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Wed Nov 22 2023

5 min read

Learn How To Write A Letter Requesting A Pay Raise (With Guided Example)

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It is quite natural to ask for a raise because nowadays research shows that employees are not happy and comfortable with their current paycheck. So, before you initiate the raise, you need to clarify with yourself the following questions to consider the correct time to ask. You must know everything about a general letter. In this blog, we are going to learn how to write a sample letter asking for a raise, so without further adieu let us go through it. Before writing the letter you must,

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

Here we have listed some of the questions that you should ponder before writing a letter for pay raise

How is the Company Doing Financially?

It would be better for you to not ask for a raise if the business is running smoothly financially. You should check the updates and signs of the company because you would not want your company to bear the loss and also ask for a raise at such a time. And, after consideration, if you notice that the financial health of the company is smooth, then keep on reading. 

What Best Time to Ask for a Raise?

You cannot ask for a raise during the beginning or end of the financial year because the company runs after a lot of burdens and stress financially. There is always a time during the year when employees are supposed to talk about their pay to their employers. But, the employer will not come directly to ask you that while he/she might be expecting you to discuss it with them. The expected time to ask is 3-4 months before the end of the financial year. HR might inform you about this expected time, as well. 

Do You Complete Your Assignments Before the Deadline?

Think about it. You should ask for a raise when you believe that you deserve one. But sometimes, they don’t agree with your word about tasks and check them for themselves for approval. Your employer will directly refuse your raise if you are not doing your chores on time. So this is an important point which you should consider before asking for a raise. Your significant projects must be perfect and impress the employer. The tiny works should not create many problems but also need to be acknowledged. 

How Stressed is Your Superior?

You must consider the workload of your superior. He/she might be under work pressure so look into it. If they are under stress then you must not burden them with your raise. And, if you notice that their behavior is normal towards work-related stuff then you can ask for a raise.  

How to Request a Raise in Writing?

You need to prepare an opening statement, and content and then conclude with your raise. The content of the letter should start with your role in the company. You have to mention your achievements, accomplishments, targets, and the increasing workload. Then you shall ask for a raise and state why you deserve one. You must consider your qualifications in the content paragraph. Also read, how to deal with late payments.

You must acknowledge your educational qualification, area of expertise, years of workload, extra skill, working experience in the company, and the number of potential clients and projects you have achieved and fulfilled. Your manager will consider these features when you will ask for a raise. You must know and interpret how much of a jump do you deserve according to your current pay and performance. 

Follow Up Steps

Below we have mentioned an opening paragraph with which you can follow up.

‘Thank you, sir/ma’am, for taking some of your precious time out for me now. I have learned so much from your respected business organization and you have taught me a lot I wish to continue this glorious journey for a very long time. I am writing this letter regarding my paycheck.’     

You must maintain the following steps in the content:

  • Mention how much of a jump you are expecting with the specific number.
  • State the reason behind which you have come to that number.
  • State why you deserve it
  • Conclude with logical reasoning to raise your salary

In the end, you must thank your manager and conclude with the latter with a closing statement. Even if the answer of your employer did not match your expectation, you must thank them in the end. You should stand up, shake your hands with them and say thank you with a smile. It is called professionalism. You should send them a post-meeting thank you mail as well on the next day for appreciating your words and taking out time. In that mail, attach your reasons and accomplishments which you mentioned vocally in the meeting. Also read, how to write an email confirmation mail?

Sample Letter Asking for a Raise

(Also refer to the sample letter asking for a raise)

Date: (DD.MM.YYYY)

Name of your boss

Position of your boss

Address of the company

Respected sir/ma’am,

(Learn the tricks to use salutation) 

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work in the reputed organization you have provided me with great help in learning in my initial days in this company (your initial position). I am writing this letter for a pay raise in my current salary. Over the past two years, I’ve grown significantly knowledgeable, improved my work, and brought on potential clients. I was hoping if I could request an adjustment to my salary.

If you go through my financial records with HR, you will notice that my salary has been constant since (mention the time) although the workload has been increasing since then and I have adapted to it. My accomplishments over my working period in this company are as follows:

  • I have consistently met my allotted goals in the past period.
  • I have increased personal sales and brought in potential clients which brought us huge profits. Learn how to maintain a strong client relationship.
  • I have finished my junior-level sectors and achieved certifications which are attached to this letter.
  • I have improved myself in working on lengthy and difficult projects.
  • I’ve successfully trained and mentored interns as well as junior representatives.

I was wishing if I could receive an increment of (your wishful increment in percentage or in numerical). I have also mentioned why I believe that I deserve this amount of increment. It would be very kind of you if you could conduct an in-person meeting so that we can discuss this properly. It would bring so much joy if you could consider my request on raising my salary. Please let me know when would be the best time to have a forward conversation about this matter.  


Your name

Your position in the company