 

Now if you have a referral from someone in the office, your interviewer doesn’t have to worry a lot about you and can just ask about you the mutual contact. That can reduce his work and if you get a good word put in, it can also increase the chances of you getting a job. In this manner, it’s great to be referred to by someone when it comes to jobs. But how can you put them in your job application letter? What is the correct way to specify that there is mutual contact that can vouch for you and can second the fact that you’re a good fit for the job? You don’t want to put the referral in the wrong way or it can also turn against you. So don’t fret, we have you covered with the best solution to write a job application letter with a reference person. 

Top Solutions To Write Job Application Letter With A Reference Person

Here are some tips to write a job application letter with a reference person

Mention Who You’re Referred by

The first and foremost thing that you can do to write a job application letter with a reference person is to mention who you’re referred by. It can set a great start for your letter and can explain a lot of things such as how you came to know about the vacancy. This also ensures that you set the letter straight off your referral which can remove any awkwardness and give you a nice starting point to begin from. 

You can write this something like “my previous colleague and your executive Sarah Martin introduced me to a sales representative vacancy and suggested that I direct you for it”. Note that you have to keep a formal tone and don’t give too many details about the encounter where you came to know about the job. It’s not okay to mention “I stumped into Sarah Martin at a local grocery shop where she told me about a vacancy in her company”. This is not the right way. Be precise and formal. Just mention the name of the person to whom you’re referred followed by how you know them. 

Why are They Referring to You?

Now, the biggest question that arises is why is that person from the company referring to you at all. Is that only because of a personal connection or is it more professional? While it will be very easy to judge if you’re referred only based on personal connections by the interviewer, you should always look for the reason for why you’re referred by the person before writing the letter. This is because, in the job application letter with the reference person, you are also putting their choice in the question. 

So, after that you’ve introduced yourself and explained your connection with the mutual contact, it will be suitable to write something that will explain why you’re referred to by them. This can be any line that suitably explains your qualifications and skills that can help at the job. You can write anything that goes along the lines of “Sarah thought that considering my 5 years background in sales with 2 awards due to my profits, I would be a great addition to your firm (firm name)”. Additionally, you can also write something like “As she can confirm, I tend to work in a unique manner which can fit amazingly with the working pattern of your company and can thereby profit you”. With this line, you have to explain how you’re capable enough for the job considering your referral. 

Check Examples

If you’re confused about how to go about this letter, it is always best practice to search online for “job application letter with reference person” and look for the available templates to check the tone and language that you should use for the letter. It can help you greatly by telling you the structure in which the contents of the letter flow and will warn you of any mistakes that you were going to make. Ensure that you don’t copy-paste any of the templates and just change the details. Any interviewer will be able to see that and will completely disregard your referral. You will ruin all the chances that you had so completely avoided. 

Explain Accomplishments

One of the best ways to back the person to whom you’re referred by, the best way would be to explain your accomplishments and skills. Explain why you’re a good candidate for the job. This is a very important process for any job application letter with a reference person because it will enable the interviewer to see what merits you have as a candidate and what sets you apart from others. This can further be very helpful for him to evaluate you and thereby it will ensure that you can profit from the referral to the maximum. With your accomplishments, the interviewer will come to realize that you’re a deserving candidate and the fact that you’re also referred by someone from the firm will only improve your chances further. 


There are many ways in which a referral could help you. It can make you stand apart from other candidates and can also make you a preferred candidate for the interviewer even before you interview. You just have to ensure that you make the most out of your chance by creating the best job application letter with a reference person. Before sending that letter off, it is recommended to once ask the person you’re referred by if he’s okay with his name being in the letter. Further, you can also get it reviewed by him to send in the best letter that you can. In this manner, your chances of getting a job at that firm will be significantly improved.


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