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Fri Nov 24 2023

5 min read

Is There An Interview Dress Code? 5 Ways To Be On Point With Your Attire

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interview dress code

Now you have your resume ready and you’re prepared for your interview tomorrow. But what are you planning to wear? Often we get so fussed up with the idea of an interview that the dress code for the interview seems relatively irrelevant and some people also forget to pay much attention to it. Once read through this article, make sure you never again make a mistake with your interview dress code.

But you should know that your first impression is your last impression and if you want to impress your interviewer, the best thing you can do is impress him as soon as you get inside the room: with your clothes. This raises the question of what to wear to an interview? Is it always important to wear formals? What type of formals should we wear? There is nothing like being too cautious when you’re trying to get off on the right foot with the person who can promise you a job.

How to dress for an interview?

So here we are, with all the tips that you’ll ever require regarding the interview dress code:

Dress according to the occasion

It is appropriately said that you should always dress according to the occasion and the same goes for the interview dress code. If you’re going for an interview, always dress based on the type of firm you’re joining and your job profile. For example, if you’re going for an interview in a startup, they will most likely be okay with you wearing business casuals and not being in much formal attire. Also, people in the design category might wear something less formal as generally expected. 

This goes with their job profile and their creative approach to everything. However, if you’re trying to enter a big multinational corporation, you have to understand that being in formals from tip to toe is very important and deemed necessary if you’re being serious about it. 

Wear a light colored shirt

Don’t wear shirts that are too dark for an interview. Always wear a light colored shirt as a part of the dress code for an interview. This is because a light-colored shirt is considered more formal and professional as opposed to others. For this, you can use any colors like white, or light yellow, blue, pink, or any other color which is relatively light.

Avoid using any colors with dark tones like black, dark purple, etc. Additionally, ensure that your shirt is not glitter or bling in any way. This is a part of ensuring that your attire is formal and fits with the occasion you’re going for. Another great tip is to avoid patterns. You can use self-print shirts as they aren’t much frowned upon but avoid any visible patterns. Small patterns can still be considerable, but some firms also think that they’re not professional enough.

Match your belt with your shoes

This is one of the general dress codes in addition to the interview dress codes. Ensure that your belt matches with the shoes. This ensures that your attire looks better and more visually pleasing. The more visually appealing that your attire is, the better impression you cast upon your interviewer. You might think that just having good skills can surpass the factor of having to dress nicely as a part of the interview dress code, but that’s not very true. 

Even with good skills, it can be very important to stick to the laid down rules and wear those clothes which are deemed necessary for the interview that you’re going to. When you match your belt with your shoes, you can opt your tie out of it. So, you can end up wearing a white shirt with black pant, black shoes and a black belt, and still wear a red tie. The major issue is about the matching of the belt and ties color. 

interview dress code

Don’t wear anything too flashy

It is important to know that you shouldn’t wear anything too flashy. Don’t wear watches that reflect a lot of light or are glossy. Don’t wear such shoes, belts or shirts. Avoid anything that looks even slightly too out of the context of plain interview clothing. So when you think about what to wear to an interview, the answer is anything that does not shine too much. 

These clothes are meant for weddings and parties, not for your employer to see. Therefore, pay keen attention to this and ensure you take care of that. Girls can, however, wear a little Jewellery but ensure that it is not too overboard and not too glam as well. It should go with your outfit and should be as minimal as it comes.

Iron your clothes beforehand

Your clothes cast an important perception of you therefore it is important to take your interview dress coed seriously. Ensure that your clothes are ironed beforehand. You shouldn’t leave them for the morning where the electricity cuts make you chaotic about your whole interview. Be as planned and organized as you can be. 

Separate your clothes that you’re planning to wear for the interview the night before. Then, you should also iron them so that they are wrinkle-free and as professional as they can be. If you think you need to iron them a little in the morning, feel free to do that. But don’t leave the entire ironing process for the day after. It can be very risky and can also impact your mood for the interview.

Final words

As much as you might neglect it, the dress code for an interview is as important as the rest of the interview preparation. For more clarity on what to wear, try grabbing information about what the previously selected candidates have worn to their interviews with that firm. 

If such information can’t be collected, it is only better to go by the default dress code. It is safe and keeps you away from committing any wardrobe malfunctions. If your first impression is set right, chances are, the rest of your interview will also be a lot sorted. It is said that a lot about a person can be said based on his clothes. So to ensure that you give off the right message, pay attention to your interview dress code.