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Tue Nov 28 2023

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Methods Of Talent Assessment For Technical Recruiting

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Technical recruiting is a challenging field, and it takes a great deal of talent to succeed in it. As a result, technical recruiters must spend a large portion of their time assessing candidates' abilities and determining which talent assessment methods will be best suited for recruiting the best candidates.

However, technical recruiting is often complex, and narrowing down a large pool of candidates to the best fit for a position can be difficult. This usually leaves technical recruiters with a difficult decision: should they select the candidate who seems the most promising or will be the easiest to manage and train for the position?

In this blog, we'll cover the talent assessment process, the significance of a talent assessment strategy, and the best talent assessment methods for hiring. Make sure you read this blog until the end, as we will also reveal your company's best talent assessment and recruiting solution.

Best Talent Assessment Methods for Hiring

1. Cognitive/Aptitude Testing

One of the best ways to find the best candidates for a position is to use cognitive ability testing. Cognitive ability testing is a method of assessing candidates' ability to think and reason. 

Cognitive ability testing helps technical recruiters find the best candidates for the position by testing candidates to solve complex problems and draw correct conclusions. Because ability testing is so effective at finding the best candidates, it has become one of the most common methods used in technical recruiting.

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2. Job Trials/Simulation

Next on our list of talent assessment methods is Job trials. Job simulation is a method of testing candidates' ability to perform the duties of a particular job in a simulated environment. By conducting job simulations in a technological environment, technical recruiters can test candidates' ability to perform the duties of a position without putting them under pressure. 

This helps reduce the risk of causing harm to candidates' career progress, and it also helps candidates better understand the scope of the position.

However, job trials involve candidates working with a recruiter or other employee of the company rather than working independently. This helps the technical recruiter observe the candidates' interactions and helps the recruiter determine the best way to work with the candidate moving forward.

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3. Exercise and Games - Gamification

Gamification is a method of incorporating game elements into technical recruiting. By adding game elements to the technical recruiting process, such as making candidates complete missions or solve puzzles, technical recruiters can make the process more exciting and enjoyable for candidates. 

Gamification has proven to be an effective talent assessment strategy for making technical recruiting more engaging and exciting for candidates, which has led to higher conversion rates and higher average candidate satisfaction.

By incorporating games and activities into technical recruiting simulations, recruiters can create fun, engaging experiences and help candidates learn the job rather than just neutrally doing it. 

This can create a more memorable experience for candidates, increasing the likelihood of sharing their experiences with others.

4. Testing Work Samples

Next on our list of talent assessment methods is testing work samples. Work samples are tangible examples of a candidate's ability to perform the duties of a position. For instance, an accountant might be asked to use a few tables in an assignment, a developer might be asked to create a brief piece of code, and a marketing expert might be asked to conduct keyword research for a particular strategy.

It has been demonstrated that these talent assessment tools are the best at predicting work performance. And that makes sense because work samples evaluate a person's actual ability to perform a task.

5. Structured and Asynchronous Interviews

A structured interview is an interview format where the interviewer asks a series of prepared questions, and the candidate is expected to provide an answer to each question. As a result, structured interviews are a great way to avoid bias and industry-specific jargon. They also allow the technical interviewer to work effectively with young, first-time job seekers.

Asynchronous interviews, which are recorded by the candidate and evaluated later, are another contemporary example of structured interviews. As an additional screening tool, these platforms frequently provide AI technology. Face-scanning software, for instance, can evaluate body language, voice tone, and vocabulary to rank the most qualified candidates.

This saves time for both the candidate and the recruiter, allowing the recruiter to try out additional talent assessment methods with other candidates or focus on other critical tasks. Also, adopting this talent assessment strategy enable the recruiter to ease down the talent assessment process.

Methods Of Talent Assessment
Methods Of Talent Assessment

While there are some challenges to using asynchronous interviewing, such as higher candidate turnover and lower candidate satisfaction, these challenges are often worth considering the benefits of saving time and reducing bias.

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6. Personality Testing

Personality tests are one of the most popular talent assessment methods today. In technical recruiting, personality tests determine the best fit between a candidate and a position. By assessing a candidate's personality, technical recruiters can decide if a candidate will be an excellent cultural fit for the job. 

Most technical recruiting platforms provide a range of personality tests, such as the Five Factor Model (FFM) and the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), which measure individual differences in personality and make the talent assessment process much more manageable.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition refers to identifying, attracting, and hiring the best candidates for a given position. Talent acquisition involves various steps, such as sourcing, candidate assessment, and hiring. Technologies such as AI and machine learning have been introduced to make talent acquisition faster and more efficient.

Q2. What is Meant by Technical Recruiting?

Technical recruiting is finding and hiring top talent for a specific role. It involves using tools, processes, and strategies to identify who is best for the part and to attract the best candidates to your open position. And once you find a great candidate, you can work with that individual to create a customized path to the role.

Q3. What is Meant by Talent Assessment?

Talent Assessment is evaluating a candidate's potential for a specific position. A talented candidate has the skills to do the job but is also culturally and professionally fit. During the assessment process, the job candidate will be asked to provide information about their experiences, skills, strengths, and weaknesses.

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