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Tue Nov 21 2023

5 min read

5 Ways To Use NDA Protected Work On Your Portfolio

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5 Ways To try NDA Protected Work

There come many unfortunate times in our life when despite having good projects to display on your portfolio, you fail to do so. This might be because of NDA protection on your work. When you work with some clients or firms, it is likely that their content is private to them and they don’t appreciate the usage of that content in any form.

So, it becomes very unlikely for you to consider using this work. You might just sit back thinking that can I share NDA protected work on my portfolio? The answer is yes. You can do this but in a very restricted and organized manner. For this, it is important for you to understand your portfolio display rights and other technical issues which might affect your ownership of your work. However tough that it may sound, it is not much technical and is surprisingly simple.

5 ways to try NDA protected work

Here are the 5 excellent ways to use NDA protected work on your portfolio:

Read the NDA document

First and foremost, read the NDA document that is binding you. If required, re-read it again and again until you find out your way through it. Many a time, the clauses in the NDA documents leave a little space for you to exploit. You can consult someone in this area to know more about your portfolio display rights. 

Since the NDA document exists, this means that you have NDA protected work but there are certain rights that you have on your work as well. Disclosing the entire content might not be feasible and your client might also strongly object to that, but other than that, you can find many ways out to ensure that you have established your rights. This also helps you know what you’re going to do with your project and gives a better insight into the situation that you are in. 

Go to all heights

When it comes to your work, keep it safe at all costs. If you have done a certain project, it should not go away from you just because it is NDA protected work. On the contrary, you should go to all heights to find out what part of it is okay with your client to put on display. 

If the situation demands so, you can even try ringing your client with this query. Talk to him and explain your situation to him. He might give you certain access points for your work thereby making your work a lot simpler. Some clients might be very tough about that and say that it is not feasible, but in the best-case scenario, the client will likely support you and help you get out of this situation. Your work speaks for you and it is a crucial part of your portfolio, so don’t let it go.

Don’t blur it all

A very easy fix suggested for NDA protected documents is blurring or censoring all the major parts. However, it just takes away the beauty of the entire work. So, it is important that you do not choose this way out of it. Understanding your portfolio display rights doesn’t mean censoring all the hard work that you’ve put into your work. On the contrary, you should try and fill up the censored portion with something else. You can try to put in some random content in the place of the blurred content so that it is not NDA protected work anymore. This will also show your creativity and pose your picture as a make shifter who is ready to perform through any situation. 

Carve your way through it

Don’t sit back thinking that your work is wasted. Instead, focus on how to bring it back. Your work, even if it is NDA protected work, describes you. So, you can make keen efforts on bringing it back. You can add dummy content to your work to ensure that it fits your portfolio display rights. This will also give you a chance to revive your project and make something new of it. If you think you’d rather make something new, you can try that. 

But it is important to know the value of your project and how it can end up being useful to you. Any client or employer will only refer to your projects to evaluate you. Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to the projects and ensure that you get them right and you don’t miss any one of them. It will only increase your chances of evaluation and make you the more likely person to be hired for the role. 

NDA is not an excuse

Read it once, repeat it again. Just because you have NDA protected work, it is not an excuse for keeping your profile empty. Instead, it is an opportunity to project the best in you and show what you are. Your work is your identity and therefore it is important to display it as much as you can. Telling more about yourself in words can not express is as much as projecting it through your work. Therefore, ensure that you are making the most of your work and not telling your employer that you have work, but it is NDA protected work. 

It will only convey that you are a lazy person who gives up on situations. In most cases, they will also not even consider you if you don’t have work samples to show. So, stop wondering about can I share NDA protected work on my portfolio and use these tips to ensure that you can use your NDA protected work. You should always respect your clients’ privacy and right to their work, but as the creator remember that you have some portfolio display rights too. Don’t give up on your work just because it seems restricted. Try to get the most out of it and ensure that you maintain the impression on your client that you intend to make. 

In this way, you will increase your chances to get hired. Also, it will enhance your profile in the best possible way by showcasing the work that you are capable of.