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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

Your Freelance Work On Resume : 7 Pro Tips

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add freelance work on resume

A CV or resume is a relatively straightforward process for people who have a 9-5 job. However, you may start to despair about listing the many tasks and appointments you have taken up in a manageable way to please prospective employers if you have been freelancing for a while. In this article, we will learn how to list down freelance work on resume and adequately describe them to make the resume attractive to the employers.

Many freelancers always pursue new jobs, and so your resume must continuously be up-to-date and an outstanding display of your expertise and your freelance experience. To list your free work in your resume, you will be able to follow our tips on how to list your freelance work on resume. So start reading to find out the details.

Why do you need a freelance resume?

You might be tempted to keep your freelance work out of your curriculum vitae while doing a full-time job. However, you can do this only if you do not develop additional experience and skills as a freelancer. You could shut the door to the possible chances by not letting employers know that through your resume if you have expanded your knowledge by freelancing. Freelancing is a career experience!

On the other hand, if you were free retirement only, you should probably have this job on your curriculum vitae. Your independent projects will not be mentioned as an employment breakdown in your resume that is never good for future employers. It is often beneficial to show future employers what you have been doing so far, whether you remain in the freelance environment for a long time or now look to revert to the workforce. Therefore listing down freelance work on resume can be very beneficial for your career.

Always create multiple resumes

Many freelancers perform more than a single form of freelance work—experience in web creation and web design. You should have separate resumes to include your freelance work on resume In such situations, it might be worth designing many CVs customized to the type of work that you apply for, such as production or design projects. Every resume should showcase your most significant expertise in this niche and be suited to the type of employer you submit your resume for.

You can then include some other freelancer experience, but you will not be around the corner in your work but look more seasoned and more suited for your particular job. Multiple CVs are a time consuming operation, but they can make a difference if you aim for various freelance niches and boost the chances of success in each field.

Handy tips on how to list freelance work on resume

There are many ways in which your self-employed job or freelancing work on resume to be listed effectively, and it also depends on your experience and the duration of your work.

Your Freelance Work On Resume

You should definitely consider the following listed tips:

List down chronologically

It is always a good idea to list your new experience in the top portion of your resume. The business, the dates you worked for, the short description of your job, and the responsibilities you had should be included. In reverse order, a chronological resume will list your experience (from most recent to oldest). Formatting your CV in this way is perfect when you work as an independent for many years and have more long-standing customer contracts in a single area of expertise rather than collecting one-off projects in various kinds of work.

 Mention the skillset

Less experienced self-employed people might prefer the formatting of their resume by skills. It is also true if you have done many independent works like social media, SEO, copywriting, web design, etc. If there are projects with various skills all over your freelancing job, ordering a curriculum vitae will show your entire free work experience without misleading prospective employers about what you can deliver as a freelancer.

Combination of work

Finally, your freelance work on resume can be a smart idea to mention as a mix of work experience and skills. In this scenario, you can list your back chronological working experience (first recently) to highlight other work forms you have done in the past. It would involve a different ‘skills’ portion. It is possibly the most popular, but everything depends on the particular needs of your CV.

Be bold about your skills

Many freelancers would take low-paid jobs to get their foot on the ladder when they start first. It is essential to be pitiless and remove work that does not demonstrate your skills as a free man when listing your resume’s freelance work. It also refers to work you might do for your family or friends at the beginning. If you are a new free employee in your portfolio and your resume, you will want to delete this job from your resume after paying customers to replace it.

Include statistical data to demonstrate your skill level

While listing down your freelance work on resume indicates your work for a specific client or time (if you cannot share any information about that particular client as you sign an NDA). Indicate the statistics and percentages for that client.

Positive steps are always nice to apply to the curriculum vitae and can be employed.

Showcase your job

You have to talk about yourself as a freelancer. Include always a link to your portfolio in your resume, which will highlight your best job for future employers. While it is essential to have an excellent resume, it should be your highest priority to have a comprehensive portfolio that shows your freelance expertise, as clients can see what you have achieved directly.

Final Words

Proper listing of freelance work on resume is very necessary, and you should have ample knowledge of how to list your freelance work on resume then only you can showcase your skill set to the employers and other organization you want work for. Having a good and properly explained resume also reflects the personality of the person and can give a clear picture of their working experience and quality of work. It also makes it easy for employers to decide whether to select the candidate or not. So start jotting down your freelance work on resume and get your dream job secured.